Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year...

I just wanted to wish all of my readers a very Happy New Year. I for one hope it is a better year for me this year. I will try to keep writing stories and the occasional update on any BDSM related activities in my life.

I hope everyone has a happy and kinky year in 2012 and you all get what you need for your happiness.


Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I just posted a new story on my other blog. This story was started over a month ago, but it went in a different direction than I thought it was going to go, so I set it aside. I just finished it, and I hope you all enjoy it.


Giving herself...

Here is the first of many new erotic stories for all my patient readers. I hope you enjoy them...


He never wanting anythng more than to just be wanted by a woman for who he was. He desired nothing more than to simply have a woman submit to him in every way. Not merely physically and sexually, but to give her mind to him as well. To submit in every way, Heart, mind and soul.

Now he had found her in the most unlikely of places. She lived in a country far from him, but they had connected almost immediately, and now she was coming to him. There was no doubt that she would, no question in either of their minds that it would happen from the first day they spoke on the phone. She belonged to him, and would do whatever it took to be with him.

She landed at the airport expecting to see him there, but instead there was a man dressed in a dark suit and sunglasses, with her name on a placard waiting at the gate. She identified herself to him, and he took her bags and walked away. She followed him out of te airport and saw him walk towards a large black sedan and put the bags in the trunk He opened the back door for her to get in, then closed the door behind her.

The driver said nothing as they drove out of town. She could see they were heading out into the country away from the crowded city. The land was beautiful with rolling hills and trees everywhere. The car soon pulled into a long tree lined driveway that lead to a large house. It was not fancy, but a sprawling ranch style house. The kind that looked like a regular man lived there. Built by the hard work of his own two hands.

As the car pulled to a stop in front of the door, the man got out and opened the trunk to retrieve the bags. He opened the door to the car and helped her step out into the bright sunshine of a beautiful day. now that she was out of the sealed silence of the car, she could hear birds singing and the sounds of the countryside.

The driver set off towards the door to the house, and she quickly followed. Having to practically run to keep up with his long strides. He opened the door and stepped into the cool interior of the house. She followed him in as he set her bags down. She was looking around the foyer as she heard him close the door.

Suddenly she felt herself being picked up and pushed against the wall. Strong hands had her pinned, her feet a few inches off of the ground.

"Have you forgotten your training already?", the driver said to her in a low voice as he removed his sunglasses. "I thought you were to kneel in the presence of your Master."

Looking into his eyes and finally haering his voice, she realized the driver had been her Master all along. The glasses had changed his look, and since he never spoke she hadn't recognized his voice.

He smiled at her and pinned her hard to the wall with his mouth as he devoured her lips. He kissed her hard and possesively. Taking what was his. She gave it all to him, wrapping her arms around his neck, and her legs around his waist. Wanting to feel him against every part of her.

Once they broke their embrace, he set her down on the floor.

"Now what do you do girl?", he asked her.

She quickly unbuttoned her blouse, peeling it off to reveal the black corset and lacy black bra. She unhooked the bra and tossed it aside with the blouse, quickly followed by her skirt. She was now left in just her corset, heels and stockings. She knelt on the floor at his feet. Her ass up and her head down to the floor with her arms outstretched in front of her.

"For my Master.", she said in a muffled voice from having her face to the floor.

"Very good my slut, you did remember your training after all.", he said as he smiled down at her. He walked around her, inspecting her body to make sure she had prepared it as ordered. He reached between her legs and found it shaved smooth. He also found it to bee incredibly wet as well. Practically dripping in fact.

"My little whore is happy to see her Master I see.", he said with a chuckle, then plunged three fingers into her well lubricated cunt. She gasped in surprise, then began moving her hips in response to the fucking his hand was giving her. She pushed back against his invading fingers, trying to get him in even deeper.

Just as suddenly as he had started, he pulled his hand away from her hungry cunt. She moaned in distress at the removal of his hand. She was left feeling empty by it. She needed his hard cock inside her and they both knew it. Only he would decide when she would get it.

"Follow me girl.", he commanded as he walked away. She quickly got up on all fours and crawled after him as fast as she could. The tile floor cold and hard on her knees, but she barely even noticed it in her excited state. She was with her Master, and that is all that mattered to her right now.

He walked into a large room and sat in an overstuffed chair. He gestured to her to come to him. She crawled over and knelt up in front of him. She knelt with her legs spread as far as possible, her arms crossed behind her back pushing her chest out, and her eyes downcast. He smiled at how well she had learned her lessons. She was making him quite proud so far, but he was going to push her, and he wanted to see what she could take for him.

Reaching to a nearby table he grabbed a length of rope and began winding it tightly around her full tits. He bound them quite tightly making them stand out firm and full. The skin taut from the constriction of the rope and her nipples hard little pebbles pointing straight ahead. He pinched and pulled at the hard nubs of flesh, eliciting a moan from her lips as he pinched them both very hard. He grabbed the clover clamps sitting on the table and attached one and then the other to her distended nipples. She gasped in pain at the nasty bite of these clamps. He then hung a few weights off of the chain, adding to the tightness of the clamps.

Once he was satisfied that her breasts were going to be properly tormented, he leaned back in the chair to admire the beauty in front of him. Her skin was glowing from the arousal and pain. He felt his cock straining against the front of his pants as he sat there.

"Service your Master with your mouth, slut. Make me happy and you will get your reward.", he told her.

She reached up and unzipped his pants and pulled them down as he lifted his ass to allow her room to do so. His hard cock sprang up, nearly slapping her on the cheek. The tip was already wet from hos arousal, and she licked her lips unconsiously at the thought of tasting him.

Her reverie was interupted by his order for her to, "Get to it, girl."

She lowered her head down to his lap and twirled her tongue around the slick head, teasing the hole with the tip of it. She lapped up the pre-cum smeared over the thick helmet, then sucked it out of his thick shaft. Savoring his flavor on her tongue. She then slowly took his entire length into her mouth, trying not to gag on his thickness. She got most of him down her throat, but couldn't get the last inch or so in. He grabbed her by the hair and forced her down the rest of the way, making her gag a little until he let her up. She gasped for air momentarily before once again sucking him deep.

She twisted her mouth and fist around his thick rod as she gave him the best blowjob she knew how. She latenated sucking and licking all up and down his slick shaft. Trying to coax his hot cum to erupt from the swollen head. She was doing her best to milk his cum from his balls, and he was doing his best to hold back. It was a battle of wills between them.

Finally he stopped her as he was about to explode in her hot, hungry mouth. Lifting her chin up as he cradled her face, he kissed her deeply on her wet lips.

"My little cock sucker has been practicing as I told her to I see.", he said with a grin. "Now assume the position again."

She once again knelt with her ass up, offering it to him. He walked around behind her and knelt down between her thighs. She felt something cool being smeared onto her virgin asshole. She had been training her ass to accept his cock, but this would be the first time she was ever ass fucked. She felt the swollen head press against her tight little hole, and she remembered to breath and relax as Master had taught her. She could feel her asshole being spread open as the head began pushing inside. With a pop, the head was inside the tigt ring of muscle. He just held it here, feeling it grip his cock. He could feel it pulsing around him as it tightened then she relaxed. It felt like she was coaxing him to enter further, so he gave her what she wanted.

He pushed in  a couple more inches, then pulled back. On each stroke he went in a little deeper. Pushing his hard shaft deeper inside her bowels until he was balls deep up her no longer virgin ass. She was breathing heavily from the fullness she had never experienced before. There was pain and plaesure mixed together, and she was having a hard time telling them apart.

He grabbed a handful of her long hair and wrapped it around his fist as he pulle dher hard down on his cock. Pushing the last bit of hids hard cock into her. He slowly began to fuck her tight ass. Long slow strokes as he held her hair like the reins of a horse. He slapped her ass on each stroke, bringing it to a nice red glow as he pounded his fuck hole.

"Who's hole is this, slut?", he asked her as he pounded he ass.

"Your hole Master.", she gasped.

"What can I do to it?", he asked again as his pace quickened.

"Anything Master desires.", she said in barely a whisper. She was on the verge of an explosive orgasm, but she wasn't allowed to cum unless he told her to.

He sensed she was on the edge and said to her, "I want you to cum with Master. Cum when you feel my hot load in your ass."

She nodded her head as bset she could with her hair being pulled back as he used it to yank her back onto his hardness, splitting her asshole wide on it.

With a few last frantic thrusts, he grunted and pulled her back hard onto his cock as she felt the first hot jet of cum splash into her bowels. As ordered, she screamed and began cumming hard. As each spasm rolled through her cunt. her asshole clenched around his cock, gripping him tightly as he pumped load after load up her hot ass. She was filled by his creamy load as he had been holding off cumming for the last week in anticipation of taking her ass for the first time. He wanted her to really feel what it was like to have her asshole pumped full of his cum.

He pulled out, and pulling her up by the hair, he ordered her,"Clean your Master's cock."

She licked and sucked his cum from his cock. Cleaning his balls with her tongue as well until every drop was gone. He pulled her to her feet and kissed her deeply.

"That's Master's good little anal whore. You trained well for that, and Master is very proud of you.", he told her as he held her chin in her hands. Without warning he removed the clover clamps and she screamed as the blood rushed back into the compressed flesh.

