Thursday, July 31, 2014

Of pain and pleasure...

A week ago, my slave and I had a break through. We had the opportunity to actually get on cam for a session three days in a row. A first for us. The thing that made it even better was that she had a surprising experience with me. she had her tits bound tight with rope for me. A requirement during her training as it looks lovely and the pressure feels delicious to her. Such sweet pain. A had her get out the clover clamps. Her absolute most hated item in my arsenal. She has always only been able to wear them for 5 minutes at the most, and she would be in agony and crying the whole time.

That night was no different, but as she cried and fretted, I got her attention and told her to look at me. To focus on my face on the screen. To read my words to her and to breathe and relax. She finally was able to look at me and focus, and a slow transformation came over her. She began to calm and her tears gradually stopped as I spoke to her. She was focused solely on my face and soon she was calm and steady. I told her to forget about everything else and to just let Master be her whole world. She smiled and did that...

She wore them for 8 minutes that first night, Ten the next night and 14 the last. I will limit her to 15 minutes to not damage the nerves and tender flesh, but I now know how to take the pain away from her, or at least to make it fade into the background of my control.

The last night she was so into the pain that she requested to add several clothes pins, or pegs to the flesh of her swollen tits while still wearing the clover clamps. She is really starting to blossom as a masochist. The Sadist in me is absolutely thrilled, and we can't want to see where else this takes us. Every time we think we have gotten close to her limits, a whole new world opens before us. It is an exciting time for us right now. Even after all this time together, we are still constantly surprised by new developments. I'll try to keep sharing it as I can.



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