Friday, October 7, 2011

Today worked out...

I get to work this morning and after doing a couple things I see my boss walk in. I ask him what he's doing there and he tells me that he was there to cover for my day off. He told the other boss he would be there, but that boss thought he said he wouldn't be there. He asked me if I still wanted the day off, and I said HELL YES!!!

So after taking the boy to school, I came home and we talked for a bit. She wanted to know what I wanted to do. I told her I wanted to bind her breasts and use the wax. She was good with that. Of course she got the flogger that she loves and I also got to use the crop.

We started with her getting her usual massage to relax her, then I used the crop. I started easy at first then gave her some harder swats with it. Her ass got a little red in spots, but nothing big. After about 5 minutes of the she had a little glow going. She asked to switch to the flogger and I was of course good with that. I flogged her moderately for awhile, but she told me she didn't think she could take much today. Her period is getting close and she can't handle as much then. So of course the day we can be as loud as we want, I have to take it easy...We both laughed about that one.

When she told me she had about hit her limit, I said I was going to give her 10 more, 5 on each cheek and she said OK. I gave her the harder ones and by the time I was finished she was squirming a little. I stopped and gave her kisses and told her what a good girl she was, and how proud I was of her.

I then grabbed a short rope and wrapped it figure eight around her tits, fairly tightly but not enough to hurt or anything like that. They looked wonderful that way and I wanted to take a picture but she said next time. I poured the first candles load of wax over her nipples and across the tops of her wonderful tits. She gasped a few times when it hit a sensitive spot, but she did really good. She has always enjoyed the wax from the first time I used it. After pouring three candles worth of red, white and blue wax on her, she had enough. When I removed the rope later, she had nice little tope marks and slight bruises. I loved the way it looked, and she didn't mind at all...Grins!!!

I asked her if she wanted to cum yet. She said definitely. I got her vibe and found her to be already wet. I teased her a little, good naturedly of course and she hid her eyes and grinned about it. I put the vibe on her clit, and as she started arching her back I pulled it away and stroked it down her wet slit. I then went back up to her clit until she arched up again, then pulled it away. She said stop it. She hated when I did that, but I kept doing it. Laughing as I did. I wanted to really get her worked up before she came.

I did that 8-10 times before asking her what she wanted. She told me she wanted to come. I asked her what she had to do. She said ask to cum. So I said what do you say? She finally smiled and said.

"May I please cum?"

I put the vibe back on her clit and as she arched up again. I waited as she bit her lip trying to hold back. As it began to get unbearable I told her.

"Cum for me My slut. Cum hard, let me hear you cum."

She let go and really started to cum and shake all over. Her orgasm was really intense and I made her cum quite a few times. She started crying and I told her to give me her pretty tears, that I wanted her to cry for me. She cried pretty hard until she couldn't take any more and asked me to stop. Her body spasmed a few more times after I pulled the vibe away.

She asked me to fuck her, and being the nice guy, I did. I pushed her legs back and slowly entered her. I pushed in long and deep until I got a good rhythm going. Then without warning her I started to fuck her really fast. She gasped and bit her lip as she does when something feels really good. I stoppped and she giggled.

"I almost came again.", she told me. So I did it again, and again, and again. Each time I would take a break and go slow for awhile so I wouldn't cum too quickly. The last time I did it she had a small orgasm.

When I was ready to cum, I gave her long deep strokes until I was about ready. I pulled out and stroked my hard cock as she watched. She loves to watch me make myself cum. I made long slow strokes until I erupted all over her stomach, shooting almost up to her tits. That felt so good and she was smiling ear to ear.

A great day for sure. We both got what we wanted and she is willing to keep working toward the bondage part. I have tied her in the past, it's just a matter of getting her comfortable with it. I also held her throat loosely in my hand while I was fucking her. She let me for about a minute which was good for her, and I told her how proud I was of her, and how much it made me happy.

I think the pain part will come in time as well as the bondage if I just take my time and keep telling her what I want to do. She repeated today that she doesn't want any surprises and wants to know what is going to happen. So I think if I just keep the communication going she will do better than she has lately.

Thank you to all my commenters for their suggestions.



  1. I don't know if it was intentional william but your line "We both got what she wanted" (2nd paragraph, 1st line up from the bottom) says more than i ever could.

  2. There is a lot of kink in that wife of yours, William. Sprinkle a little masochism and submission and allow to marinate until tender. :)

  3. Anon,
    It was a typo obviously...
    May I ask why my name is always written in lower case? I believe names are generally capitalized.
    Thak you for your comment though.


  4. It sounds like a wonderful day William and a great preview of things to come. Or "cum" *grins*

  5. Sounds like you both had a wonderful day, and things are moving in a good direction for you ;)

    Take care. Sky

  6. Capitals, really? You're such a Dom. Awesome. ;)

  7. "Capitals, really? You're such a Dom" ~ yeah like the use of capitals really makes someone Dom!


