Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Giving herself...

Here is the first of many new erotic stories for all my patient readers. I hope you enjoy them...


He never wanting anythng more than to just be wanted by a woman for who he was. He desired nothing more than to simply have a woman submit to him in every way. Not merely physically and sexually, but to give her mind to him as well. To submit in every way, Heart, mind and soul.

Now he had found her in the most unlikely of places. She lived in a country far from him, but they had connected almost immediately, and now she was coming to him. There was no doubt that she would, no question in either of their minds that it would happen from the first day they spoke on the phone. She belonged to him, and would do whatever it took to be with him.

She landed at the airport expecting to see him there, but instead there was a man dressed in a dark suit and sunglasses, with her name on a placard waiting at the gate. She identified herself to him, and he took her bags and walked away. She followed him out of te airport and saw him walk towards a large black sedan and put the bags in the trunk He opened the back door for her to get in, then closed the door behind her.

The driver said nothing as they drove out of town. She could see they were heading out into the country away from the crowded city. The land was beautiful with rolling hills and trees everywhere. The car soon pulled into a long tree lined driveway that lead to a large house. It was not fancy, but a sprawling ranch style house. The kind that looked like a regular man lived there. Built by the hard work of his own two hands.

As the car pulled to a stop in front of the door, the man got out and opened the trunk to retrieve the bags. He opened the door to the car and helped her step out into the bright sunshine of a beautiful day. now that she was out of the sealed silence of the car, she could hear birds singing and the sounds of the countryside.

The driver set off towards the door to the house, and she quickly followed. Having to practically run to keep up with his long strides. He opened the door and stepped into the cool interior of the house. She followed him in as he set her bags down. She was looking around the foyer as she heard him close the door.

Suddenly she felt herself being picked up and pushed against the wall. Strong hands had her pinned, her feet a few inches off of the ground.

"Have you forgotten your training already?", the driver said to her in a low voice as he removed his sunglasses. "I thought you were to kneel in the presence of your Master."

Looking into his eyes and finally haering his voice, she realized the driver had been her Master all along. The glasses had changed his look, and since he never spoke she hadn't recognized his voice.

He smiled at her and pinned her hard to the wall with his mouth as he devoured her lips. He kissed her hard and possesively. Taking what was his. She gave it all to him, wrapping her arms around his neck, and her legs around his waist. Wanting to feel him against every part of her.

Once they broke their embrace, he set her down on the floor.

"Now what do you do girl?", he asked her.

She quickly unbuttoned her blouse, peeling it off to reveal the black corset and lacy black bra. She unhooked the bra and tossed it aside with the blouse, quickly followed by her skirt. She was now left in just her corset, heels and stockings. She knelt on the floor at his feet. Her ass up and her head down to the floor with her arms outstretched in front of her.

"For my Master.", she said in a muffled voice from having her face to the floor.

"Very good my slut, you did remember your training after all.", he said as he smiled down at her. He walked around her, inspecting her body to make sure she had prepared it as ordered. He reached between her legs and found it shaved smooth. He also found it to bee incredibly wet as well. Practically dripping in fact.

"My little whore is happy to see her Master I see.", he said with a chuckle, then plunged three fingers into her well lubricated cunt. She gasped in surprise, then began moving her hips in response to the fucking his hand was giving her. She pushed back against his invading fingers, trying to get him in even deeper.

Just as suddenly as he had started, he pulled his hand away from her hungry cunt. She moaned in distress at the removal of his hand. She was left feeling empty by it. She needed his hard cock inside her and they both knew it. Only he would decide when she would get it.

"Follow me girl.", he commanded as he walked away. She quickly got up on all fours and crawled after him as fast as she could. The tile floor cold and hard on her knees, but she barely even noticed it in her excited state. She was with her Master, and that is all that mattered to her right now.

He walked into a large room and sat in an overstuffed chair. He gestured to her to come to him. She crawled over and knelt up in front of him. She knelt with her legs spread as far as possible, her arms crossed behind her back pushing her chest out, and her eyes downcast. He smiled at how well she had learned her lessons. She was making him quite proud so far, but he was going to push her, and he wanted to see what she could take for him.

Reaching to a nearby table he grabbed a length of rope and began winding it tightly around her full tits. He bound them quite tightly making them stand out firm and full. The skin taut from the constriction of the rope and her nipples hard little pebbles pointing straight ahead. He pinched and pulled at the hard nubs of flesh, eliciting a moan from her lips as he pinched them both very hard. He grabbed the clover clamps sitting on the table and attached one and then the other to her distended nipples. She gasped in pain at the nasty bite of these clamps. He then hung a few weights off of the chain, adding to the tightness of the clamps.

Once he was satisfied that her breasts were going to be properly tormented, he leaned back in the chair to admire the beauty in front of him. Her skin was glowing from the arousal and pain. He felt his cock straining against the front of his pants as he sat there.