"I don't want you to forget that I will give you pain whenever I wish, even when you please me. I will hurt you for my pleasure.", he asid as he held her so she wouldn't fall from the intensity of the sudden pain. He picked her up in his arms and carried her to the bath where he sat her on a stool as he ran a tub full of water. He helped her in, then sat down in front of her and leaned back against her.

"Bathe me girl.", He said simply as he relaxed against her full tits. She smiled as she poured water onto his hair and began washing it. She could get used to this very quickly she thought as she tended to her Master, very quickly...


Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Wow, I can't believe I've had that many views of my blog. I am honored to have all of you feel that what I write here is worthy of your precious time. I know things have been tough and not quite so fascinating here lately, but I promise I will get some good stories up soon.

I will be going out of town this weekend to see some family for the Christmas holiday, but I will be on vacation next week and I should have time to do some writing.

Once again, thank you to all my faithful readers and lurkers alike.


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Thank you anonymous...

Thanks to the last anonymous commenter on my blog, I am no longer allowing anonoymous comments. If you disagree with me, or think I am doing something wrong, I can take that. Constructive criticism is helpful. If you just want to insult me and my other readers while hiding behind an anonymous comment, sorry, you are not welcome here. I apologize to the other anons who really offered constructive comments, but I'm not up to reading the rudeness any more.

This blog will be mostly about my stories from now on anyway. I hope none of you abandon me, but I understand if you do. I appreciate you all taking your time to come read about my life.


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Another let down...

It seems the last few posts I've made have been pretty negative. Unfortunately this is how things have gone lately.

We played today for the first time in quite awhile. I gave her a massage before I was going to use the flogger on her. She says she wants me to always use it on her when we have sex. Well I did and she just laid there like a piece of wood until she said she had enough. It was hurting too much. I can tell you, the amount she can take lately is about half of what she did before.

So I stopped and started to try to play with her cunt. She wasn't very receptive to it, but asked me if I wanted to eat her. Of course I did, and I made her cum multiple times with my tongue until she had enough. She said her head started pounding. She had a little headache when we started. She then asked me to fuck her, but I didn't want to. It has been so long since we fucked, that I had a big load built up, and due to the prostatitus I have, I don't last long when I have a lot saved up. If we fuck when I am like that, cumming that quickly just frustrates me more than it satisfies me. I told her I wanted a blowjob, but she said her head hurt too much. I told her never mind then, and was pretty resigned to just getting dressed.

She said she would try, but she wasn't into it at all, so I told her no. A half-hearted blowjob just doesn't do it for me. I'm tired of putting up with her going through the motions. As I was about to get dressed, she said I could fuck her tits If I wanted. I figured sure, at least I could shoot a load on her face to make me feel a little better. No go. She couldn't breath very well through her nose, and heaven forbid some nasty, dirty cum get in her mouth, so I had to just let it go in her cleavage.

So I just got it over with, busted my nut, cleaned up and got dressed. Once again she got what she wanted and I didn't. I have officially given up on kink with her. From now on, this blog will be for sexy fantasy stories.

Sorry to have such a downer of a post, but the upside is that this and my other blog should get a serious influx of naughty stories. I'm sure my sadistic side will ramp up with no outlet at all.

I hope everyone is having a better and kinkier weekend than I am.


Saturday, December 3, 2011

In my grip...

I come home and you walk up to give me a hug. I surprise you by taking your throat in my hand. I place my other hand on the back of your neck and pull your lips to mine. I hungrily kiss you, sucking your breath away as I inhale you. My tongue snakes around yours and invades your mouth, fucking it.

You are left stunned and breathless. I keep you held there in my grip as my other hand trails down to fondle your breast. I find a nipple poking hard through your shirt and give it a hard pinch. You gasp in pain as I pull you closer by the nipple. I grab the other and pinch it as well, making you rise up on your toes.

"Come with me.", I tell you, but I pull you along, not really giving you a choice. We get to the room and I spin you around, quickly stripping you naked. I'm tearing at your clothing to get to the tender flesh I want underneath.

Once stripped, I throw you on the bed and push your legs up with my shoulders as I bury my face in your cunt. It is already wet from the handling you got when I arrived. I dig my tongue into your molten wetness and lick up your sweet nectar. Your hips begin to move and your back arches in pleasure. Your breath is coming rapidly and I can tell you are quickly approaching your first orgasm, and I haven't even touched your clit yet.

"May I cum?", you ask me, barely able to get the words out.

"Not yet.", I say from between your thighs as I run my tongue up and down your silken folds. Lapping at your juices, tasting your honey.

I am watching your face as you bite your lip trying not to cum. Your back is arched fully off the bed now, and you are shaking with lust.

"Cum My slut.", I tell you and I begin sucking on your hard little clit. You gasp and explode in orgasm. your thighs trying to squeeze together as your muscles tense in ecstacy. I keep my shoulders wedged between your legs and continue licking and sucking your swollen clit, driving you mad with the sensations. I don't stop even after the tears spring from your eyes. You cry from the overwhelming sensations of your multiple orgasms.

I eventually stop tormenting your clit when you can take no more. I lick up the juices streaming from your swollen pussy, enjoying your flavor.

"Fuck me.", you say.

"What was that?", I ask you.

"Please fuck me. I want you inside me.", you ask this time.

I climb up between your thighs, pushing them up with my arms, lifting your ass up off the bed to give me good access to your open cunt. I plunge deep in one stroke. My balls slap against your ass with the quickness of my entrance. You gasp and shudder in another small orgasm as I begin to slowly fuck you in long deep strokes.

I begin to bite at your tits, grabbing them in both hands. I bite the tender, but hard nipples. They stand out long and erect just waiting for my mouth. I alternate between biting, licking and sucking them. I also sink my teeth into the soft flesh of your breasts. Biting hard as I devour you. I am marking you as mine, slut. I want you to wear my bruises to remember who you belong to. I bite deeply into each breast so you have my mark on both sides. You hiss in your breath from the pain, but you know not to ask me to stop. That I need this.

I continue fucking you all the while I am marking you. Your cunt is so wet it is making sloshing sounds on each stroke. I reach down and rub my thumb against your swollen little button. You shake your head no, but I smile and tell you yes.

"Cum on my cock, My slut.", and I rub your clit harder until you begin to arch up again, squeezing your legs around my waist as your orgasm takes you. You grip me tight preventing me from moving as you soak my cock in your juices.

Once your orgasm subsides, I pull out eliciting a whimper from you. I climb up and straddle your chest, my balls cradled in your cleavage. I look down at you as I stroke my cock, wet with your juices. You watch as I stroke myself. You love to see me do this don't you. I reach down and pull at your hard nipples as I pump my cock with my fist. I rub my hardness across each nipple, loving the feeling of the hard little tips on the underside of my cock.

I can feel my orgasm building slowly as I make long, slow strokes up the shaft. When you see that I am about to cum, you close your eyes knowing what is about to happen. With a grunt, my cum erupts from the head of my cock, spraying across your lips. I shoot it over your cheeks and into your hair. I am so turned on with taking you, that I shoot a bigger than normal load on your beautiful face. My warm seed slides down your chin to drip on your chest as my orgasm subsides. Again you wear my mark.

I help you up to go clean off your face. You look in the mirror and see my passion painted across your face.


A short story...

I just posted a short bit of wickedness on my other blog. Enjoy...


Friday, December 2, 2011

Auugh!!!...vanilla living...

It's been pretty vanilla around here lately. We had some pretty hot sex the other night, but it was strictly vanilla. I have pretty much resigned myself to mostly that. There will be smatterings of kink here and there, but nothing like what I need. She asked if I was going to use the cane and flogger the other night, and I told her not that night. When she asked me why, I told her that when I do she kind of withdraws from me to disconnect from the pain. In doing so the rest of our sex is mechanical on her part, and she just goes through the motions.

She told me she does it for me, and I appreciate that, but when she is just laying there taking it and obviously hating it, it takes the excitement out of it for me. So we are going to keep slogging along and trying to make things work, but my hopes aren't going to be high that she will change much.

I just wanted to let everyone know where we stood. I hope you all have a great weekend.


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Another bit of torment...

I posted a new story on my other blog. I hope it satisfies the masochistic sluts that read it. You know who you are...Grins!!!



Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A quick update...

Not a lot has been going on here. My slut has been a little under the weather. Not bad, but just off. Hence no play. We did have a little fun last week, but she seemed to be going through the motions a bit. We are going to be talking about that. Is that the best she will be able to do, or was it just an off day.

She did make me angry tonight, and after I calmed down, I called her on it. She has wanted to adopt for quite awhile. I have not been receptive to it because of the way she has been treating me. As in barely noticing me for years. Well today she "mentioned it" to our son. Of course he ran with it. She claims she didn't mean him to, but I think she is being less than truthful. I have no proof, but I know how she thinks. I just let her know that I didn't appreciate it and it better not happen again.

I hope this long weekend will result in some good play.

I just wanted to let everyone know I didn't fall off the face of the earth. I hope everyone has a
Happy Thanksgiving.


Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Darkest so far...

I wrote a story last night on a challenge from a friend of mine. It crawled up from the darkest part in my mind. I hope some of you enjoy it.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

I got a VBA...

My wonderful readers maui girl and sweet kitty sub who nominated me for a Versatile Blogger Award. I am touched and honored.

