Saturday, October 8, 2011

A pretty good day...

Nothing sexual, but our son had his birthday party today and had a great time. The weather at the park was beautiful, and he got some nice gifts and saw some friends he doesn't see all the time.

When we got home after things were put away, my wife came and sat on my lap "just because". She wanted to give me hugs and kisses. Later on she came by and again sat on my lap when I was in a different chair. Once again just to say hi.

I think our talking and reconnecting is having a good effect on her. I'm going to just work on encouraging her to be my good girl and do things for me. Get her to feel more comfortable submitting.

As I've said before, this is the hardest part for her with her past abuse, but she wants to get there. I'm sure there will still be many bumps down the road, but we'll get there. I will try to be patient and guide her to the best of my ability.

Thank you to all my commenters who offered constructive suggestions.



  1. Sometimes stepping back and reevaluating is just what's needed. Glad things are going well.

  2. Sounds great. Maybe this slow approach and offering her frequent positive feedback is making her want to move closer to being open to explore your wants.

    This is a good thing. Hope it works out for you both!

  3. I forgot to mention that when we were playing Friday I told her I needed to trim her pussy hair, but I forgot before she showered. Yesterday when she was sitting on my lap she reminded me that we forgot it...Smiles!!!

  4. Can you say progress!! Kudos.

    Just as an aside, have you given any thought to just how far she needs to cross over to your side of the playground so that you'd be completely okay with it? I know you have a pretty dark side - would it be acceptable if she is never ready to handle all of the pain you like to give?

    Just wondering. Again, I am very hopeful for you. It seems like the baby steps are working!

  5. I have to say, I get so excited...elated for you when these "little things" happen for you. Sitting in your lap, reminders of the trim, even her looking forward to the flogging...those are all things that show she has a willing, submissive side for you. I hope it continues!!


  6. Hi William- I too am happy for the positive direction.. All good news!

    One suggestion if I may.. perhaps you can give her little tasks (non-sexual is okay too) every day to help her remember her submission to you.
    what she wears, or a bit of her routine, or even how she ends a conversation with you (or text or email). Little things that will help keep her mind focused on you during the day.

    For me- it is not about the sexual part.. it is how Master owns my mind that allows me to fully submit every inch of my body and soul to him.

    Just a thought~


  7. Thank you for the suggestion faithful. I have been trying to think of some things non-threatening for her to do for me. There are a few things I've wanted her to take care of for awhile that she keeps putting off. I'm going to have her finally get them done and give her a deadline. Not a challenging one, but she needs a deadline or she won't ever do it.


  8. William, if it helps, direct her to my blog. Granted, there's a lot there, but it might help her become comfortable with the anal play you would really love to do.

    I know it feels different when a guy cums in the mouth, the "sweet spot," and ass. My husband tells me this every time.

    But, I thought it might help her, especially since she personally knows me. I hope that would make it easier. After she reads my blog, she can message me on a popular social networking site where we're friends. I don't want to just message her out of the blue and give her a link to my blog; I think it would be better if you asked her if it would help at all.