Sunday, November 4, 2012

First time for a slave...

   After months of e-mails, texts and phone calls, they were finally going to meet in person. They lived far apart, but had connected on a level unexpected by either of them. This was to be the moment they had both anticipated for a long time. A room had been rented in her name and she would arrive first to get ready for him. Once settled in she would text him the room number. He would be there at
1 P.M. he told her and she would be ready for him. He instructed her on how she would be dressed and how she would greet him.

   He arrived at the arranged time and went up to the room. He tapped lightly on the door, and heard footsteps approaching. She opened the door just a crack, enough for him to hold it open, then she went back to get in the proper position. He counted to ten slowly, both to calm himself and to give her the time to be ready for him.

   He walked in and there she was. Kneeling on the floor facing away from him and towards the chair he would sit in. She was wearing the button up dress he had told her to wear, black stockings and high heels. Her face was to the floor, arms outstretched in front of her with her long red hair spread out around her head. He took his time removing his coat and laying out the items he had brought with him to use on his slave this afternoon. He also wanted her to hear him moving around and not know what he was doing. Just to add to the anticipation.

   Once he was ready, he walked towards her. Her luscious ass round and firm. Legs parted to give access to his property. He ran his hands over the smooth globes of her ass through the dress. Then he lifted up the back of the dress and stroked the pale flesh. He could feel her body fairly humming in anticipation. He reached down and dipped his fingers between the silken folds of her cunt. She was already wet as he knew she would be. A moan escaped her lips as he stroked her there, giving her clit a little rub and slipping a finger inside her molten center. He brought his fingers to his mouth to taste her juices. She was as delicious as he had imagined she would be.

   He walked around her prostrate form and sat in the chair, just looking at his kneeling slave for a few moments. Enjoying the view before him.

   “Kneel up slave.”, he told her. Speaking for the first time. She knelt up and placed her arms behind her back as she was trained. Her eyes were down at the floor, but her breasts were pushed out proud as he had taught her to do. It was a simple dress, but it hugged her curves and he knew underneath she wore a sexy bra and stockings only. Her tits were as large as he had known they were and they looked full and juicy. He couldn't wait to get his hands and mouth on them.

   “Look at me slave.”, he told her, and she looked up, finally making eye contact. Her eyes were a beautiful blue. He had never realized just how blue they were from their training sessions on the webcam. A lovely smile spread across her lips, answered by the one on his face. Finally they were looking at each other in person, not through a computer screen.

“Hello slave.”, he said.

“Hello Master.”, she responded.

   “Come to me.”, he instructed her, and she got down on all fours and slowly crawled to him. Taking her time to crawl the few feet. Enjoying the feeling of being at his feet and showing her devotion and submission. Once she got to him, she placed her head against the inside on his knee and stopped there awaiting her Master's orders.

   “Kneel up slave.”, he told her, and she once again did so while putting her arms behind her back. He smiled at how well she was performing considering it was her first time performing in person for him, and he knew she was nervous. He looked down into her blue eyes, grabbed a handful of her long red hair, and pulled her mouth to his. The first contact of their mouths set aflame their desires. The kisses were intense and rough. Her cock sucker red lipstick was soon gone in the passion of their kissing. He raped her mouth with his tongue. His hand on her throat as he devoured her lips. They were both breathing hard with desire.

   He reached down and unhooked the first two buttons of her dress. He could see her voluminous cleavage within. Running his fingers inside her lace bra, her tits were soft and smooth. The flesh tender and juicy. He wanted to sink his teeth into her right there, but he refrained for now. unfastening a couple more buttons, he pulled the top of her dress open to expose her breasts. The bra was very sexy and it hold her round tits out to him, just begging for his attention. He hefted them in his hands. They were heavy and full like he loved them. He squeezed them and pinched at her nipples through the material. She sighed and thrust her chest forward. Offering his property to him.

   “Stand up slave.”, he ordered her and offered her his hand to help her up. She stood in front of him, her tits at eye level. He undid the rest of the buttons on her dress and looked at her full figure. Delicious full thighs and big tits. The body of a woman. Her cunt cleanly shaven as it was to always be for her Master. He ran his fingers between her nether lips just to get her warmed up.

   He stood up wrapped his arms around her shoulders before reaching down between her legs. She gasped as her rubbed her swollen clit. She was getting wetter by the moment and she was unsteady on her heels, but she didn't move. Her breathing quickened as he fingered her wet cunt.

   “Cum for Master.”, he said simply, and she moaned and came on his fingers. An intense orgasm and he held her to keep her from falling with the intensity of the orgasm. Her first ever directly at his hands, and she was panting with desire.

   “Thank you Master.”, she said before he kissed her again. The kisses were hot and hungry. They both wanted to devour each other. He spun her around to stand behind her. He mauled her tits and pinched her hard little nipples as he bit the side of her neck. Holding her by the throat, he grazed his sharp incisors along the side of her neck, biting into the tender flesh. Be pressed his steel hard cock against her hands that were behind her back as always, and the grabbed with thick member. A moan escaping her lips as she finally felt her Master's cock.