So seven things you might not know about me.

1. I was a virgin until I was 23. I was horribly shy and had little self confidence.
2. I started going bald at a young age. Probably didn't help with #1.
3. I'm 6' and 175lbs. No matter what I eat or do I stay about the same. Fast metabolism.
4. I am the only male sibling. I have three sisters.
5. My oldest sister is a Domme.
6. My nephews wife is a sub who's blog I follow.
7. I never knew I could love to write so much, or that I had a penchant for it.

Now the hard part. Nominating just 15 blogs that I follow. There are so many good ones, but I will do my best.

1. Vesta's Submission , the very first blog I ever started following, and she was my first follower. Smart and sexy lady.

2. Knotty little monkey , She is a funny, sexy lady who like all of us, have daily struggles. She is thinking of quitting her blog, so go say hi and try to convince her she should stay with us. She's a very dear friend.

3. maui girl , A fairly new friend, but a very special one. I would have nominated her even if she hadn't nominated me.

4. Neo Dom Tom , Me and Tom have had a very similar path in our dominant lives. Weirdly similar sometimes. Great guy and blog.

5. cuddly kitten , I've read her blog for quite some time. A very full life for such a young lady. Quite a varied blog.

6. An Owned Life , Very insightful and instructional for any Dom or Domme out there.

7. Finding my submission , sin is a sexy lady who writes wonderfully and I love hearing about her adventures.

8. A Dauntless journey , A fellow dominant, though much more experienced than me. Plus FAF is hot!!!

9. The definition , Her blog ranges from the mundane day to day things in lief, to smoking hot descriptions of her submission.

10. Dangerous lilly , I lovely lass who isn't shy about sharing photos of her luscious body, and glimpses of her sexy mind.

11. Mrs Discontented , An English lady who finds ways to get the kinkiness she needs, even though her husband is completely vanilla.

12. Spanked army wife , This lady struggles with trying to get pregnant, multiple miscarriages, yet stays positive and submissive to her soldier hubby. Loves being spanked of course!

13. baby girl , she writes some of the hottest stories I have read in the blogosphere. She usually leaves me at attention...Grins!!!

14. Unapologetically kinky , although we butted heads awhile back, DY has a very fun and sexy blog, even though she doesn't write graphically about her sex life.

15. The submissive butterfly , Still looking for her Dom, but she has been one of my most consistent commenters. Long before I ever followed her blog. I try to make sure I read her's every day.

There is my list, in no particular order. Now to let everyone know I nominated them...Laughs!!!
I hope you all enjoy some blogs you may not have known about.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A confession...

I have to confess. When I told My slut that I was going to stop the BDSM in our relationship, It was a bit of a ruse. A risky one, but a ruse none the less. I know her and when she gets mired down and loses her way, no amount of my cajoling can get her back on track. She needs a swift kick in the ass. I took a calculated gamble that this would jump start her and get her back on track. I was about 95% sure it would work, but it could have bitten me in the ass.

A little over a year ago when we were on the verge of divorce, it took the threat of divorce to make her realize she was screwing up so badly. I didn't do that on purpose, she was the one who walked out for no good reason. She accused me of something I didn't do, and when she left, I didn't ask her back. That made her wake up. While I didn't plan it, I learned from it.

I do take responsibility for letting her get to that point. A mistake I won't make again. I have to make sure I catch her when she first starts to slip, not let her get too far gone. A good sign that she is indeed back on the path is that when I got home today she had cleaned up her nightstand. It had been a disaster for about 9 months, and I have asked her many times to clean it up to no avail. Today it's done. I made a big point of thanking her and showing her a lot of love for it.

In answer to Miss Only His, what will keep her in line from now on is me. I am still learning and I still struggle with trying to be the good guy. I need to just be her husband and make sure she stays on track.

Here is the list of things we agreed to do for now. Things may be added later, but she hates not knowing what is coming next, and this list gives her a sense of knowing what could happen on any day.

The crop
The dildo
Hot wax
Wartenberg wheel
The cuffs I made her - arms in front
The vibe - To give her the last most intense orgasm only, not to get her going. I love to feel her wet cunt.
Breast bondage
Cumming on her face, and eventually cumming in her mouth when she is ready.
Having to ask permission before cumming
No panties in bed - except during her period.

I also reminded her that she will have to constantly work to keep her "slut card". She agreed that she did lose sight of that before.

I hope that with the pressure off, she will relax and eventually be able to submit to me even more. If she can't she can't, but I think she may surprise all of us. It will just take her a lot longer than I hoped for. That's OK. I've waited over ten years, I can give her a little more time.

Thank you to all who gave me encouragement and kicks in the ass as well. Here's to the new slower, but hopefully more succesful path.


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Starting over...

We talked some today about where we go from here. She still wants me to call her My slut. She said she loves it. She also said she wants to continue with the flogger and cane. She likes the flogger and can tolerate the cane. I'm sure she will also take the crop, she never minded that. The issue to be still discussed is if she will be interested in limited bondage. Primarily breast bondage. She isn't restrained at all when I just wrap the rope around her luscious tits, so that may work for her on an occasional basis. We still have to sit down and work out the details, a contract of sorts I guess.

The crazy thing that I don't quite understand is, she wants me to still write her stories. Even when she doesn't want to try the things in there, she still likes reading them. You women are a confusing lot...But I still love you!

We did have some very hot, yet mostly vanilla sex today. She gave me a good blowjob, until we were interupted by our son needing help with something. So I had to put on my robe and go help him. When I got back, she asked if she did a good job, and I told her I was about to stop her anyway because I was getting close to cumming.  She asked if I wanted to use the flogger and cane, but I thought maybe we would take a break from that this time. She asked for the vibe and I told her it really annoys me that she always asks for it right away. It makes me feel like it's turning her on and not me. I told her if she is just patient, I will give it to her. I started rubbing her pussy, feeling her growing wetter. I told her I love to feel her wet cunt, to feel her clit stiffening under my fingers. I stroked her hard little button and slid my fingers up and down her slippery sex. She wanted to know if she still had to ask to cum, and I told her not this time. That is something else that will have to be discussed later.

She asked me to rub her clit faster and I did. Her back beginning to arch up as her orgasm approached. She came with great force and she was soaking wet. After she came multiple times she said she wanted me to fuck her really bad. I told her no, I wanted her to fuck me. She thought for a second then said OK. I told her to get her wet cunt over here and ride me. She laughed and did so.

She climbed on top and slowly slide down my hard cock. I slid in quite easily due her extreme wetness. She started to really grind her cunt down on me, and I could tell by the look on her face that she was having those little tremors of orgasm she has when she is really turned on and riding me.

As she fucked me, her cunt was making squelching noises from her being so wet. That is not a common occurance since she is usually in too big of a hurry to really get that wet. She was giggling in embarrasment at the sound, but I told her not to be. It felt great and I could feel her juices running down over my balls. It felt wonderful.

Her arms started getting tired after awhile, so she laid down on top of me as I fucked up into her. We kissed a lot. Very passionately. Not like she usually kisses me. She has a tendency to hold back with her kisses, but not today.

After awhile I asked her if she wanted me to get on top, and she said she wanted me to cum in her in that position. So she lifted herself up again, having rested her arms, and she ground her cunt onto my cock as I pushed up into her until I groaned and filled her with the biggest load I had in quite awhile. Taking longer always results in me shooting a larger load. When I first started cumming, she said "Oh my."...laughs!!! Once I was done cumming, she commented that it was one of the best fucks we'd ever had...grins!!!

After she climbed off of me to go clean up, I saw that she had soaked my cock and balls with her juices. Very sexy...

So she went and took a shower and I cleaned myself up and got dressed. I came into the living room and sat down to relax. After her shower she came out with a big smile on her face, gave me a kiss and a hug, and leaning in close to my ear, she asked me if she earned her slut name again. I told her yes, but she has to keep working to keep it. She kissed me and said OK.

So in all it was a great day. It looks like we will have a somewhat kinky relationship involving not much submission. Maybe just asking to cum will be the extent of it, but who knows. She says she still wants to be what I need, but I'm not going to push it. If she offers something we'll try it, but I'm not going to push like before.

Hopefully this is a new beginning that will lead us to common, kinky ground.


Friday, November 11, 2011

Our talk...

Well I told her today while I was home for lunch that BDSM will no longer be a component of our relationship. I told her that she tried for over a year to be what I wanted, but it just isn't who she is. I told her About some of you submissive ladies who have tried unsuccesfully to make their husbands into dominants, usually with little success. She was upset and said she feels like a failure and that she hates herself for not being able to give me what I want. I assured her I don't hate her and that I'm not going to leave her. She asked me if I was going to get it elsewhere. I asked her if she was going to give me permission to. She said no, and I told her that was her answer.

I said that she just isn't able to submit for whatever reasons she has. Her past, her upbringing, whatever the reason or reasons. I told her that if she has such an aversion to using the word "Sir", there is no way she will ever be able to submit to me in other ways. She said she feels bad that I won't be getting what I need, and that she wants so badly to give it to me.

I was feeling a bit down as you can imagine, and she noticed it. When she commented on it, I told her that I will have days where I will be down. I won't lie to her and hide it. She has her down days for various reasons and lets me know about it, so I see no reason to hide anything from her.

