Sunday, October 16, 2011

Not a lot going on...

I haven't posted in awhile because there isn't a whole lot going on. We are getting along OK, but not much sex or play. We did have a little private time today. I flogged her ass for a little while, not too long though. Her period will start soon and she has a low tolerance for pain right now.

I used her vibe on her and she came really hard after begging me to let her cum. We then had a quick fuck. Not exactly what I wanted, in fact it was somewhat disappointing. I just didn't get to take as much time as I wanted and that is frustrating.

I don't know how much action is going to be happening in the next week once her period starts, but I'm hoping to get at least one blowjob. It's been quite awhile, and I told her that today.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend.

I'll be writing a story this week to give all of you something good to read. I will send it to her since she likes my stories. I'm not sure what the subject will be, but I'll come up with something good.



  1. I'll definitely be looking forward to your story, William! One thing I don't understand is how she can read your stories, profess to like them, but not be aroused or want to try some of the things in them?

  2. I agree with Maui girl; I find your stories often very arousing and it does seem strange that your wife doesn't and is not open for having a go at emulating the content.

    Something else I've noticed is that you guys appear to have a sexual hiatus when she's menstruating. Despite the cramps and feeling a bit 'yuck' this is the time I am most sexual and appear to posses an insatiable appetite for sex and all things kink. Painkillers have a remarkable effect on cramps and play and sex take on a whole new meaning during menstruation. It tends to get more inventive BECAUSE my pain tolerance is lower. Piggly is forced a to work harder/think outside the box and be more creative at this time.

    You could always encourage a different type of play...temperature play/kinfe play/sandpaper/violet wand/ice/steel or glass dildos/massages with scented oils are divine during this time particularly adding in gags, blindfolds or hoods and some rope and steel bondage for different sensations. Less about pain and more about the senses.

    With pain relief, a hot bath and less focus on pain there really is no need to have to take a week off. Good luck!

  3. I don't know if my other comment was read by you or not, but I'll post it again here, truncated.

    If she's still having a few problems, please feel free to direct her to my blog. Since we know each other personally, it might help. There's more lifestyle related posting in the earlier posts.

  4. Aaaah, the dreaded Doldrums. I'm not sure which is worse--rejection or that terrible sense of drifting along without much of a course.

  5. @dy
    She hates to have sex during that time. She says she gets really bad cramps when she orgasms. I have no problem with it.
    Sensation play is something I do need to work on with her. Not just during this time of month either. so may things, I sometimes forget certain other areas to explore. Thank you for the suggestion.
    Yes Tom, the doldrums do suck!!!
    Thank you Tam for the offer, but it would be hard to explain how you know about her issues since she doesn't know of my blog. I think she would get too embarrassed to talk to you about it too.

  6. Damn. Well, does she know about the blog you keep for your stories? If she does, you could let her know that others read it, myself included. Then, you could let her know of my blog. Maybe?

  7. Glad you two are doing well! Keep us updated.