   He released her and turned her to face him again. He kissed her and pinched her nipples through the bra again.

“Master may I see your cock?”, she asked pleadingly.

“Yes slave.”, he answered with a smile.

   She dropped to her knees again and began undoing his jeans. He unbuckled his belt, and she undid the button and quickly. Almost desperately unzipped his jeans. She pushed his pants down to his knees and just stared at the turgid member before her eyes for a few moments. The tip slick with pre-cum.

“May I touch it Master?”, she asked as she looked up at him with needy eyes.

“Yes slave.”, he answered with a smile.

   She lightly grasped it, stroking the shaft tenderly, cupping his balls, admiring it as it throbbed in front of her. He could see her thinking, the hunger apparent in her movements. She started to move towards it, then stopped and pulled back. Started forward again, and stopped. He could tell she was wanting to taste him, but wasn't sure what to do. Finally she looked up at him.

“Master, may I suck you?”, she almost pleaded.

   “Worship Master's cock, slave.”, he told her. No sooner had the words left his lips, then she grabbed the thick shaft and took the shiny head into her wet inviting mouth. He sighed with the pleasure of it. He hadn't had a proper blowjob in years, and his slave apparently knew what she was doing. She hungrily and wetly sucked his hard cock. Her tongue swirling around the head. Her tongue dipping into his pee hole to taste the pre-cum. She sucked him and he could feel it stream out of his shaft. She moaned at getting the first taste his juice. She had never swallowed cum before, but that was to change that day.

   She stroked his shaft with her hands and used her tongue is ways he had never enjoyed. She was fairly drooling on his cock, so wet was her mouth. It was hot and intense. She was working hard to give him her very best, and it was the very best he had ever had. He could feel the cum begin to boil in his balls and knew it wouldn't be long before she would finally get her much desired reward for a job well done. She had expressed concern on if she could handle it, but he knew she would do her best to please her Master.

   “Are you ready for your treat, slave?”, he asked her when he knew he was close. She nodded her head with her lips still stretched around his hard shaft. He pulled out of that beautiful mouth and pushed her down to sit on her heels. She had a momentary look of confusion.

   “I'm going to feed you slut. Watch Master's cum shoot on your tongue. Open your mouth and stick your tongue out, slave.”, he ordered her as he stroked his spit coated cock. It was so slippery from her hot mouth that it slid through his fist easily.

   “Are you ready?”, he asked her. She simply nodded her head and stuck out her tongue. With a couple more strokes and a groan, he laid the tip of his cock on her tongue and shot the first gusher of cum down her tongue into her hungry mouth. She flinched a little but held position. All the while her eyes were locked on his. He pumped stream after stream of cum into that wet hole until he was spent.

   “Show me slave.”, he ordered. She opened her mouth to show him the hot load on her tongue and in her mouth. “Swallow it.”, he said, and she did. A smile broke across her cum covered lips. She moaned in pleasure at what she had done. She had finally swallowed her Master's cum, and she loved it. He offered his fingers to her mouth to be cleaned of the remnants of his seed on them. She hungrily sucked every drop from them. He scooped up a few bits that had fallen to her tits and fed them to her too. She ate every bit he gave her. She was now the cum whore she had wanted to be for him. He leaned down and kissed her deeply. Tasting himself on her tongue. The kisses were hot and passionate.

“You did it slave.”, he said with a smile. She grinned back up at him in pride. “How was it?”

   “I loved it Master.”, she beamed as she used her fingers to make sure she got every drop that may be on her face.

   He helped her to her feet and kissed her again. She placed her arms behind her back as trained as he walked away from her. He went to where he had left the items he brought with him, and retrieved a long rope. He advanced towards her with the coil in his hands and a smile spread across her lips to match his own.

   He begin to wrap the rope around her chest to form a harness. Two loops above and two loops below her breasts. Then over her shoulder and down between her breasts and pulled up to tighten the bindings around her tits. With the remaining rope he had her place her hands behind her back where he tied each limb in place. She was now completely at his mercy. He could do anything to her and she knew it. She also knew that she had nothing to fear from him.

   He took out his camera and snapped a picture of his bound slave. A beautiful smile on her face showing what bliss she was experiencing at her first true bondage experience. Next he went and got the surprise she didn't know about. His small flogger. It was light, but could deliver quite a sting with the thin leather falls. He approached her swinging it through the air. Letting her see it. She was exciting, but there was apprehension in her eyes as well. She had never been flogged. So many firsts for her today.

