Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A heavy loss...

David of the blog, A View from the Top, passed away last week. It is a great loss to the blogosphere, and a particularly devastating loss to his wife and also a dear friend who was also his sub. I know my friend, his sub is crushed, but getting better by degrees.

I used to read his blog daily, but had lost touch over the past few years. Too many other things going on and a computer change where I lost all of my favorites. He was a fine gentleman, who had been an active dom for way more years then I have even thought about it. He was a loving and caring teacher, mentor and man. My friend has grown in so many ways, thanks to his guidance. Right now she is in pain, but in time she will look back on the memoties of him with happiness and a smile or two, or a thousand, when she remembers the wonderful years she got to have him in her life.

I hope to become at least a bit like him, and have the class and be as distinguished as he was. He was a great man, and will be missed greatly. Send good thoughts or prayers to the loved ones he left behind. Whatever your particular beliefs make you want to do...

To you David,