We will have some rough times I'm sure, but hopefully we can get through them.

She asked me if I was still going to call her My slut, and I told her I didn't know. She said she likes when I do. I don't know if I will. I don't know if I will be able to have it part way. The nerves are still too raw right now to be able to decide what I will be able to do.

She claims to like the flogger, but I don't know if I will continue with it. I won't initiate it, but if she asks I don't know if I will. Time will tell how this all develops. I will certainly keep everyone up to date on what we settle on.

I hope I won't lose any of me wonderful followers, but I will understand if some of you go elsewhere for real life adventures instead of just fantasies.

I hope everyone has a fun and kinky weekend.


I also want to thank any veterans out there who may read my little blog. Thank you for your service.


Thursday, November 10, 2011


It's Love Our Lurkers day. The first I have participated in. I want to thank everyone who reads my blog. Feel free to leave comments even anonymously. I love to hear from all of you. Without you, this blogging wouldn't be nearly as fun or cathartic to me. I even learn things from some of the comments I get. I am afterall still learning my craft. Even if I will no longer be able to ply it. I still want to learn more.

Once again, I want to thank everyone of you that reads my brain droppings here.


Answering a few questions, and an end of sorts...

I wanted to respond to some comments to my last post.
Miss Delectable, I don't talk about her wants in my blog because she quite literally gets exactly what she  wants every time we have sex. She only wants the vibe to have as many orgasms as she wants, than she wants me to fuck her until I cum. That's it, that's all she wants. I have asked her many times if there is anything else she wants to try, or any fantasies she has. She claims to have none. I've even suggested things, all vanilla by the way, but she says she just wants the vibe.

As far as just trying to be vanilla for awhile, we did that for the first ten years of our marriage and we nearly ended in divorce. The only thing that convinced me to give her another chance was that she said she wanted to try things my way. Before you think that we almost split because she wouldn't give me kinky sex, we almost split because she basically treated me like I was her ex who abused her, and took out all her disdain for him on me.

Yes this blog is mostly about what I want because the first ten years were all about her. I was practically ignored.

Having said all that, I am at the end of my rope where it comes to trying to have a kinky relationship with her. No she isn't naturally submissive, shown by the issue she has with just the word Sir. She claims to want to be what I need, but in all honesty, she won't ever get there. Am I going anywhere, no. What am I going to do? I haven't a clue, yet. This blog may become just a place to write my bondage erotica. At least here I get comments and even some praise. Who doesn't enjoy and need that occasionally.

I appreciate all the comments I have been getting lately, even the critical ones. It may seem that I'm just trying to force my needs on her, but I'm just trying to get what I need after not getting it for over a decade. She keeps claiming to want to do it for me, and that's why I keep trying to find ways to help her learn. After yesterday's conversation it is finally sinking in that she just can't get there no matter how much she claims to want to.

I want to make it easy on her to experiment, but even the easiest options I give her are too tough, so I've pretty much given up. I will tell her tonight that this will no longer be a part of our relationship. I'm sure she will argue, but that's OK.

We did have a quickie during lunch today to make up for last nights debacle. It was completely vanilla, but nice.

Hopefully my stories will keep all of my readers entertained. I will do my best to do so.

Thanks again to everyone who offered encouragement and constructive criticism.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Some progress...

We played tonight. I started with the cane and flogger. She wasn't able to take much because her period is near. So we moved on to her vibe until she came a few times. Then we started talking about how I wanted to finish. I didn't want to just fuck because due to the fact that we hadn't done anything in almost two weeks, I knew I wouldn't last very long and that is always frustrating to me.

I told her what I wanted to do, but she wasn't willing to do it, so we were negotiating a way to make me happy when our son started hollering about needing help on the computer. By the time I got that squared away it was getting late and dinner had to be made. To make a long story short, I didn't get to finish.

We did talk a lot about what I want compared to what she thinks she can do. There is still some distance between us, but we are getting closer to a hopeful compromise. She told me she knows I can't bury those feelings. She knows the times I have, have been a disaster for me mentally. She felt bad not being able to do the things I want, and she's afraid I'll leave. I assured her that no matter what I'm not going anywhere.

I told her I just want her to give me her best, which she hasn't yet. She has to get past her fear of stepping out of her comfort zone. If she tries something and hates it, as long as she gives it an honest effort I will be satisfied.

I'm going to keep the dialog going, letting her know what my needs are and try to find a common ground between us.


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Some reconnection...

We have been pretty far apart the last week or so, but this morning we spoke about it. She asked if I have been avoiding her, and I told her no more than she has been avoiding me. I told her I was tired of her ignoring me and she apologized and promised to make it better.

She still hasn't read my last story and said she doesn't know when she will. That annoyed me all over again. It's not a novel. It won't take that long to read.

I asked her if she needed her ass flogged and her cunt fucked, and she said she did. These mixed signals are driving me nuts. I guess I am just destined to keep struggling along trying to make things work and get what I need. Wish me luck.


Saturday, November 5, 2011

Her reaction so far...

She told me she started to read my story, but when she got to the "Sir" part she had to stop reading. It bothered her. She said it made her sound like a slave. I told her no, it is an honorific, a term of respect that I use at work all the time with customers. She said that I told her I want her to be my slave. She obviously doesn't really listen to me. I have never said that. I want a submissive, not a slave. I don't want to have to micro-manage everything she does.

Regardless, if she didn't like the beginning, I'm sure she'll hate the rest. The thing is, I don't really care at this point. I guess I will just watch my bondage porn, write my stories for all of you, and make the best of it. Any one looking for an online Dom?

Just kidding... kind of...

I hope you are all having a great weekend.


Of service...

This is just a work of fiction. I will send it to my wife too, but it won't get me anywhere. It is as likely to happen as the other stories I have written her. Which means it won't happen. I hope at least all of you enjoy it. I know I will enjoy writing it.


I walk in the door, exhausted from a long week of work. You are waiting with a cold beer in your hand, dressed only in your underbust corset, collar and cuffs. You can see how worn out I am and smile as you hand me the beer and take my jacket to hang it in the closet. I take a long pull on the beer while you are putting it away.

"Bad day Sir?", you ask.

"Rough week.", I respond as I sit at my desk and begin to relax.

You kneel in front of me, smile and ask," Would it help if I sucked you off? Do you need your balls drained a little?"

"That would certainly be a good start.", I tell you as I stroke your hair and give you a tired grin. "If you do a good job, you can have dessert before dinner."

You reach up and undo my belt and open my jeans. My cock is already starting to stiffen at your attention and the thought of your hot, wet mouth wrapped around my throbbing member. You lower your head and slowly slip your wet lips over the head of my hard cock. You take me as deep as you can, then you hold me there and swirl your tongue around the pulsing head. You can feel my pulse in the throbbing of my cock.

This is just the appetizer, and I am hungry for dinner, so I soon grab your hair in my fists and start to move your head up and down on my cock. fucking it with your mouth. You moan in pleasure knowing what is coming. I push your head down as far as it will go onto my cock as my cum erupts. I shoot a big, hot load into your throat as you moan. I can feel your throat working as you swallow my seed, not wanting to spill a drop.

Once I'm done cumming, I let you up so you can catch your breath. You lick your lips to make sure you didn't miss anything. I give you a kiss, tasting my essence on your lips and tongue.

"I'm ready for dinner now.", I tell you. You smile as I help you to your feet, and you walk off to put dinner on the table. I sit down with my beer as you place the food in front of me. It looks and smells delicious, and before I start eating, I hook your cuffs together so you have to eat carefully to not spill any food.

We have a wonderful meal, and you manage to not drop a crumb. You stand and clear the table, still cuffed. You put the plates in the sink and quickly wash them. Even cuffed you make quick work of the dishes. While you are finishing, I walk up behind you and reach around to grasp one of your breasts. Pinching a nipple hard beween my fingers. You moan in pleasure and pain. I reach down with my other hand to stroke your cunt and find it drooling your juices down the inside of your thighs.

"You liked sucking me off, didn't you slut?", I ask you while stroking your slippery pussy lips.

"Yes Sir. I love the feeling of your cock in my mouth. I love to taste you.", you say in a husky voice. Trying to keep an even tone as I manipulate your tender parts.

I stop my ministrations as you complete your chore. I grab the front ring of your collar and lead you to the bedroom, hands still cuffed. Once in the room I light candles and have you kneel in the middle of the floor. I put pillows down to cushion your knees because you will be there for a little while.

While the candles burn, I select and arrange my implements of pain and pleasure. The clamps and Wartenberg wheel. The dildo and vibrator. A couple ropes, the flogger, the crop and my cane. You watch as I arrange each item. I lay them out for you to see. I want you to think about what I will be doing to you with each item.

I begin by binding your breasts with the rope. I wrap then tight to make them stand out for me. I want them to be a good target for my attentions. I give each nipple a hard pinch making you gasp. Next I attach the tweezer style nipple clamps. Sliding the ring up until they are quite tight on the large nubs of erect flesh. You inhale a sharp breath as each one is placed, but I stroke the tight flesh of your tits to soothe you and distract you from the pain.