   He landed the first blow to her round ass. Not too hard, just giving her a taste of it. Several more landed on the cheeks of her ass, gradually getting harder and harder. She twitched her hands in a reflexive move to protect her flesh, but they were immobile. Her stepped in front of her and began to flog her tender tits. Targeting the perky little nipples that were always so sensitive. She gasped at each blow, but that only excited him more. She tried to turn a little, but he held her still so she couldn't.

   He took it easy on her since it was her first time, and only whipped her for a brief time. Before he stopped though, he had her spread her legs and gave her a few lashes on her sweet, wet cunt. A gasp escaped her lips with each lash. He smiled at his slave for being a good girl and taking Master's pain so beautifully.

That is it for now...I am already working on part two, but I didn't want the post to be too long...

Sorry it's been so long, but part two won't be long in coming...


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A slave served up...

She had fantasized about it, and they had discussed it at times, but now it was going to happen. He had carefully chosen the right man to join him in the use of his slave. They had been friends for quite some time, and had simliar tastes when it came to handling a slave. He would have the final say on anything that happened, but they discussed ahead of time all the ground rules, so he wasn't worried about having to say anything that might break the rhythm of the evening.

When he arrived for the evening, she greeted him dressed as ordered. Wearing a corset, high heels and stockings, and her Master's collar. She took his coat and hung it up. Keeping her eyes down as she spoke quietly to him. He could see she was very well trained.

She led him to the library after hanging up his coat. Her Master was waiting within with a couple whiskeys for him and his guest.

"I hope you brought your "appetite.", he asked with an emphasis on the last word. They all knew it wasn't food he was referring to. The guest nodded with a smile as he accepted the offered drink. They toasted each other as his slave stood nearby silently. Waiting for any orders from her owner and Master.

Her Master attached her leash and led her to the training room. This is where all her intense training happened, so she knew that tonight was going to be a special night that she wouldn't forget. Once there he bound her arms above her head, tied to the chain that was secured to the ceiling. There was no escaping from this binding, and she knew it. Not that she would try anyway. She had wanted to experience this for quite awhile.

Her Master picked up the flogger and approached her.

"This should make you nice and tender for our feast.", he told her as he stretched the flogger out in preparation of flaying her tender flesh.

Her Master's friend sat back in the chair he had placed in the room as he began warming her up with the flogger. He sat there watching the leather strike her tender flesh over and over. She could see his cock growing in his trousers as the flogger found it's mark over and over. The pain from the whip was overwhelmed by the lust in her body as she watched the stiffening member. She unconsiously licked her lips in anticipation of tasting her Master's friends cock. It had been a long time since she had a strange cock on her tongue, and she realized she was craving it.

Her Master whipped her hard, but she hardly noticed. She had cock on her mind. She wanted to feel both cocks in her at once. She had always secretly wanted to be filled with two cocks at once, but good girls didn't admit that. She has finally come to terms with the fact that she wan't a good girl. She was a dirty little cock whore, and she didn't care who knew it.

Her ass and back were quickly getting redder as her Master whipped her hard. That pain was getting through to her now. Even her lust could not mask the pain of his expert whipping. The flogger cut into the flesh of her ass, thighs and back. It was a heavy leather flogger that also stung quite a lot on each lash. Soon she was writhing with each lash. Moaning and squirming with the pain. She began to cry out as each lash landed, and her Master and his friend were soon quite erect from the sounds of her pain. They were both Sadists and the pain of a slave is what aroused them more than anything else.

Her Master's friend stood and approached her from the front, all the while her Master continued flogging her. He reached up and gripped her erect nipples between his strong fingers. Pinching them hard and making her cry out in pain.

“Yes, scream for us slave. You will do a lot of that tonight.”, her Master told her as another hard lash landed on her blazing red ass.

Soon her round ass was striped from the flogger, but that was just the beginning. She knew he always used it just to warm her up. The pain had just begun. He laid the flogger down and picked up his favorite cane. It was a beautiful, but vicious implement. She had felt it's kiss many times, but she had a feeling that tonight would be like no other she had experienced before.

The first lick of the cane was intense. He struck her harder than he ever had before. She knew immediately that she would cry hard tears for her Master and his friend. A welt started forming right away from the first lash, but she had no time to even think about before the next lash landed. He moved up and down her ass and thighs, striping her wickedly. Welts rose up everywhere the cane kissed her flesh. Blood trickled from several of them. Her Master stopped eventually, and both him and his friend approached her. She felt two tongues begin to caress her tormented flesh, lapping up her blood. It soothed the wounded flesh, but she knew it would be only a temporary respite from the pain.

Her Master loved to give her pain. He reveled in the tears in her eyes, and fed on her anguish. She was going to make sure she gave him everything he wanted. He beat her ass quite heavily, and brought blood to the surface of her flesh, but she never thought to stop him. She wanted to feed the Sadist in him, and was determined to do so. They were both sadistic bastards, but that is what she loved about him, and in turn his friend.

The surprise of the evening was when her Master brought out a single tail. She had never experienced one, and was honestly scared of it. Her Master laid into her quickly with it, and she screamed. Screamed until her voice was hoarse from it all. He simply smiled at her agony.

