Wednesday, February 1, 2012


She swore she wouldn't give him the satisfaction of seeing her cry, but she found herself on the verge. He was spanking her harder than he ever had before. His hand must have been stinging pretty bad by now, but he showed no sign of slowing down.

"I will see your tears, little girl. One way or another, I will see you cry for Daddy.", He told her sternly, never breaking his strokes upon her ass.

She was fighting the tears back as they burned in the corners of her eyes. Her round upturned ass was on fire, but so was her cunt. She hated to admit it to herself, but the pain in her ass as she was whipped also set a fire in her loins. She could feel her juices oozing from her swollen cunt, and she hoped he couldn't feel it soaking his pants.

He stopped spanking her, and she thought she might have actually worn him down. Actually beaten him at his game. She soon found out he was just getting the heavy artillery. She felt a painful smack upon her ass, and yelped in pain and surprise. The dreaded wooden spoon.

He laid into her tender ass cheeks with a renewed fury. Her ass burning as if aflame. She knew now she was lost. There was no way she could hold out now. With the realization of this, the tears began to fall. Her body was soon wracked with sobs as she let all the pain go from her body. He continued to spank her with the spoon until she had a good cry and was beginning to get it back under control.

He laid the spoon down and began to rub her flaming red ass. Stroking it gently with his rough but loving hand. He helped her down to kneel at his feet. Moving a lock of her red hair that had fallen across her eyes. She looked up at him as she sniffled and he wiped the tears from her cheeks.

"That's my good little girl. That is what Daddy wanted. I don't know why you tried to deny me that.", he playfully scolded her.

She shrugged her shoulders as if even she didn't know why she would try to deny him. She knew he always got what he wanted, but sometimes she tried to hold it back. I guess it was just the Irish blood in her that came up at the most inopportune times.

Leaning forward, he gave her a kiss, and leaning back he said,"Now show Daddy how much you love him.", as he undid his belt and zipper. She smiled like a happy little girl, although she hadn't been a little girl in decades. Her Master's love always made her feel like she was a naughty little girl that wanted to please her loving Daddy. She licked her lips with a mischievous grin and leaned to put her face in his lap.

He sighed as his slave began to suckle at his thick member. She always gave him the most wonderful blowjobs after being spanked, and always made sure she swallowed his thick load. She had a look on her face like she just had the sweetest candy poured into her mouth when he pumped his creamy seed over her tongue.

What a good little girl his whore was...


  1. Aww, very nice story, William! I really liked this one a lot ^_^


  2. a hot little story William...more please!!!

    blossom x