I pick up the crop and begin to lightly slap the underside of your straining tits, the skin taut from their bindings. I slap the tops of them too, before tapping on your clamped nipples. This elicits a moan of pleasure and pain from your lips. It hurts a bit, but the endorphins are beginning to rush through your body and you feel your cunt growing even wetter, pulsing with need.

I step beside you and bring the crop down on the tender globes of your ass. The slapping sound rings through the room. The sharp crack echos from the walls. I slap your ass harder and harder until the skin begins to glow a light pink. It's a good start, but this toy will never get the proper color.

I retrieve the flogger, ready to really begin working you over. I land the first lash across your ass. It is a heavy, thudding lash that makes you jump a bit, but you stay in your place like a good slut. After a few lashes, I begin to whip up and down your back as well as your ass. I give your back and ass a nice red glow. Your skin has a few faint stripes from the falls of the flogger, but not the kind of stripes I want. I give your ass the last few hard strokes, putting all my strength into each one. Your ass shakes with the impact of the blows and you gasp with each one.

I remove the nipple clamps quickly, and as the blood rushes back into the tortured flesh, I suck one nipple while pinching the other. Pleasure on one side, and pain on the other. Confusing your senses so you can't tell one from the other.

I grab the hair at the back of your head and pull you back so your tits are pointing upward, and land a few lashes of the flogger on your swollen tits. The nipples are very hard and distended and I aim for them with the whip. You yelp at each stroke before I finish and release your hair.

I lean you forward and placing another pillow on the floor, I rest your head and chest on the floor, your ass up in the air. A perfect target for my cane. Your tits ache from the tight rope and the clamps, and the cool floor feels good on the swollen flesh.

Before I start with the cane, I run my fingers up and down your open cunt. The flesh is wide open like the petals of a flower. Inviting attention from a hand or a hard cock. For now you just get the hand. Your juices are flowing down your thighs as I stroke and pinch the engorged folds of you pussy. I lightly rub your erect clit. It is hard and swollen in need. You push back towards me trying to increase the pressure of my fingers to get the orgasm you so desperately need.

"Not yet, My little slut. No cumming for you until I say so.", I tell you as you whimper when I remove my hand.

I stand up and bring my arm back. The first lash of the cane lands across both cheeks, a line of fire drawn across the flesh. I give you a few minutes to process the pain before landing the next blow. The next one is only on the right cheek. Once again I wait for you to let it sink in. Over and over again the cane bites into your flesh and I let the pain sink into you.

"I want you to cry for me slut. Let it go. Don't hold back. Give me what I need.", I whisper into your ear.

I land a few more hard lashes and I see tears begin to roll down your cheeks. No sobs, just these beautiful tears running from your bright eyes. I smile at you with such desire and lust before I put the cane down.

You look back at me as I pick up the dildo, but you look at me quizzically as I smear lube on it. You know your are plenty wet enough to not need it. I take the dildo and press it against your tight little ass. You shake your head no with apprehension.

"It is OK slut. I won't hurt you. You are relaxed and turned on. I will go slow and if it gets to be too much, I will stop.", I assure you.

You think about it a long time, all the while I am lightly stroking your slippery pussy lips, until you look at me and just barely nod your head. I begin to slowly and gently press against your sphincter. The dildo is much smaller than my cock, so you shouldn't have too much trouble taking it in. As the tight hole begins to relax, the tip begins to slide in. I go in a little, then back out. In a little more, then back out. Each time going in a little deeper until the head of the dildo pops past the ring of muscle, making you gasp in surprise. You didn't realize it was that far in, and you relax as I leave it there while you get used to it.

Soon I start to slowly push it further inside you. A little at a time. letting your body accept it until it is soon buried completely in your ass. You sigh and relax as you realize it is all the way in.

By now I am steel hard. Between giving you my pain, and seeing the dildo deep in your ass, I am hotter than I have been in a long time. I pull my cock from my jeans and in one smooth stroke, I bury myself in your hungry cunt. As I hit bottom, my abdomen hits the base of the dildo and psuhes it in just a bit. On each thrust of my cock into your tight pussy, I bump the little cock in your ass, giving you sensations in both holes. You are tight from being so stuffed. You have never felt so full.

I grab the vibe and reach under you and press it to your clit. You gasp and look back at me. Between the feeling of being completely filled and the vibrations on your clit, I know you won't last long.

"May I please cum sir?", you ask. Biting your lip in an effort to delay your orgasm.

"Not until you convince me you really need it.", I tell you, the whole time working the vibe on your hard little clit while slowly fucking your hungry cunt.

"Please Sir, I beg you. Please let me cum on your hard cock. Let me cum for you.", you plead.

I look at you as I continue to torture you with pleasure, watching you struggle to hold back your impending orgasm until I give you permission.

Finally, when I think you can no longer hold out, I say, "Cum for me slut. Cum all over my hard cock. I want to hear you."

With my words, the flood gates open and your let out a guttural groan as I feel your cunt grip my cock as the first spasm rips through your pussy. I can feel the muscles squeezing my cock as each wave rolls through you. I keep the vibe pressed hard to your clit, making you cum again and again. I stay still, my cock buried deep inside you as orgasm after orgasm is pulled from you. You tell me you've had enough, but I tell you no you haven't. I will tell you when you have cum enough for me. I keep the vibe pressed to your clit and reach down and move the dildo in and out of your ass a little to add to the sensations in your cunt.

You cum a few more times before I decide you've had enough and I begin to pound into your abused little pussy. I fuck you fast and hard, and soon I pump my hot load into your wet hole. You feel the heat of my cream splashing against the walls of your pussy and you sigh in contentment. I push into you in long deep thrusts until my orgasm subsides.

I stay there inside you until I feel myself beginning to soften. I then pull out and standing, I pull you once again to you knees and offer you my wet prick. You open your mouth and suck me in, tasting our mixed juices coating me. You suck the last remaining drops of cum from my cock and lick our juices from the shaft and balls. Bathing me with your tongue. Once you have cleaned me to my satisfaction, I lean down and kiss you deeply, enjoying our mixed essence on your tongue. I reach behind you and slowly remove the dildo from your tight ass. I toss it in the bathroom sink to be cleaned later.

I reach down and give your rock hard nipples ome last pinch as they stand out farther than I have ever seen them. Your breasts swollen and hard from the constriction of the ropes. I start untying them, allowing the blood to drain back into your body and they once again soften to the touch. There are lovely rope marks encircling them that I trace with my fingers, then my tongue. You moan with pleasure at the touch of my warm mouth.

Once the rope is removed, I un-cuff you and remove the cuffs and corset. I lead you into the bathroom and run a hot shower to soothe your sore body. I climb in with you and soap you down from head to toe. Gently washing your tits, stroking your tortured nipples. I reach down and wash your poor abused cunt, and then your ass. I clean you up really good. This is your reward for being such a good little slut, and giving me what I need.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sounds good to me...

You are all free to send me anything you want to share. Pics you like, stories, or anything else you think I might like.


Monday, October 31, 2011

A quick update...

Saturday we got to play for a short time. We would have had about 2 hours, but she decided to take an hour to eat her lunch. I doubt it was a coincidence, but whatever.

I used the cane fairly hard, but still not hard enough to leave lasting marks. She still said she wasn't ready for that. I then flogged her pretty good, leaving her ass a nice pink. Of course it didn't last long.

After that she asked me to lay down, much to my surprise. She then gave me the best BJ she ever has. Nice and wet with slurping sounds and all. She still pulled me out of her mouth before I came, but maybe we're getting closer. She told me she gave me the good BJ because she refused to be tied up, and hoped it would make up for it. It was very good, but it doesn't compare. Totally different turn on for me.

I made her cum many times with the vibe, but she forgot to ask for permission so she got ten swats for it. She asked if the good BJ made up for forgetting. That was no...

It was good, but I was left a little disappointed for some reason. I think it was the fact that we had to rush, and her refusal to be tied. I may sound ungrateful, but it's how I felt. I didn't get what I need and that's the facts.

I hope everyone had a good weekend.

Happy Halloween!!!


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Not such a nice guy...

This is the story I wrote her tonight. Not so sweet...