Once she had been given the pain he needed to give her, it was time to use her like all good sluts needed to be used. He approached her from the front and grabbed her erect nipples hard as his fingers found her molten center. Although she had only experienced pain, she was dripping wet with her arousal. She needed to feel her Master's control, and nothing else would satisfy her needs.
His fingers quickly were buried to the hilt into her dripping wet cunt. She moaned as he began to fuck her with his fingers. His friend was teasing around her tight asshole with his fingers, and she knew she would be violated there tonight. All of her holes were available to him and anyone he desired to let use her. Soon she felt fingers in both holes. He kissed her mouth hard as she was filled front and back with the rough fingers of the two men.

Soon her binds were undone, and she was released from the ropes that held her fast. She was moved to her knees to serve. Her Master knelt in front of her, and she felt the presence of the other Dom behind her. In perfect concert, she was entered at both ends simultaneously. A thick cock was pushed down her throat, and up her hungry cunt at the same time. She moaned in passion and desire as she was taken. They pounded into her. Used her with no regard to whether she was enjoying what was happening or not. She was simply a set of holes to be used for their pleasure, and she loved it.

Her mouth and cunt were pounded hard and deep, She gagged at each hard stroke of her Master's cock down her throat, but she had no thought of stopping him. Her cunt was stretched and abused by the bruising cock of his friend. She felt her orgasm building as she was used. She felt the imminent explosion building, and knew it was going to be epic.

She was sandwiched between two sadists who wanted to hurt her with their cocks, and she wanted all of their pain. Wanted to be hurt by them. Wanted to cum from the torture she was being subjected to.

The two brutal cocks slammed into her without mercy, until in unison, both men emptied their hot loads into her. One down her throat, the other up her hungry cunt. She moaned loudly and squirted all over the hard cock inside her juicy hole. All three of them had an intense and wet orgasm as one.

She was exhausted. But completely sated. She had always needed to be used as a simple fuck hole, and her Master had made that happen tonight. She would never be the same, and she didn't want to go back to who she was before. She was slave. Nothing more and nothing less.


It's been ages..

I know I haven't posted in a really long time. I am working on a story for all of you, but it's hard to find time to finish it. There are some things going on in my life that I can't really talk about, but I really wish I could. I don't want to disillusion any of my readers, but there are things that a Dom has to do to keep his sanity sometimes that may not be palatable to some. Let's just leave it as that for now, and we'll move on from here.

I promise that I will have a fresh sexy story for you all soon, and you won't be disappointed.


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A new tale of darkness...

I posted a story on my other blog. Please enjoy it, and I am working on a new story for here too. Thank you to all my loyal readers who have hung in with me.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

What's going on...

Florida Dom asked me to post what was going on in my world. Well in short, nothing. The BDSM side of my life is pretty much non-existant now. In fact my sex life is as well. After banging my head against the wall for over a dozen years, I have finally stopped. The wall doesn't care, and it just gives me a headache.

My world of D/s is now living in my head alone. I intend to write stories on what I would do if I were training a sub/slave. I haven't done it as much as I intended, but I will try to rectify that situation and post more often.

My son is the only reason I stay in this marriage. He is a sensitive kid, and I won't leave him to his mother, or deny him being with her, so at this time divorce is out of the question. His happiness is much more important then mine right now. I five years, who knows.

I'm sorry I don't have better news for everyone, but things aren't always happy. I appreciate all my followers that have stayed with me, and I will try to give you all more to read in the future.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Some fresh darkness...

I put a new story on my other blog. I know its been a really long time, but life has been busy. I hope this makes up for it.


Friday, April 13, 2012


I want her to remember who owns her cunt, so during the day she is to apply deepheat to her Master's clit at regular times. Beginning in the morning, during lunch and again at the end of the day.

Her first response to me after the first application is,"Oh fuck, oh fuck!!!"

I guess I have her attention. she reports that she can hardly remain still in her seat all day at work. It is the worst right after she does it, then it calms some. It is always there though. Keeping her mind focused on Master's fuck hole, and the fact that he controls it's pleasure and pain...

When she finally arrives home after a very interesting day, she immediately strips naked and kneels at her Master's feet. Master's cunt is drooling down the inside of her thighs from her arousal. She is now officially a pain slut. A label she never thought would apply to her, but her body betrayed the fact that pain just made her wet. Embarrassingly so.

She kneeled there, hungry cunt gaping and begging to be filled. Her eyes cast down with her arms behind her back and her breasts thrust forward in offering to her Master, should he desire to use them for his pleasure.

He makes her stay in that position for several minutes. Watching her body fairly hum with excitement and tension. She needed to be used badly. The torment of the day had kept her in a high state of arousal.