    It is quite clear from his writings who is in control in this relationship and it isn't the person complaining about his name being written in lower case!

    Anon was right, typo or not. It says it all.

  8. Testy, testy.... It's hard to be in a relationship with someone who isn't as kinky as we are. I don't think that gives the less kinky partner control. It just makes us work harder. Too bad we can't have everything perfect in life.

  9. I find this amazing. The arrogance and childishness of thinking you as a novice are in a position to 'train' anyone, and naming your blog as such. If it were titled that way with irony it would be funny and maybe cute. And the upper-case pompousity. And god, the complaining.

    You said you had a breakththrough a week ago; realising that you might not be able to get what your little heart desired all the time, and maybe, just maybe, you needed to ...gasp...compromise. But then...

    Despite carefully mentioning that you and your ever-tolerant wife 'laughed together' about the irony of her being near to her period on your day off thus limiting your opportunities to get what YOU want, you still can't help but use the opportunity to tacitly whine about it. Lord, heaven forbid she take away your toys.

    Be her friend. Learn together. And grow up. We can't all get what we want.

  10. Hmm... Yeah, names are normally capitalized, and I am usually very careful of such things if only because its the correct way to write, but my choice in this case was deliberate.

    I didn't mean to open up a shit storm on you from my fellow anon's; only to point out the simple truth, a typo would be a lot less meaning full than typing the completely "wrong" word that makes total sense after a post full of her controlling the situation.

    This will be my last comment for you and it will be as brief and to the point as I can make it.

    William, your blog is made up of what you have learned from 9 years of reading, a few months of doing and it shows, your stories are mostly fantasies and at this point in time there is far to much vanilla in you.

    Forget everything you learned from the stories, drop your expectations, listen to your instinct and communicate,with her but if you ever want to earn your title you need to be the one in control and at the minute, the topping from the bottom screams out in every post involving her.

    But... saying all that, if after this post all your were ultimately satisfied, then be happy in your kinky relationship, just adjust your blog to reflect that you are indeed happy and ignore commenter's like myself.

    Best of luck in the future William.

  11. Adendum: Sorry for the horrific punctuation and typos, very tired.

    @Subbies: Don't defend him, help him, switches and subs will be in the best position to help him learn to spot topping from the bottom, a lot of you have been with him for months and "know" him, try and get this romanticized ideal out of him.

  12. Well anons. I am well aware that she is topping from the bottom, but since she is my wife and not a sub that came into the relationship that way, things have to be handled differently. I mentioned the capitalization because it is my name, not Master this, or Lord whatever. If I knew your name I would captalize it. I knew it was being done on purpose and just wanted a confirmation. I don't expect everyone to agree with me, but I do expect at least common courtesy. If you think I'm doing something wrong, you can tell me, but don't rude and pompous about it. I know I have a lot to learn. I didn't call it Lord William's training. I hope to get there some day. I will and do make mistakes all the time, and write about it when I do. Since some of you have obviously started making comments without reading through past posts you wouldn't know that. If you think I'm so stupid and arrogant, don't read. Sorry to have wated your precious time. Your comments are always welcome if you want to give me suggestions and recomendations as long as you do it respectfully. I would do the same for you.


  13. William, Dominance is control, keep hold of your temper, watch your typing and take from the comments something useful. Take a breath, recognize trolling from criticism and ignore anything you don't find useful.

    My posts have not been ment to offend, I have tried to help and wherever i can offer counter balances, the thing you have to be careful of is the message you give, don't get agitated if someone points out something you already know or is deliberately trying to get under your skin.

    I appreciate the opportunity to offer advice where I can and I have tried a variety of methods to get you to hear them and respond. You will get opinion and you will get criticism, Doms are good at that and you will hear "Domlier than thou" criticism.

    Exercise your right and privilege, reject, block and disable as you see fit, it's your blog.

    Just don't feed the trolls.

  14. William, your relationship belongs to you and your wife and it is unique. What works for you may or may not be what works for others (anonymous or otherwise). I for one appreciate hearing the ups and downs you experience--we've all had to deal with obstacles at one time or another, but the paths we find through them are not necessarily all the same, and I can learn from what you do, no matter where I am in my personal journey to Dominance.

    Keep up the interesting posts, and don't forget you're making progress in your relationship. It may be slow. It may be in fits and starts. But as long as you move forward, eventually you will get to where you want to go.

    Thanks for pointing me to your blog, and I wish you and your wife much luck on the path you travel together!

  15. William,

    It seems that you are heading in a positive direction. Given the reasons for your wife's hesitations, baby steps are good. It also seems as you taking the time to periodically check in with her and tell her how good you think she is doing - certainly can't hurt!