I wrap the ropes around your chest and tits. Binding them tightly so they stand out from your chest. Your nipples hard and erect waiting to be pinched and clamped. I pinch them hard and bite them to make sure they are as hard as possible before putting the clamps on.
I take the excess rope and tie your arms behind your back. You are mine to do with as I wish. I grab you by the throat and pull you to me, kissing you deeply as I push my tongue deep into your mouth. With your throat in my one hand, I grab your cunt with my other. Rubbing your clit and pussy hard, pinching the full lips.
I step behind you as I continue to hold you in place with my hand on your neck. I swat you hard on the ass with my hand, but you can't get away. I swat each cheek in turn, each swat harder than the pevious. You dance from foot to foot, but you can't escape my grip. Your ass is soon bright red, just like I want it.
I release your throat, but I tell you not to move from the spot. I grab the flogger and approach you from behind swinging it from side to side. I land the first strike on your already sensitive ass making you jump a little, but I tell you to hold still while I swat you again. I land hard lashes all over your sweet tender ass, making you gasp over and over.
Now that your ass is nice and red, it's time for some sweet pain. The cane comes out to give you it's intense kiss. I land the first strike across the tender underside of your ass leaving a nice welt. You suck in a sharp breath  and try to dance away from me. I take you by the arm to steady you and land another lash across your ass. I land cane strokes all over your ass, leaving a lovely pattern on lines across your soft ass.
I tell you that I'm not going to stop until you cry for me. It's up to you how much you take, but I want you to take a lot for me. Take my sweet pain you wonderful slut. You finally give in and the tears flow down your cheeks. I give you ten more hard lashes just because I want to.
I reach down and feel your cunt dripping wet for me. I rub and pinch your swollen clit making you moan and gasp in arousal. I rub your clit hard and bring you to the edge of orgasm before stopping. Your aren't going to cum yet, My slut.
I sit you down on the bed and pull out my now very hard cock. I grab a handful of your hair and push your mouth down on my hard cock. I slowly fuck your mouth, feeling your tongue and lips caress my turgid member. I want to fill your mouth with my hot cream, but not until you are ready. I hold your head still and fuck your mouth like a cunt. You drool all over my hard cock, and I feel your spit run down over my shaft and balls.
Before I'm tempted to shoot a load down your throat, I pull out and bend you over so your chest is resting on the bed, and push my hard cock into your sopping cunt. You are wet and tight, and your pussy grips my shaft tightly as I slight in and out of you. As I fuck you slowly, I spank your soft ass on each stroke. I grab your hips and give you a hard pounding, slamming my cock into you with all my might. You gasp and moan as I pummel your pussy.
I pull out and leaving you bent over, I grab the vibe and press it to your clit as I plunge a couple fingers into your hungry cunt. I fuck you fast and hard with my fingers as the vibrations pulse through your hard little button. You beg to cum, but I tell you to hold off. Each time you ask, I tell you not yet. You are starting to shake and you are soon begging me to cum.
I tell you to cum for me like the good little slut you are, and you scream as your orgasm explodes. I feel your cunt squeezing my fingers tightly as each pulse rolls through your pussy. I hold the vibe hard against your clit, not moving it until you have cum enough for me.
I then plunge my hard cock into your cunt once again and pound into you. I can still feel little ripples of orgasm in your pussy as I fuck you. As I feel my orgasm approaching I pull out and turn you around, putting you on your knees  and stroke my cock in front of your face.
The first jet of cum hits your lips and chin and drips down onto your tits. I shoot other spurts onto your cheeks and tits, covering you with my hot seed, marking My slut as mine. Once I stop cumming, I step up and place my cock against your wet mouth and have you suck me clean.
I untie you, admiring the beautiful rope marks on your tits and arms. I take you in my arms and give you a big kiss. My juices smeared across both of our chests. Warm and sticky, my passion glues us together.
We'll see what she has to say about this one.

She liked my story...

Looking back, I shouldn't be surprised. It was probably the most completely vanilla story I have ever written her. She told me that it was by far the most likely to happen. Of course of all the other stories she has told me that were probable, none of them have happened. To hell with these vanilla, sweetness and light stories, the next one I write her is going to curl her toes and maybe even her hair.

I'm glad some of my lady followers liked it, but it was a bit too soft for my general tastes. It would be fun on occasion, but I want something a lot more intense.

Everyone have a good weekend!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I have finally written a new story for My slut. I hope you all enjoy it, but most of all, I hope My slut enjoys it.


I'm sitting at my desk late at night when you walk out with a smile on your face. You turn my chair to face you and you sit down in the floor in front of me and undo my pants. You pull them down to my feet and start stroking my cock, feeling it begin to stiffen in your hand. You lower your head to my lap and slowly take my hardness into your mouth. Your mouth is warm and wet causing my cock to reach it's full hardness.
You suck me slowly, occasionally looking up into my eyes as you devour my cock. Your one hand strokes me as you suck, and the other hand caresses my full balls. You stop and run your tongue up the underside of my cock from balls to tip and them you flick your tongue across the head. You smile again and take me as deep as you can and pump my cock in rhythm with your head bobbing up and down. You want me to cum. You want to hear me gasp as I shoot a hot load for you.
I feel the pressure building in my balls as my orgasm nears. I touch your shoulder to let you know I am about to cum. You pull me from your mouth, but continue to stroke the slick shaft as you rub my cock across your lips. You massage my tightening balls as my orgasm is about to erupt.
I groan and shoot the first jet of cum across your lips. You pump my shaft as jet after jet of hot cum spurts over your face. You rub my spasming cock all over your face, smearing my seed across your cheeks and lips. You look beautiful wearing my cream on your smiling face.
You give me a quick little suck to really make me happy, then you rise and go to clean up your face. I follow you into the room, and once you clean up, I throw you on the bed and attack your wet cunt with my fingers. I rub your already swollen clit making you gasp and move your hips. Your back begins to arch up as the pleasure courses through your body, radiating from your wet pussy.
Each time you are on the edge of cumming I stop rubbing your clit and stroke your lips instead. You moan in disappointment, but you are now soaking wet. I go back to your clit and rub again, making you moan and writhe on the bed, wanting to cum. I once again stop as you get close, teasing you, wanting to let your orgasm build and build until you explode in ecstacy.
When you are so worked up you can barely stand it, I get the vibe and press it into your swollen clit. You arch your back again, and ask me to let you cum. I wait, watching you fight to hold off your orgasm. You are shaking and biting your lip to stave off the impending explosion.
When you can't take it anymore, I tell you to cum and your orgasm rips through your body. You moan deeply as your cunt clenches and your juices coat my fingers and the vibe. Your body convulses and squirms as you cum hard for me. When your orgasm finally subsides you are breathing hard, but smiling from ear to ear.
I surprise you and climb between your legs with my cock once again steel hard, and plunge deeply into your wet cunt. You are so wet, I go all the way in with one quick thrust. You gasp with the quickness of my thrust, and as I begin to quickly fuck you, you again start having small orgasms. I fuck you in quick short strokes the way you love it. Small orgasms run through your pussy. I don't stop as I feel my second orgasm building.
As my orgasm hits I plunge deep into you and shoot my hot load deep into your twitching cunt. I feel your pussy clenching around my cock as I pump my load into you. You feel my hot seed splashing inside you, mixing with your own wetness.
I collapse on top of you as we both breathe deeply. I kiss you deeply and passionately for starting such a hot night.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Some new Darkness...

I posted a new short story on my other blog.


Sorry for my lack of posts. Not a ton of things going on. We did have time for a quickie the other night. I got a nice blowjob, but she still wasn't ready to let me cum in her mouth. Maybe someday soon. Then she just got the vibe and that was it. We only had about 30 minutes so no time for anything more intense.

She told me yesterday, after I gave her a swat on the ass, that she missed out on her flogging that day. I asked her today if she missed not getting her ass flogged. She said yes she did. Good sign to be sure.

We talked about control this morning. She said she has given up control. I said not as much as she thinks. Her reply was that she's given up more than I think. This is a conversation that needs to be explored in more depth. I want to know what she feels she has given up control over. This could lead us in an interesting direction.

I appreciate all of you being patient with my lack of interesting posts lately. I am still going to write the story I promised. Should be tonight. I have a good story line in mind I thought of last night, but was too exhausted to write.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend.


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Not a lot going on...

I haven't posted in awhile because there isn't a whole lot going on. We are getting along OK, but not much sex or play. We did have a little private time today. I flogged her ass for a little while, not too long though. Her period will start soon and she has a low tolerance for pain right now.

I used her vibe on her and she came really hard after begging me to let her cum. We then had a quick fuck. Not exactly what I wanted, in fact it was somewhat disappointing. I just didn't get to take as much time as I wanted and that is frustrating.

I don't know how much action is going to be happening in the next week once her period starts, but I'm hoping to get at least one blowjob. It's been quite awhile, and I told her that today.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend.

I'll be writing a story this week to give all of you something good to read. I will send it to her since she likes my stories. I'm not sure what the subject will be, but I'll come up with something good.


Monday, October 10, 2011

For baby girl...

She asked me a question in relation to my last post, and I didn't want to just leave a long comment that might not get read.

She wanted to know how much My slut would have to do to satisfy the sadist in me. If I would be happy even if she couldn't take all my pain. I wanted to try to amswer that here the best I could.

It isn't necessary that she be able to take the most intense pain I want to give. I know that wouold only be possible by a true masochist. As far as I know she isn't one....As far as I know. If she makes a serious effort to do her best, I will be happy with that. I do want to be able to give her quite intense pain, but I am realistic. As far as how far is far enough. Honestly I can't answer that right now. I think her attitude will dictate that. If she is trying to take as much as she can, and wants to push her limits as far as she can, I will certainly be satisfied with that.

I feel that if she also adds to that her submission, it will temper my need to take the pain side of it farther. I know there is always a give and take. She has limits as almost every sub does. I will always respect those limits.

She is actually able to take a fair amount of pain when you consider the wax, Wartenberg wheel, cane and flogger. She actually loves the flogger and wax, so there is a lot to work with there. If I can get her to trust me and do more bondage that would give me another outlet for the dark side of my personality. When I bound her tits and covered them with hot wax, that pleased the sadist in me. I don't just slowly drip the wax on, I pour it fairly quickly. Making her gasp. I get turned on just thinking about it. Watching it pour over her hard nipples is extremely HOT to me.

I think she will be able to satisfy the sadist in me. Maybe not to the extreme that I desire, but how often does that really happen if you are in a marriage. Especially considering she didn't go into the marriage completely understanding what I needed like I thought she did.