He finally approached her and released his thickening cock from his pants. He idly stroked it in front of her lips. She licked them in anticipation of tasting him. He smiled at that. He loved to see the signs of her hunger.
He grabbed a handful of her hair and used it as a handle to guide her mouth down over his turgid cock. Her arms still behind her back since he didn't give her permission to move them.

He made long, deep strokes into her mouth and throat, fucking her mouth as if it were a cunt. She gagged several times on his thickness, but he took no notice of that, and just continued mouth fucking her. She was just a hole for his pleasure now. His speed increasing as his excitement mounted.

Soon he groaned and pumped a thick, hot load into her mouth and over her tongue. She moaned in pleasure at his gift. As his sub, she was never allowed to let his seed go to waste. After the spurts subsided, and her mouth was full, she held it there with her mouth open so he could see that she hadn't swallowed it yet. He finally nodded his head giving her permission to swallow. She did so with a faint smile on her lips.

She was now so aroused that her juices were dripping on the floor, leaving a puddle between her thighs. He tucked his softening cock into his pants and walked around her kneeling there. Deciding what he would do with her. Would he let her cum, or torment her a little longer. Deny her a release or not...

He walked up to her and placed his leg between her spread thighs, and pressed it against her sopping cunt. He could feel the heat emanating from her, and her wetness soon soaked through his pants leg.

"Hump Master's leg, my little bitch in heat. Do it good and I'll let you cum. Keep your arms behind your back though, just move your hips.", he ordered her.

A whimper escaped her lips as she began to rub herself against his clothed leg. She was certainly wet and horny. She was soon frantically humping his leg, breathing heavily and sweating.

"May I please cum Master?", she asked.

"It doesn't sound like you need it very bad, slut.", he responded. "You need to do a little better job of convincing me."

"Oh please Master, let your dirty little bitch cum for you. Let me cum all over your leg like the whore I am for you.", she begged.

With a smile, he told her,"Cum for Master. Cum you sexy little cunt."

With his words, she began to cum in mighty waves. She started to lose her rhythm with the intensity of the orgasm.

"Don't you stop, or you won't cum again for a month.", he warned her.

She picked up her rhythm again and continued cumming one after the other. Four, five, six orgasms. She was having to work hard to keep going. She was reaching the point of mental overload. He could see it in her eyes. She was drifting into subspace.

Snapping his fingers in front of her face, he told her to stop. She did after a couple more humps. She was out there and it took a couple seconds for his order to register in her brain that was now a few miles up in the stratosphere of subspace.

His pants leg was thoroughly soaked as well as his boot.

"Look at the mess you have made of Master's boot, slut. I think you better clean that up.", He told her.

Without hesitation she knelt down and began licking her juices from his boot. She licked it clean of any girl cum until it shone with her spit. He smiles in appreciation of her complete submission and devotion.

"Good girl slut. Come with me and I will let you get cleaned up before dinner.", he said as he tapped his hip with his hand. He walked away towards the bedroom, and she crawled on all fours after him to the room. She had a smile on her face as she followed. The obediant sub girl, happy to have pleased her Master...


Saturday, March 10, 2012

A new direction...

I decided that I will write stories of how I would go about training a submissive. I hope everyone enjoys this new direction, and I think it will give me an outlet for my desires and ideas. I will also be able to try some things out and see how my sub lady followers feel it would work for them. Also my Dom male readers can let me know if they have done the same or think it would work in actual practice. Enjoy my first entry...William


It was to be her first heavy training session. She had been giving her Master more and more of her submission, and he had told her that it was time to push her limits and see what she could handle. She said she had never had desires for pain, but he had seen things in her that made him think that there was something hiding inside that even she was unaware of.

He had everything ready for tonight training session. They had discussed the various things he intended to try, but she had no idea what they would actually do or in what order. When she was lead into the room wearing only her Master's collar and leash, she saw laid out on the table, candles, rope, nipple clamps, his belt and the wooden spoon that stung so badly. She could feel her heart begin to pound in her chest . Her eyes locked on each item in turn. not sure how it would feel, or how she would handle it.

The candles were already lit and melting a good load of hot wax. She had used a little on herself in the past and enjoyed the feeling of it, but this time would be different. Her Master would be in control of how much and where the wax went. the only way she could stop it was to use her safe word. She hoped she wouldn't feel it necessary to do so. She would feel like she let him down, even though she knew he wouldn't feel that way. He had told her repeatedly that there would be a time that she would have to use it, simply because he may want to push her some day to find what her limit truly was. She didn't think he would do that today, since it was their first heavy scene, but she had no clue.

He lead her to the center of the room and had her kneel there as he removed the leash. She automatically put her arms behind her back as she had been trained. He reached for the rope first and draped it around her neck. He then began to tightly wrap the rope around first one, then the other breast. She was quite well endowed, so he had to lift each heavy globe to pass the rope underneath as he bound each breast. They were soon lifted up and the flesh was taut from the pressure of the rope squeezing the flesh. Soon they would change color to the pretty purple hue Master loved. The skin getting more and more sensitive as the pressure slowly built.

