Saturday, December 10, 2011

Another let down...

It seems the last few posts I've made have been pretty negative. Unfortunately this is how things have gone lately.

We played today for the first time in quite awhile. I gave her a massage before I was going to use the flogger on her. She says she wants me to always use it on her when we have sex. Well I did and she just laid there like a piece of wood until she said she had enough. It was hurting too much. I can tell you, the amount she can take lately is about half of what she did before.

So I stopped and started to try to play with her cunt. She wasn't very receptive to it, but asked me if I wanted to eat her. Of course I did, and I made her cum multiple times with my tongue until she had enough. She said her head started pounding. She had a little headache when we started. She then asked me to fuck her, but I didn't want to. It has been so long since we fucked, that I had a big load built up, and due to the prostatitus I have, I don't last long when I have a lot saved up. If we fuck when I am like that, cumming that quickly just frustrates me more than it satisfies me. I told her I wanted a blowjob, but she said her head hurt too much. I told her never mind then, and was pretty resigned to just getting dressed.

She said she would try, but she wasn't into it at all, so I told her no. A half-hearted blowjob just doesn't do it for me. I'm tired of putting up with her going through the motions. As I was about to get dressed, she said I could fuck her tits If I wanted. I figured sure, at least I could shoot a load on her face to make me feel a little better. No go. She couldn't breath very well through her nose, and heaven forbid some nasty, dirty cum get in her mouth, so I had to just let it go in her cleavage.

So I just got it over with, busted my nut, cleaned up and got dressed. Once again she got what she wanted and I didn't. I have officially given up on kink with her. From now on, this blog will be for sexy fantasy stories.

Sorry to have such a downer of a post, but the upside is that this and my other blog should get a serious influx of naughty stories. I'm sure my sadistic side will ramp up with no outlet at all.

I hope everyone is having a better and kinkier weekend than I am.



  1. Hugs to you William. Btw daddy loves one of your stories I seen him, BUT it is giving him some scary ideas. Uuuuuhhh!

  2. Aww, William...I'm so sorry! I wish I knew something that would help, or make this better the meantime, all I can say is, I hope things start to work out somehow, even though you're giving up hope...>_<

  3. Mindset. You make sure you tell me if he does anything deliciously wicked from my inspiration. I thank you both for your kind words.


  4. Bummer. This isn't what I wanted to read, but thank you for sharing honestly with us. Laying there like a piece of wood just isn't very sexy. You would think you giving her a massage would at least encourage her to be a little reciprocal. I guess giving her time off from kink didn't help her miss it. I don't know what else to say except I hope you recover bedroom BDSM with her someday. It's hard to go without it. xoxo, mg

  5. William I am new to the blogging scene, but I have read through most of your blog. I am so sorry to read this post. I know from your past posts how much you want this. I am hoping that things turn around for you two and your stories become reality. Well not the most extreme for her sake. hehe :) Best wishes Sir.
    His Slut

  6. Sir, with all due respect it didn't seem like you were very dominate while in the process or was it just your writing? I thought Masters or Doms told us what to do and we do it, no questions asked? Am i right or wrong? The fact you were totally down, depressed and disappointed really came through your writing, Sir. It was so apparant, It made me sad, Sir. I just wanted to reach through and give you a hug, Sir. Don't give up, Sir. It's what you wish for and desire, Sir. Keep going, Sir.

  7. Flower,
    She isn't a natural sub. I thought she understood my needs when we got married, but she didn't. That was my fault. I should have made sure. My desires have intensified over the years too. If she isn't willing to submit, I can't force her. It takes both of us to make it work, and if she can't or won't, here we are...
    Thank you for your reading and comments.


  8. The only toys that come out with you are the ones that you throw out of your pram in your whining and whinging moments, which when we read your blog is nearly every post!

    It isn't in the least bit surprising the way you are both with each other and the way things are with you both.

    "She couldn't breath very well through her nose, and heaven forbid some nasty, dirty cum get in her mouth"

    oh diddums! You act and speak like a spoiled child who didn't get what he wanted. If there was something you really didn't like, then you wouldn't want someone to do it either.

    Get a pair and grow up!

  9. I'm sorry Sir.
    If you ever need anyone to talk to etc, then I'm here.
    You've helped me with some of my shit, I'd be happy to make it up to you.

    Someone commented once that maybe you should get an online sub to help satisfy you this way - and I think you should.

    It sounds like you really need someone that you know will just... follow you. Even if things are not overtly sexual, just knowing that someone IS willing and EAGER to please you in whatever way you want and need is sometimes enough.

    Hope things look up for you, Sir.


  10. I understand, Sir. I am so sry, Sir. There will always be apart of yourself that will always be left wanting and unsatisfied... That is in it's self heart wrenching... My heart goes out to you... Really it does...

    Also people who sign Anonymous and then write nasty stuff are cowards.... Plain and simple.

  11. I don't think you should give up. It takes a long time and lots of small babysteps to get the dynamics right for each couple.

  12. It can be very hard to be patient, especially when things may look hopeless. I've waited nearly 4 years for attention from my Sir... and he's only allowed me to kneel this past week. I've 'given up' several times... but it just took a whole lot of patience.

  13. Hi....I'm sorry you feel the way you do. Being in a sexually unfulfilling relationship is no fun, and I'm not just talking about not getting what you need in the bedroom. It's emotionally hard to deal with aswell, having been there I do know.

    I love your stories, so if you simply post those infuture then all's good.

    However, I do hope you find a way through this, truly.

    B x

  14. Do you think she'd be willing to let you explore your Dom side outside of your barrage? Perhaps without the sex (I know that might be a bit difficult). I know spankos who spank or get spanked outside their marriage. Or you could explore D/s online as long as you're clear there'd be no face to face meetings. Do you think your wife would allow this so you could stay together and still exercise your Dom side? Perhaps she's more Domme than sub and you could enjoy a sub together. Don't give up on your true nature and don't give up on your marriage. Find a workaround.

    Good luck!