Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I have finally written a new story for My slut. I hope you all enjoy it, but most of all, I hope My slut enjoys it.


I'm sitting at my desk late at night when you walk out with a smile on your face. You turn my chair to face you and you sit down in the floor in front of me and undo my pants. You pull them down to my feet and start stroking my cock, feeling it begin to stiffen in your hand. You lower your head to my lap and slowly take my hardness into your mouth. Your mouth is warm and wet causing my cock to reach it's full hardness.
You suck me slowly, occasionally looking up into my eyes as you devour my cock. Your one hand strokes me as you suck, and the other hand caresses my full balls. You stop and run your tongue up the underside of my cock from balls to tip and them you flick your tongue across the head. You smile again and take me as deep as you can and pump my cock in rhythm with your head bobbing up and down. You want me to cum. You want to hear me gasp as I shoot a hot load for you.
I feel the pressure building in my balls as my orgasm nears. I touch your shoulder to let you know I am about to cum. You pull me from your mouth, but continue to stroke the slick shaft as you rub my cock across your lips. You massage my tightening balls as my orgasm is about to erupt.
I groan and shoot the first jet of cum across your lips. You pump my shaft as jet after jet of hot cum spurts over your face. You rub my spasming cock all over your face, smearing my seed across your cheeks and lips. You look beautiful wearing my cream on your smiling face.
You give me a quick little suck to really make me happy, then you rise and go to clean up your face. I follow you into the room, and once you clean up, I throw you on the bed and attack your wet cunt with my fingers. I rub your already swollen clit making you gasp and move your hips. Your back begins to arch up as the pleasure courses through your body, radiating from your wet pussy.
Each time you are on the edge of cumming I stop rubbing your clit and stroke your lips instead. You moan in disappointment, but you are now soaking wet. I go back to your clit and rub again, making you moan and writhe on the bed, wanting to cum. I once again stop as you get close, teasing you, wanting to let your orgasm build and build until you explode in ecstacy.
When you are so worked up you can barely stand it, I get the vibe and press it into your swollen clit. You arch your back again, and ask me to let you cum. I wait, watching you fight to hold off your orgasm. You are shaking and biting your lip to stave off the impending explosion.
When you can't take it anymore, I tell you to cum and your orgasm rips through your body. You moan deeply as your cunt clenches and your juices coat my fingers and the vibe. Your body convulses and squirms as you cum hard for me. When your orgasm finally subsides you are breathing hard, but smiling from ear to ear.
I surprise you and climb between your legs with my cock once again steel hard, and plunge deeply into your wet cunt. You are so wet, I go all the way in with one quick thrust. You gasp with the quickness of my thrust, and as I begin to quickly fuck you, you again start having small orgasms. I fuck you in quick short strokes the way you love it. Small orgasms run through your pussy. I don't stop as I feel my second orgasm building.
As my orgasm hits I plunge deep into you and shoot my hot load deep into your twitching cunt. I feel your pussy clenching around my cock as I pump my load into you. You feel my hot seed splashing inside you, mixing with your own wetness.
I collapse on top of you as we both breathe deeply. I kiss you deeply and passionately for starting such a hot night.


  1. Were you in my house circa 7.40pm last night????

    Uncanny resemblance to events here last night ha ha!

    I enjoyed the ride and I'm sure if she tries it out she'll enjoy it too!!!

    Nice one William.

  2. I wouldn't go that far.

    Seems you're heading back to Vanilla land . . .

  3. I agree anon. After I read this story again, I realized I was writing a story that she would like, instead of one about what I wanted. See my next story.