With the remaining rope at the end, he bound her arms behind her back so she could not move them. She was completely at his mercy now. Her only protection was her safe word and her trust in who he was. She had no doubts about the latter. He had shown her over the months they had been together that he was as good as his word.

He picked up the nipple clamps and placed first one then the other on her hard little buds of flesh. She gasped as each one bit into her. When they had first met, she couldn't handle the clamps, and now after a couple months of his training, she could wear them at their full clamping force for as long as he wished her too. He only ever had her wear them for ten or so minutes at a time. He didn't want to damage the tender flesh.

He then picked up the wooden spoon. Her eyes widened at it. He had only ever used it on her ass, but she knew that was about to change. He walked up and began to lightly slap all around the trapped flesh of her heavy tits. He gradually slapped a little harder and harder. Eliciting gasps from her as her smacked near the clamps. He concentrated on the tender undersides. Knowing this area rarely got any attention and would be particularly sensitive. After a few minutes of this, he set the spoon down and removed the clamps. She gasped as the blood rushed back into the compressed flesh. He grabbed each one in turn and pinched them hard, adding to her torment and his pleasure. He watched her face for signs of excessive distress, but only saw the determination in her to take what he gave her.

He picked the spoon up again and gave her ten quick swats on each of her sore nipples, causing her to cry out for the first time, but she didn't say a word. He stroked her hair to show her his pride in her, bringing a faint smile to her lips.

He slowly drug his fingernails across each bound tit, enjoying the feel of the tight flesh, and the moans and wiggles of her as her fleshy mounds grew more sensitive. He grabbed the first large candle and approached her.

"Are you ready slave?", he asked her. His voice low, but powerful.

"Yes Master.", she answered. A slight quiver of excitement and maybe a little fear in her voice.

He stepped up to her and slowly tilted the candle over. The first trickle of molten wax dribbled out and landed directly on her erect and sensitized nipple. She gasped at the heat, but did not try to move away. He trickled some on the other nipple, and this time, did she not only not move away, but she arched her back to push her tits out even further to receive the wax.

"Do you like that, my little slut?", he asked her with a smile on his face.

"Very much Master. It feels amazing.", she asked with a giddiness in her voice.

He began to pour more and more wax across the tops of both bound tits as she gasped and moaned in lustful pleasure. He used two candles worth of wax that left both tits covered in wax. There was one candle left still burning, and he looked at her with a wicked grin. A chill ran up her spine wondering what was to come. He grabbed her by the shoulder and began to lean her back.

"Lay down on your back slave. Let's see how the wax feels on that juicy cunt.", he told her. She shivered as she lay back with his help. They had talked about trying this, but she had never tried it. I guess now was the time, she thought.

"Spread those legs wide for Master, and keep them apart.", he told her as he retrieved the last candle. She lay there spread open to him. Her heart hammering in her chest. Was it going to be too much, too painful to bear?

She was clean shaven as she was always required to be for him. As the first thin dribble of wax hit the swollen outer lips of her aroused pussy, she gasped. It was so intense, but pleasurable. The feeling of the wax trickling down over her sensitive sex was nothing like she had ever felt before, and she loved it. he was watching her face and saw the slight grin of desire on her lips and knew it was safe to proceed. He spread her slick lips open to expose her swollen clit. She was soaking wet and her juices had begun trickling down the crack of her ass.

"Master's little girl appears to be a bit of a pain slut. You are quite wet.", he teasingly told her as he gave her clit a pinch, causing her hips to buck.

Holding her open with one hand, He carefully dribbled some of the wax directly onto her hard clit. When it made contact with her tender nubbin, she hissed in a breath between clenched teeth, and let out a gutteral groan.

"Oh my god.", she uttered. "That was intense."

"Do you want me to stop, girl?", he asked her.

"No Master.", she answered. Her eyes dropping in embarrassment. Knowing she had just shown the pain slut that was indeed hiding below the surface of her carefully created facade of respectability. After this she would never again be able to deny her desire for pain.

He smiled and poured more of the molten liquid down the open slash of her creamy sex. She arched up and lifted her hips to meet the wax as it fell. An animal groan coming from deep in her chest as the wax coated her. Molten wax meeting molten sex.

When all the wax was gone, he stepped away from her, leaving her there panting. Her hair wet with sweat. Her eyes dilated with passion and the rush of endorphins.

"I take it you liked that, little one.", He chuckled.

"Yes Master. We must do that again please. It sent such a charge through me when the wax ran over my clit.  Like nothing I've ever felt before.", she told him breathlessly.

"I think we can add that to our repertoire slave.", He laughed. retrieving his long balded knife, he carefully scraped away the cooled wax from her tits and cunt. She shivered each time the edge of the blade touched her flesh. She had had an attraction to his knife from the first time she had seen it. It frightened her, but every time she saw it, she would get instantly get wet.

