Thursday, October 6, 2011

We are still talking...

We are discussing where we go from here. I told her we could stop all the kinky stuff since it seemed to be causing so much difficulty between us. She said absolutely not. She doesn't want to stop the flogging at all. She enjoys it too much. She said she doesn't want to stop the canings either. She doesn't love them, but she doesn't hate them either. She said it's better when we do it before the flogging though. She wants to start using the wax and nipple clamps more like we used to as well. She also likes the Wartenberg wheel. She said she likes the crop too, so I will have to start using that more.

She's still not sure about bondage. She said she hates not knowing what is going to happen next after she is bound. I'm going to tell her that we can talk about what's going to happen before I tie her up. Our last talk about it got interrupted.

She also said I better not stop writing her my stories. She loves reading them even when she doesn't necessarily want to do the things I write about. They turn her on and make her feel more comfortable about the things I want to try.

It's going to be an ongoing learning process, but she is wanting to keep exploring. She said she wants to do more of the "vanilla" things we used to do before on most nights. I told her we can do that too. In fact we had a great time last night. I used the vibe on her and made her cum a bunch of times, then she rode me hard for quite awhile. When she started tiring, I took over fucking up into her wet cunt. When I started getting close she asked me to fuck her real fast. She always loves that. So I pounded her as fast as I could causing her to quiver and bite her lower lip until I came hard inside her.

After I finished cumming she told me she had a couple small orgasms while I was doing that. I told her I knew, I could tell by her reaction.

I was supposed to take tomorrow off to spend the day in private with her, but my boss's wife got sick and the other guy who was supposed to cover for me has to pick his aunt up from the hospital, so my day off got cancelled. Being a nice guy really sucks sometimes...

Well someday I may get some time alone with My slut again.

It's going to be hard work to keep us on track, but I have a better mind set and plan than before. We'll see how it goes.



  1. I'm happy you two are finding your bearings together!
    Mind set and plan, two important parts to reach the goal -just remember it's the journey that counts!
    Hope you'll have a good weekend together :)

  2. Bondage, can be a very difficult thing to get your head around especially if you've experienced an abusive past or actions. Even though she may trust you implicitly, it isn't anything about the here and now.

    There are a couple of things that you can do . . .begin down the route of "mental bondage" placing her into a position and literally telling her to stay there, no restraints. (Not as easy as it may sound!)

    Another thing, is to gently ease into it. Invest in some silk scarves and tie them perhaps round something on the bed or even just around her wrists and ankles. But allow the material to be loose around her wrists/feet, it enables her to have a more gentle introduction, the softness of the material, but also the loose bindings will help her begin to get used to the feelings and to know that she is safe, she also has the knowledge that she can get out at any time. Over time, tighten how fast they are bound, and build it up slowly. All the time talking to her.

    I had a sub William, who was frightened of being blindfolded due to something that had happened to him as a child. In some ways he wanted to experience it, but the first time we did (at his request) he panicked and cried like a small child. From this point we started using something that he could quite clearly see through, but to get used to the feeling and the sensation of being blindfolded. Over time, it was a case of using thicker materials, taking steps back if it was hard for him.

    There are most certainly ways to do such things, but when something is such a big deal for the person receiving, its important not to "force" because that can have a serious or detrimental affect to their well being and emotional health.

    And while you may have a better mind set and a plan, it seems that perhaps she wants the "kink" within the bedroom, and at a time or in a way, that only works for her. I guess it all depends on whether that is enough for you . . .as a sadist, I am unsure that it is.

    Good luck as always


  3. Well it does feel positive to me that she was adamant about not stopping the kinky things you're doing. That was encouraging to read.

    You're doing great, and I know you want so much more. But imagine how it would have felt to hear she didn't want any of it. Hang in there sweetie.

  4. William - so glad to hear that you two are communicating about all of this. I will be waiting and watching to see how things unfold from here. Best of luck! :)

  5. This sounds like very good progress, particularly since she seems to unequivocally want to continue. You've made a lot of progress in a short period of time. It took me many more years to get to the point where you are with your wife. I see K's point, when we have strong needs, it's awfully hard to be patient. But it sounds like it may come with time for you. Especially since she likes your stories!

  6. This post makes me smile, William.

  7. such good progress and very positive attitude from your wife - i am so happy - i hope it keeps up William. Well done on your patience. A day off togetehr to explore and experiment both vanilla and ttwd is a really good idea :) try and do that that sometime soon with her.