Thursday, October 27, 2011

Not such a nice guy...

This is the story I wrote her tonight. Not so sweet...


I wrap the ropes around your chest and tits. Binding them tightly so they stand out from your chest. Your nipples hard and erect waiting to be pinched and clamped. I pinch them hard and bite them to make sure they are as hard as possible before putting the clamps on.
I take the excess rope and tie your arms behind your back. You are mine to do with as I wish. I grab you by the throat and pull you to me, kissing you deeply as I push my tongue deep into your mouth. With your throat in my one hand, I grab your cunt with my other. Rubbing your clit and pussy hard, pinching the full lips.
I step behind you as I continue to hold you in place with my hand on your neck. I swat you hard on the ass with my hand, but you can't get away. I swat each cheek in turn, each swat harder than the pevious. You dance from foot to foot, but you can't escape my grip. Your ass is soon bright red, just like I want it.
I release your throat, but I tell you not to move from the spot. I grab the flogger and approach you from behind swinging it from side to side. I land the first strike on your already sensitive ass making you jump a little, but I tell you to hold still while I swat you again. I land hard lashes all over your sweet tender ass, making you gasp over and over.
Now that your ass is nice and red, it's time for some sweet pain. The cane comes out to give you it's intense kiss. I land the first strike across the tender underside of your ass leaving a nice welt. You suck in a sharp breath  and try to dance away from me. I take you by the arm to steady you and land another lash across your ass. I land cane strokes all over your ass, leaving a lovely pattern on lines across your soft ass.
I tell you that I'm not going to stop until you cry for me. It's up to you how much you take, but I want you to take a lot for me. Take my sweet pain you wonderful slut. You finally give in and the tears flow down your cheeks. I give you ten more hard lashes just because I want to.
I reach down and feel your cunt dripping wet for me. I rub and pinch your swollen clit making you moan and gasp in arousal. I rub your clit hard and bring you to the edge of orgasm before stopping. Your aren't going to cum yet, My slut.
I sit you down on the bed and pull out my now very hard cock. I grab a handful of your hair and push your mouth down on my hard cock. I slowly fuck your mouth, feeling your tongue and lips caress my turgid member. I want to fill your mouth with my hot cream, but not until you are ready. I hold your head still and fuck your mouth like a cunt. You drool all over my hard cock, and I feel your spit run down over my shaft and balls.
Before I'm tempted to shoot a load down your throat, I pull out and bend you over so your chest is resting on the bed, and push my hard cock into your sopping cunt. You are wet and tight, and your pussy grips my shaft tightly as I slight in and out of you. As I fuck you slowly, I spank your soft ass on each stroke. I grab your hips and give you a hard pounding, slamming my cock into you with all my might. You gasp and moan as I pummel your pussy.
I pull out and leaving you bent over, I grab the vibe and press it to your clit as I plunge a couple fingers into your hungry cunt. I fuck you fast and hard with my fingers as the vibrations pulse through your hard little button. You beg to cum, but I tell you to hold off. Each time you ask, I tell you not yet. You are starting to shake and you are soon begging me to cum.
I tell you to cum for me like the good little slut you are, and you scream as your orgasm explodes. I feel your cunt squeezing my fingers tightly as each pulse rolls through your pussy. I hold the vibe hard against your clit, not moving it until you have cum enough for me.
I then plunge my hard cock into your cunt once again and pound into you. I can still feel little ripples of orgasm in your pussy as I fuck you. As I feel my orgasm approaching I pull out and turn you around, putting you on your knees  and stroke my cock in front of your face.
The first jet of cum hits your lips and chin and drips down onto your tits. I shoot other spurts onto your cheeks and tits, covering you with my hot seed, marking My slut as mine. Once I stop cumming, I step up and place my cock against your wet mouth and have you suck me clean.
I untie you, admiring the beautiful rope marks on your tits and arms. I take you in my arms and give you a big kiss. My juices smeared across both of our chests. Warm and sticky, my passion glues us together.
We'll see what she has to say about this one.


  1. Story 1 - precursory warm-up
    Story 2 - da bomb!

    I hope she would like to re-create No. 2....that's much hotter and WAY more fun!

    Fingers crossed for you William!

    DY x

  2. She said she wasn't sure about #2. It scares her a little, but she says she isn't 100% against it. We'll see what that means. We are supposed to play tonight and tomorrow. I told her I want to tie her up and fuck her. She said she'll try it. Wish me luck.


  3. Best to you and yours!

  4. May I ask what it was that scared her? I assume the throat grabbing? In that case it may be wise to make it more of a symbolic grip rather than asphyxia, she might actually like the feeling of possessiveness of it :)

    Good luck!