Once all the wax was removed, he helped her to her knees again. Picking up the belt, he walked around behind her. She could not see him, but she knew what was about to come. they had discussed it earlier, and she was to count each stroke after it landed. He told her this way he could gauge how she was doing by the sound of her voice.

The first lash landed hard on her ass surprising her. She quickly recovered and counted one. The second was just as hard on the other cheek. Two, she counted. This went on, one cheek then the next. She counted each one without a break in her voice to show any distress. It went on until he reached 100 lashes. He stopped to check the condition of her flesh and her mind. Her ass was getting a little red, but not very much.

"How are you girl?", he asked her as he studied her face.

"I am fine Sir.", she smiled. He could see that she was beginning to drift off a little. A dreamy look in her eyes indicating she was on the verge of sub space. He smiled at her, and stepped back behind her to begin the next round.

Once again she counted each stroke with a strong voice as she pushed her ass out to receive each stroke of the leather.After another 100. he stopped again to check on her. As before, she was fine and showed no ill effects. He smiled as he could see that despite any previous doubts of hers, she was a pain slut. To what degree remained to be seen, but she had already taken more and harder lashes than she had previously and showed no sign of wanting it to stop.

They went three more rounds of 100 lashes each. Her ass by this time a nice dark red and bruises beginning to appear. He was proud of his slave. He never thought she would be able to take this much her first time, but she had. He could tell she was getting a bit tender by the end. She wasn't pulling away from the blows, but she wasn't sticking her ass out to receive them quite as much as she had at first. It was time to finish the scene with the thing that she feared and loved at the same time. The simple wooden spoon that stung so bad.

He picked it up and walked around in front of her so she could see it.

"Kiss it girl.", he told her as he held it in front of her face. She puckered up and laid a tender kiss on the flat surface.

"Stick those tits out, girl.", he ordered her. She did so and he smacked them all over, twenty-five blows on each. When they landed on the now swollen nipples, she cried out each time. By this time her breasts were swollen and a darkening purple from the blood pooling in them. They were firm and the skin shiny from being stretched taut.

He then moved to her ass and gave fifty swats to each cheek. The flesh now really beginning to redden. He stopped and checked on her to make sure she was alright. She assured him she was, so he again gave her twenty-five more on each breast, and fifty more on each ass cheek. The spoon was doing it's job, as he could see the cracks beginning to show in the veneer of her control. She was nearing her limit, and he wanted to see how close he could get to that limit without pushing her over it.

He gave her twenty-five more on each breast, and fifty on each ass cheek. This time her voice began to crack a little as she counted each one. She was near the end of her control, so he decided to make this the last round.

"This will be the last round slave. you will receive the same amount of strokes. can you take a little more of your Master's pain, my girl?", he asked her while studying her eyes.

"I can Sir, thank you.", she answered. Her voice a whisper with the effort to hold back the tears.

"Let go my girl. You may cry if you need to. It's OK.", he told her as he stepped up to begin the last round of swats.

As each blow landed on her now red and bruised breasts, she counted them out. The strain of maintaining control apparent in her voice. She made it through each one, but the tears were beginning to form in the corners of her eyes. He moved behind her to do the final swats on her now bright red ass. He ran his hands over the glowing flesh and could feel the heat radiating from it.

The first blow landed and she flinched slightly for the first time. The second, third and subsequent blows caused her to flinch as well. He could tell that every blow was agony, but she counted each one. He couldn't see her face as it was turned to the floor and her hair obscured her face, but he could hear the tears in her voice. After he was halfway through, after each stroke and count, she would sob. Her body wracked by them, but she said nothing to stop the final strokes. As he landed the final stroke, she finally let go and cried without restraint. Her body shaken with the sobs as he stroked her hair and held her head to his hip. Comforting her and letting her get it all out.

Once the sobs subsided, he untied her arms and unbound her breasts. They were red and bruised, and dark and heavy with the trapped blood caused by the rope. After releasing her from her bindings, he helped her to her feet and held her head to his chest and spoke quietly to her. Comforting her and telling her how proud he was of her for taking her Master's pain so well. She made him very happy today.

Her carried her to the bed and made love to her in a tender way that belied the previous violence of her whipping. Afterwards he bathed her as they sat in the tub together. He soothed her bruises and caressed her gently as he washed every inch of her body before she did the same for him.

She smiled as she snuggled to his chest as they lay in bed later. He knew she would be feeling her bruises the next day, but for tonight she was as content as a babe in her mothers arms. He was a happy man too. He had found the sub he's been searching for...

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


She swore she wouldn't give him the satisfaction of seeing her cry, but she found herself on the verge. He was spanking her harder than he ever had before. His hand must have been stinging pretty bad by now, but he showed no sign of slowing down.

