Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A slave served up...

She had fantasized about it, and they had discussed it at times, but now it was going to happen. He had carefully chosen the right man to join him in the use of his slave. They had been friends for quite some time, and had simliar tastes when it came to handling a slave. He would have the final say on anything that happened, but they discussed ahead of time all the ground rules, so he wasn't worried about having to say anything that might break the rhythm of the evening.

When he arrived for the evening, she greeted him dressed as ordered. Wearing a corset, high heels and stockings, and her Master's collar. She took his coat and hung it up. Keeping her eyes down as she spoke quietly to him. He could see she was very well trained.

She led him to the library after hanging up his coat. Her Master was waiting within with a couple whiskeys for him and his guest.

"I hope you brought your "appetite.", he asked with an emphasis on the last word. They all knew it wasn't food he was referring to. The guest nodded with a smile as he accepted the offered drink. They toasted each other as his slave stood nearby silently. Waiting for any orders from her owner and Master.

Her Master attached her leash and led her to the training room. This is where all her intense training happened, so she knew that tonight was going to be a special night that she wouldn't forget. Once there he bound her arms above her head, tied to the chain that was secured to the ceiling. There was no escaping from this binding, and she knew it. Not that she would try anyway. She had wanted to experience this for quite awhile.

Her Master picked up the flogger and approached her.

"This should make you nice and tender for our feast.", he told her as he stretched the flogger out in preparation of flaying her tender flesh.

Her Master's friend sat back in the chair he had placed in the room as he began warming her up with the flogger. He sat there watching the leather strike her tender flesh over and over. She could see his cock growing in his trousers as the flogger found it's mark over and over. The pain from the whip was overwhelmed by the lust in her body as she watched the stiffening member. She unconsiously licked her lips in anticipation of tasting her Master's friends cock. It had been a long time since she had a strange cock on her tongue, and she realized she was craving it.

Her Master whipped her hard, but she hardly noticed. She had cock on her mind. She wanted to feel both cocks in her at once. She had always secretly wanted to be filled with two cocks at once, but good girls didn't admit that. She has finally come to terms with the fact that she wan't a good girl. She was a dirty little cock whore, and she didn't care who knew it.

Her ass and back were quickly getting redder as her Master whipped her hard. That pain was getting through to her now. Even her lust could not mask the pain of his expert whipping. The flogger cut into the flesh of her ass, thighs and back. It was a heavy leather flogger that also stung quite a lot on each lash. Soon she was writhing with each lash. Moaning and squirming with the pain. She began to cry out as each lash landed, and her Master and his friend were soon quite erect from the sounds of her pain. They were both Sadists and the pain of a slave is what aroused them more than anything else.

Her Master's friend stood and approached her from the front, all the while her Master continued flogging her. He reached up and gripped her erect nipples between his strong fingers. Pinching them hard and making her cry out in pain.

“Yes, scream for us slave. You will do a lot of that tonight.”, her Master told her as another hard lash landed on her blazing red ass.

Soon her round ass was striped from the flogger, but that was just the beginning. She knew he always used it just to warm her up. The pain had just begun. He laid the flogger down and picked up his favorite cane. It was a beautiful, but vicious implement. She had felt it's kiss many times, but she had a feeling that tonight would be like no other she had experienced before.

The first lick of the cane was intense. He struck her harder than he ever had before. She knew immediately that she would cry hard tears for her Master and his friend. A welt started forming right away from the first lash, but she had no time to even think about before the next lash landed. He moved up and down her ass and thighs, striping her wickedly. Welts rose up everywhere the cane kissed her flesh. Blood trickled from several of them. Her Master stopped eventually, and both him and his friend approached her. She felt two tongues begin to caress her tormented flesh, lapping up her blood. It soothed the wounded flesh, but she knew it would be only a temporary respite from the pain.

Her Master loved to give her pain. He reveled in the tears in her eyes, and fed on her anguish. She was going to make sure she gave him everything he wanted. He beat her ass quite heavily, and brought blood to the surface of her flesh, but she never thought to stop him. She wanted to feed the Sadist in him, and was determined to do so. They were both sadistic bastards, but that is what she loved about him, and in turn his friend.

The surprise of the evening was when her Master brought out a single tail. She had never experienced one, and was honestly scared of it. Her Master laid into her quickly with it, and she screamed. Screamed until her voice was hoarse from it all. He simply smiled at her agony.

Once she had been given the pain he needed to give her, it was time to use her like all good sluts needed to be used. He approached her from the front and grabbed her erect nipples hard as his fingers found her molten center. Although she had only experienced pain, she was dripping wet with her arousal. She needed to feel her Master's control, and nothing else would satisfy her needs.
His fingers quickly were buried to the hilt into her dripping wet cunt. She moaned as he began to fuck her with his fingers. His friend was teasing around her tight asshole with his fingers, and she knew she would be violated there tonight. All of her holes were available to him and anyone he desired to let use her. Soon she felt fingers in both holes. He kissed her mouth hard as she was filled front and back with the rough fingers of the two men.

Soon her binds were undone, and she was released from the ropes that held her fast. She was moved to her knees to serve. Her Master knelt in front of her, and she felt the presence of the other Dom behind her. In perfect concert, she was entered at both ends simultaneously. A thick cock was pushed down her throat, and up her hungry cunt at the same time. She moaned in passion and desire as she was taken. They pounded into her. Used her with no regard to whether she was enjoying what was happening or not. She was simply a set of holes to be used for their pleasure, and she loved it.

Her mouth and cunt were pounded hard and deep, She gagged at each hard stroke of her Master's cock down her throat, but she had no thought of stopping him. Her cunt was stretched and abused by the bruising cock of his friend. She felt her orgasm building as she was used. She felt the imminent explosion building, and knew it was going to be epic.

She was sandwiched between two sadists who wanted to hurt her with their cocks, and she wanted all of their pain. Wanted to be hurt by them. Wanted to cum from the torture she was being subjected to.

The two brutal cocks slammed into her without mercy, until in unison, both men emptied their hot loads into her. One down her throat, the other up her hungry cunt. She moaned loudly and squirted all over the hard cock inside her juicy hole. All three of them had an intense and wet orgasm as one.

She was exhausted. But completely sated. She had always needed to be used as a simple fuck hole, and her Master had made that happen tonight. She would never be the same, and she didn't want to go back to who she was before. She was slave. Nothing more and nothing less.



  1. wow William a delicious story...hopefully we wont have to wait too long until your next one.

    blossom x

  2. i was dripping wet from start to finish! I WISH I could have this done to me! mmm ;) xxx

  3. Glad you enjoyed it Tammy. Hope you can find someone to do these things to you.