Saturday, October 8, 2011

A pretty good day...

Nothing sexual, but our son had his birthday party today and had a great time. The weather at the park was beautiful, and he got some nice gifts and saw some friends he doesn't see all the time.

When we got home after things were put away, my wife came and sat on my lap "just because". She wanted to give me hugs and kisses. Later on she came by and again sat on my lap when I was in a different chair. Once again just to say hi.

I think our talking and reconnecting is having a good effect on her. I'm going to just work on encouraging her to be my good girl and do things for me. Get her to feel more comfortable submitting.

As I've said before, this is the hardest part for her with her past abuse, but she wants to get there. I'm sure there will still be many bumps down the road, but we'll get there. I will try to be patient and guide her to the best of my ability.

Thank you to all my commenters who offered constructive suggestions.


Friday, October 7, 2011

Today worked out...

I get to work this morning and after doing a couple things I see my boss walk in. I ask him what he's doing there and he tells me that he was there to cover for my day off. He told the other boss he would be there, but that boss thought he said he wouldn't be there. He asked me if I still wanted the day off, and I said HELL YES!!!

So after taking the boy to school, I came home and we talked for a bit. She wanted to know what I wanted to do. I told her I wanted to bind her breasts and use the wax. She was good with that. Of course she got the flogger that she loves and I also got to use the crop.

We started with her getting her usual massage to relax her, then I used the crop. I started easy at first then gave her some harder swats with it. Her ass got a little red in spots, but nothing big. After about 5 minutes of the she had a little glow going. She asked to switch to the flogger and I was of course good with that. I flogged her moderately for awhile, but she told me she didn't think she could take much today. Her period is getting close and she can't handle as much then. So of course the day we can be as loud as we want, I have to take it easy...We both laughed about that one.

When she told me she had about hit her limit, I said I was going to give her 10 more, 5 on each cheek and she said OK. I gave her the harder ones and by the time I was finished she was squirming a little. I stopped and gave her kisses and told her what a good girl she was, and how proud I was of her.

I then grabbed a short rope and wrapped it figure eight around her tits, fairly tightly but not enough to hurt or anything like that. They looked wonderful that way and I wanted to take a picture but she said next time. I poured the first candles load of wax over her nipples and across the tops of her wonderful tits. She gasped a few times when it hit a sensitive spot, but she did really good. She has always enjoyed the wax from the first time I used it. After pouring three candles worth of red, white and blue wax on her, she had enough. When I removed the rope later, she had nice little tope marks and slight bruises. I loved the way it looked, and she didn't mind at all...Grins!!!

I asked her if she wanted to cum yet. She said definitely. I got her vibe and found her to be already wet. I teased her a little, good naturedly of course and she hid her eyes and grinned about it. I put the vibe on her clit, and as she started arching her back I pulled it away and stroked it down her wet slit. I then went back up to her clit until she arched up again, then pulled it away. She said stop it. She hated when I did that, but I kept doing it. Laughing as I did. I wanted to really get her worked up before she came.

I did that 8-10 times before asking her what she wanted. She told me she wanted to come. I asked her what she had to do. She said ask to cum. So I said what do you say? She finally smiled and said.

"May I please cum?"

I put the vibe back on her clit and as she arched up again. I waited as she bit her lip trying to hold back. As it began to get unbearable I told her.

"Cum for me My slut. Cum hard, let me hear you cum."

She let go and really started to cum and shake all over. Her orgasm was really intense and I made her cum quite a few times. She started crying and I told her to give me her pretty tears, that I wanted her to cry for me. She cried pretty hard until she couldn't take any more and asked me to stop. Her body spasmed a few more times after I pulled the vibe away.

She asked me to fuck her, and being the nice guy, I did. I pushed her legs back and slowly entered her. I pushed in long and deep until I got a good rhythm going. Then without warning her I started to fuck her really fast. She gasped and bit her lip as she does when something feels really good. I stoppped and she giggled.

"I almost came again.", she told me. So I did it again, and again, and again. Each time I would take a break and go slow for awhile so I wouldn't cum too quickly. The last time I did it she had a small orgasm.

When I was ready to cum, I gave her long deep strokes until I was about ready. I pulled out and stroked my hard cock as she watched. She loves to watch me make myself cum. I made long slow strokes until I erupted all over her stomach, shooting almost up to her tits. That felt so good and she was smiling ear to ear.

A great day for sure. We both got what we wanted and she is willing to keep working toward the bondage part. I have tied her in the past, it's just a matter of getting her comfortable with it. I also held her throat loosely in my hand while I was fucking her. She let me for about a minute which was good for her, and I told her how proud I was of her, and how much it made me happy.

I think the pain part will come in time as well as the bondage if I just take my time and keep telling her what I want to do. She repeated today that she doesn't want any surprises and wants to know what is going to happen. So I think if I just keep the communication going she will do better than she has lately.

Thank you to all my commenters for their suggestions.


Thursday, October 6, 2011

We are still talking...

We are discussing where we go from here. I told her we could stop all the kinky stuff since it seemed to be causing so much difficulty between us. She said absolutely not. She doesn't want to stop the flogging at all. She enjoys it too much. She said she doesn't want to stop the canings either. She doesn't love them, but she doesn't hate them either. She said it's better when we do it before the flogging though. She wants to start using the wax and nipple clamps more like we used to as well. She also likes the Wartenberg wheel. She said she likes the crop too, so I will have to start using that more.

She's still not sure about bondage. She said she hates not knowing what is going to happen next after she is bound. I'm going to tell her that we can talk about what's going to happen before I tie her up. Our last talk about it got interrupted.

She also said I better not stop writing her my stories. She loves reading them even when she doesn't necessarily want to do the things I write about. They turn her on and make her feel more comfortable about the things I want to try.

It's going to be an ongoing learning process, but she is wanting to keep exploring. She said she wants to do more of the "vanilla" things we used to do before on most nights. I told her we can do that too. In fact we had a great time last night. I used the vibe on her and made her cum a bunch of times, then she rode me hard for quite awhile. When she started tiring, I took over fucking up into her wet cunt. When I started getting close she asked me to fuck her real fast. She always loves that. So I pounded her as fast as I could causing her to quiver and bite her lower lip until I came hard inside her.

After I finished cumming she told me she had a couple small orgasms while I was doing that. I told her I knew, I could tell by her reaction.

I was supposed to take tomorrow off to spend the day in private with her, but my boss's wife got sick and the other guy who was supposed to cover for me has to pick his aunt up from the hospital, so my day off got cancelled. Being a nice guy really sucks sometimes...

Well someday I may get some time alone with My slut again.

It's going to be hard work to keep us on track, but I have a better mind set and plan than before. We'll see how it goes.


Monday, October 3, 2011

A new direction...

Thank you to all my new anonymous commenters. I'm so glad I fixed my blog. I didn't even know I was blocking anyone.

Anyway, I have decided to go a different direction with our relationship. Taking things slower and trying to drag her feelings out of her. I have offered to stop several times and she always told me she doesn't want to. I'm just going to do it and sit down and try to really find out what she wants. I have asked her many times what she wants, and gotten no answer.

She read my story today, and told me she needs to process it before she tells me what she thinks. This has in the past lead to her never mentioning it again...We'll see.

We are going to have a sit down tonight hopefully and clear the air a bit. Like a lot of you have said, we are not in the same book, much less the same page.

My stories are written to her on her request. She said she thought they might help her learn more about what I want and need in a non-threatening way. Where I'm not asking her to actively do it. Some she has loved, and some she has not liked. She knows about my dark side and understands the difference between abuse and what I want to do, at least that is what she has told me.

Hpefully things don't shut down completely, but changes do need to be made and now. I hope to have more positive news in my next post.

I have gotten a lot of good advice in the last couple days, and as someone still learning, it is very much appreciated. While I've been reading and thinking about this for over a decade, we have only been working on it for a year.


Sunday, October 2, 2011

My newest story to My slut...

I realized that I have been focusing too much on the asdist side of myself lately. Thanks to my followers and new anonymous commenters for making me see that. So I'm going to focus more on just getting her to submit to me sexually. I'll let you know how this story affects her and what she thinks of it.
The title is:
Touching yourself...