"I will see your tears, little girl. One way or another, I will see you cry for Daddy.", He told her sternly, never breaking his strokes upon her ass.

She was fighting the tears back as they burned in the corners of her eyes. Her round upturned ass was on fire, but so was her cunt. She hated to admit it to herself, but the pain in her ass as she was whipped also set a fire in her loins. She could feel her juices oozing from her swollen cunt, and she hoped he couldn't feel it soaking his pants.

He stopped spanking her, and she thought she might have actually worn him down. Actually beaten him at his game. She soon found out he was just getting the heavy artillery. She felt a painful smack upon her ass, and yelped in pain and surprise. The dreaded wooden spoon.

He laid into her tender ass cheeks with a renewed fury. Her ass burning as if aflame. She knew now she was lost. There was no way she could hold out now. With the realization of this, the tears began to fall. Her body was soon wracked with sobs as she let all the pain go from her body. He continued to spank her with the spoon until she had a good cry and was beginning to get it back under control.

He laid the spoon down and began to rub her flaming red ass. Stroking it gently with his rough but loving hand. He helped her down to kneel at his feet. Moving a lock of her red hair that had fallen across her eyes. She looked up at him as she sniffled and he wiped the tears from her cheeks.

"That's my good little girl. That is what Daddy wanted. I don't know why you tried to deny me that.", he playfully scolded her.

She shrugged her shoulders as if even she didn't know why she would try to deny him. She knew he always got what he wanted, but sometimes she tried to hold it back. I guess it was just the Irish blood in her that came up at the most inopportune times.

Leaning forward, he gave her a kiss, and leaning back he said,"Now show Daddy how much you love him.", as he undid his belt and zipper. She smiled like a happy little girl, although she hadn't been a little girl in decades. Her Master's love always made her feel like she was a naughty little girl that wanted to please her loving Daddy. She licked her lips with a mischievous grin and leaned to put her face in his lap.

He sighed as his slave began to suckle at his thick member. She always gave him the most wonderful blowjobs after being spanked, and always made sure she swallowed his thick load. She had a look on her face like she just had the sweetest candy poured into her mouth when he pumped his creamy seed over her tongue.

What a good little girl his whore was...

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Her denial...

Master was pounding her cunt with three fingers jammed in her wet and quivering cunt. She hadn't cum in over a week, and didn't figure she would be allowed to today either. Master had been tormenting her cunt, ass, and tits. He had been keeping her constantly aroused, but would not let her cum. He would say each day that maybe that would be the day, but then at the end he would tell her maybe tomorrow.

Her whole body hungered for release. She found her cunt constantly drooling and soaking her panties, on days she was allowed to wear them. On days she wore a skirt, she left wet marks on her chair. Her cunt felt swollen and hungry. Needing to be fucked hard and to cum all over Master hard cock.

She came back from her reverie as Master pulled his hand from her craving hole. She whimpered in frustration at being left with that empty feeling once again. Master flippe dher over onto all fours and tied her arms to the headboard and her feet to the footboard.

She felt him smear lube on her asshole before he slid the anal plug into her tight hole. It was the larger one that stretched her nicely. She always felt so full when he used that one on her. It made her so aroused when she was filled this way. She felt his fingers begin to stroke her swollen and inflamed clit. Just his touch sent a jolt of electricity through her body. She immediately started moving her hips in rhythm with his stroking fingers.

She could feel her orgasm building in her loins as those rough fingers abused her clit. It was so swollen it was painful, but she humped into his hand anyway. The pain and pleasure mixing to make her juices run down the inside of her thighs. Her cunt was a slippery wet mess and she hadn't even cum.

Master stopped rubbing, but before she could even be disappointed it was replaced by his hard, thick cock. He plunged into her in one quick, hard stroke. She grunted, then sighed at the feeling of being stretched by his throbbing prick.

He began with long slow strokes, going deep up inside her cunt until she could feel the head bumping against her cervix. Each stroke sent a spasm through her aching pussy. She wanted so badly to let go and cum all over his invading member, but she knew that the punishment would be worse than any temporary joy she would feel.

His speed began to increase as he became more and more aroused. She could feel his cock swelling as he neared his orgasm. His breathing coming quicker as he got to the verge of cumming.

Suddenly he pulled out and moved in front of her and pushed his dripping cock into her wet, hot mouth. With a couple more pumps, he unloaded his hot seed into her mouth and all over her tongue. She hungrily swallowed down his cum and sucked her juices from his twitching cock.

She waited to see if she would get her own orgasm as he knelt there enjoying her worship of his now shrinking cock.  

"Maybe tomorrow, My slut. I don't think you are quite ready yet to cum. You didn't seem quite desperate enough.", he said with the hint of a chuckle as he untied her binds. "Clean up, girl. It's time for you to make Master his dinner. That really worked up my appetite."

Walking away she could just imagine the smile on his face. The bastard...She absolutely loved him with every fiber of her being...