I tell you to strip for me. I want to see you naked, to see those wonderful big tits and soft ass. I love to touch them, letting my hands roam across your curves.
"Touch yourself.", I tell you. "Pinch your nipples and make them hard for me."
You are embarrassed to touch yourself in front of me, but you do it. You can't meet my eyes while you do it, but that's OK for now. You stroke them and make them stand up hard and I feel myself growing hard at the same time.
"Lay back on the bed and spread your legs. Show me your cunt, My slut. Stroke it with your fingers and spread it open for me. Touch your clit and rub it slowly, make yourself wet.", I instruct you.
Your face grows red in embarrassment. You are so shy about doing this for me, but you know I really want it and you want to please me. Your fingers slowly move down between your legs and tentatively spread your pussy lips open. You begin to slowly rub your clit and you bite your lower lip at the wonderful sensations you are feeling. Your clit is so sensitive and it takes so little for you to cum.
"Don't cum too quick, slut. I want to watch you play for awhile. I want your cunt very wet and slippery for me before I give you my cock.", I tell you in a voice thick with lust. You can see my cock bulging in my pants. You turn me on so much even after all this time. My slutty little wife.
Your fingers play across your hard clit. It is standing up hard and erect like my cock. You can feel your juices beginning to run down your slit. Your pussy swelling and getting hot from your arousal.
Your fingers rub harder and faster as you start to feel your orgasm building. You again bite your lower lip trying not to cum.
"May I please cum?", you ask with a pleading look in your eyes.
"Not yet.", I tell you. "Stop what you are doing."
You stop and look at me in disappointment. You need to cum, and you don't like to wait for it. Tonight you will.
"Slide a finger inside you. Fuck yourself for me. Feel how wet you are.", I say. You don't want to do it in front of me, but you need to cum. With a flush in your cheeks, you reach down and slowly insert a finger inside your warm wetness.
"What do you feel slut?", I ask you.
"It's wet, very wet.", you tell me in a husky voice.
"Who is it wet for?", I ask you.
"For you.", you answer, your finger sliding slowly in and out of your sweet cunt.
I undo my pants and free my throbbing cock from it's tight prison. I'm rock hard from watching you touch your pussy for me. I slowly stroke myself in rhythm to your stroking. Pre-cum leaks from the tip of my cock. I'm so turned on by you.
Removing my clothes while you continue slowly fucking yourself, I climb up on the bed with you.
"Suck my balls. I want you to lick and suck them while you are playing with yourself.", I say as I move to straddle your head. you take my balls in your warm wet mouth, sucking gently on them as I slowly stroke my hardness as your finger pushes deep inside you. You are very wet and I can hear your juices squelching each time you push your finger inside you. The distraction of licking me is keeping you from cumming, but your arousal is building. 
I pull my balls away from your mouth and offer you the tip of my hard cock.
"Suck the head.", I tell you as you take it into your mouth. I stroke myself as you suck.
"Rub your clit now, My slut. I want you to cum with my cock in your mouth. I'm not going to cum, but you are. Cum for me you sexy little slut.", I tell you.
You moan and start rubbing your clit hard and fast. I stop stroking myself so I don't cum. I want to watch you cum with my cock in your mouth. Feel you moan around my hardness.
"Cum!", I tell you again, and you erupt. As you start cumming I reach down and grab both nipples in my fingers and pinch them. You groan and cum hard as you keep rubbing your clit.
"That's my good girl. Cum hard for me", I encourage you. "Don't stop until I tell you."
You keep rubbing as your body continues twitching and spasming as you cum again and again. My cock still in your mouth as the orgasms wash over you.
After you have cum about five or six times I tell you to stop. I grab your hand and bring your fingers to my lips. Sucking the juices from your fingers. Your cunt tastes so sweet.
"Who are you?", I ask as I pull out of your mouth.
"Your slut.", you answer, your voice thick with lust.
"What do you need?"
"Your cock."
"In my cunt"
"Good slut.", I tell you. I love it when you tell me you need me.
I kneel between you thighs and rub the head of my cock up and down your slick opening. You are so wet, your juices have run down the crack of your ass and made a wet spot on the bed. You squirm and try to get me to enter you. Moving your hips up and down to entice me to enter you. You need cock bad.
I place the head of my cock against the entrance of your cunt and in one quick thrust, I push deep inside you. I bury myself balls deep in you and you gasp at the suddenness of my entry. I usually go slow, but you are so wet I plunge straight in.
I slowly begin to pump in and out of you, slowly getting a rhythm going. feeling your wetness gripping me. you are wetter than usual and I love the wet sound of my cock going in and out of you. I fuck you slow and deep. I want this to last awhile.
I reach over and grab the vibe. You've been such a good little slut tonight, I'm going to give you what you really love. I push deep inside you and put the vibe to your clit.
"Cum on my cock.", I tell you. "I want to feel you gripping my cock while you cum."
I move inside you as you start cumming. I can feel your cunt gripping me as the orgasm ripples through your pussy.  The sensation pushes me towards my own orgasm. I fell myself about to erupt, and I pull out and shoot the first hot spurt of creamy cum right on your swollen clit. The feeling of the vibe and my hot cream hitting your clit send you over the edge into an intensely hard orgasm. Your body arches and you moan deep in your throat. Tears leak from your eyes as you start to cry with the intensity of it all.
I continue to stroke myself and shoot my hot load all over your open cunt. Rubbing the head up and down your slit as I cum. Mixing our juices together. Once I stop cumming I push my still hard cock back into your hungry cunt to give you a few more strokes. You twitch as I fuck you, you are so sensitive from cumming so hard.
We are both left breathing hard and I lay on top of you and devour your mouth as I kiss you hard and deep. My tongue snaking around yours as I taste your passion. We hold each other tight as our breathing returns to normal.
"Let's go take a shower and clean up.", I tell you with a grin. "I'll wash yours if you wash mine."

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Some more Darkness...

The lastest story on my other blog...
To anyone interested in my darker side.


I just want to give her pain...

I'm a little buzzed tonight. Had a few beers so excuse me if I ramble a bit.

We went to a familt reunion today, her side of the family. I saw quite a few young ladies that had smoking hot bodies. I wanted to tie them all up together and flog their asses one by one. One in particular was wearing a tiny little skin tight dress that accentuated her tight little body.

For the last few days the sadist in me has been trying to break free. I want to hurt My slut. I want to give her a lot of erotic pain. I want her to cry for me, to beg me to stop and fuck her wet cunt.

Of course right now she is laying in bed dozing off and on. Trying to stay awake so she can watch TV...

My life sucks right now. Why can't I be married to the pain slut of my dreams, or at least have one to play with?

I just want to make her ass bright red with my flogger and cane before I pound her throat and ass with my cock. I want to take her asshole and fill her guts with my cum, but she absolutely hates anal. How the hell did I get myself into this situation. How did someone who thinks about sex constantly end up with someone who thinks about sex as little as possible.

Will things ever change? Your guess is as good as mine.

I hope you all are having a great weekend!


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

She read the story...

I asked her tonight if she read the story and she said she had. I asked her what she thought....and she said she didn't have anything to say right now.......GRRR!!!!!!

I have no way to tell what is working with her and what isn't when she syas that. So frustrating...

We did get to finally play tonight. It went moderately well. I caned her a bit, and I asked her if I could give her a couple hard ones after she was warmed up, and she wasn't sure. I told her I was going to give her a hard one and she could let me know what she thought. I gave her one, not as hard as I thought it was going to be. I didn't get a proper swing and she still said it was too hard. I'm not too confident that she will let me give her the caning I want to give her.

I then gave her a pretty good flogging where her ass got a bit redder than usual. She forgot to ask permission to cum when I was using the vibe, so she got 10 spanks afterwards. When it was time for me to fuck her, it didn't last nearly long enough due to it being so long and me having a lot built up. I was quite disappointed that after all this waiting, I didn't get to fuck very long. She said it was alright, but I told her of course it was alright with her, she got her multiple orgasms.

All in all it was only a fair night, and I hope it gets better soon...


My last letter to her...

I want you. I need you. I want to flog your ass until it's bright red, and leave it striped with the cane. I want to watch you jump from the sting of it on your ass. I want you to take it for me. To accept my pain as a gift. I want to leave marks on your ass that will last a few days, not a few minutes. I want you to lay there with your ass propped up on pillows so I can stroke your ass and play with your cunt. To feel it growing wet while I flog you. To make you cum as I cane your ass, giving you pain and pleasure at the same time.
I want to fuck you with my fingers then lick your juices from them, to taste your sex. I want to feed you my hard cock as you are on your hands and knees. To hold your head still while I fuck into your warm. wet mouth, feeling your tongue stroking the underside of my shaft. I flog your ass as I fuck your mouth. My sexy little slut.
I hand you the vibe and tell you to use it on your clit while I fuck you from behind. I want to feel your cunt spasm around my cock when you cum. I will spank your ass as you cum over and over. When you have cum enough, I will cum hard into your cunt as you have your last orgasm. Pumping my hot cum into your cunt as I grip your nicely beaten ass.
It's been too long and I need to take you My slut.
I still don't know if she read this. I have to ask her about it

Sorry it's been so long...

I haven't posted in awhile because there hasn't been anything to really post. It has been really slow on the sex side. I sent her a story Sunday titled "It's been too long". She told me she read the title and agreed on monday, but she hadn't read it yet. She hasn't said yet if she ever read it. Saying that, she told me she was too tired on monday to do anything. I guess it hasn't been too long for after all.

Today I texted her to see if she was up to doing anything tonight, and she said yes. I told her she was overdue for a hard flogging and fucking. Her response?

"Yeah, I am."

Good sign I hope. I really need to whip her ass good. It's been over two weeks I think. She is definitely going to get pushed a bit tonight. I want to see what her limit is. I'm going to tell her I want her to take as much as she can so we know where her limit is. Hopefully she agrees to give it a try

I have a huge load of cum built up as well. I feel like I'm about to explode! Maybe she will let me explode on her face. I would rather in her mouth of course, even if she doesn't swallow, but I don't know if she is ready yet. I think I will ask her. Either way, I am going to bust a big nut tonight.

I hope this reconnects us sexually and gets us back on track.

I'll post the last letter I wrote her in my next post.