"Service your Master with your mouth, slut. Make me happy and you will get your reward.", he told her.

She reached up and unzipped his pants and pulled them down as he lifted his ass to allow her room to do so. His hard cock sprang up, nearly slapping her on the cheek. The tip was already wet from hos arousal, and she licked her lips unconsiously at the thought of tasting him.

Her reverie was interupted by his order for her to, "Get to it, girl."

She lowered her head down to his lap and twirled her tongue around the slick head, teasing the hole with the tip of it. She lapped up the pre-cum smeared over the thick helmet, then sucked it out of his thick shaft. Savoring his flavor on her tongue. She then slowly took his entire length into her mouth, trying not to gag on his thickness. She got most of him down her throat, but couldn't get the last inch or so in. He grabbed her by the hair and forced her down the rest of the way, making her gag a little until he let her up. She gasped for air momentarily before once again sucking him deep.

She twisted her mouth and fist around his thick rod as she gave him the best blowjob she knew how. She latenated sucking and licking all up and down his slick shaft. Trying to coax his hot cum to erupt from the swollen head. She was doing her best to milk his cum from his balls, and he was doing his best to hold back. It was a battle of wills between them.

Finally he stopped her as he was about to explode in her hot, hungry mouth. Lifting her chin up as he cradled her face, he kissed her deeply on her wet lips.

"My little cock sucker has been practicing as I told her to I see.", he said with a grin. "Now assume the position again."

She once again knelt with her ass up, offering it to him. He walked around behind her and knelt down between her thighs. She felt something cool being smeared onto her virgin asshole. She had been training her ass to accept his cock, but this would be the first time she was ever ass fucked. She felt the swollen head press against her tight little hole, and she remembered to breath and relax as Master had taught her. She could feel her asshole being spread open as the head began pushing inside. With a pop, the head was inside the tigt ring of muscle. He just held it here, feeling it grip his cock. He could feel it pulsing around him as it tightened then she relaxed. It felt like she was coaxing him to enter further, so he gave her what she wanted.

He pushed in  a couple more inches, then pulled back. On each stroke he went in a little deeper. Pushing his hard shaft deeper inside her bowels until he was balls deep up her no longer virgin ass. She was breathing heavily from the fullness she had never experienced before. There was pain and plaesure mixed together, and she was having a hard time telling them apart.

He grabbed a handful of her long hair and wrapped it around his fist as he pulle dher hard down on his cock. Pushing the last bit of hids hard cock into her. He slowly began to fuck her tight ass. Long slow strokes as he held her hair like the reins of a horse. He slapped her ass on each stroke, bringing it to a nice red glow as he pounded his fuck hole.

"Who's hole is this, slut?", he asked her as he pounded he ass.

"Your hole Master.", she gasped.

"What can I do to it?", he asked again as his pace quickened.

"Anything Master desires.", she said in barely a whisper. She was on the verge of an explosive orgasm, but she wasn't allowed to cum unless he told her to.

He sensed she was on the edge and said to her, "I want you to cum with Master. Cum when you feel my hot load in your ass."

She nodded her head as bset she could with her hair being pulled back as he used it to yank her back onto his hardness, splitting her asshole wide on it.

With a few last frantic thrusts, he grunted and pulled her back hard onto his cock as she felt the first hot jet of cum splash into her bowels. As ordered, she screamed and began cumming hard. As each spasm rolled through her cunt. her asshole clenched around his cock, gripping him tightly as he pumped load after load up her hot ass. She was filled by his creamy load as he had been holding off cumming for the last week in anticipation of taking her ass for the first time. He wanted her to really feel what it was like to have her asshole pumped full of his cum.

He pulled out, and pulling her up by the hair, he ordered her,"Clean your Master's cock."

She licked and sucked his cum from his cock. Cleaning his balls with her tongue as well until every drop was gone. He pulled her to her feet and kissed her deeply.

"That's Master's good little anal whore. You trained well for that, and Master is very proud of you.", he told her as he held her chin in her hands. Without warning he removed the clover clamps and she screamed as the blood rushed back into the compressed flesh.

"I don't want you to forget that I will give you pain whenever I wish, even when you please me. I will hurt you for my pleasure.", he asid as he held her so she wouldn't fall from the intensity of the sudden pain. He picked her up in his arms and carried her to the bath where he sat her on a stool as he ran a tub full of water. He helped her in, then sat down in front of her and leaned back against her.

"Bathe me girl.", He said simply as he relaxed against her full tits. She smiled as she poured water onto his hair and began washing it. She could get used to this very quickly she thought as she tended to her Master, very quickly...



  1. Oh, you are such a tease...I'm glad you liked it...


  2. Wow well written, i love it. But omg, that story could be about my Master and me, in less than a month, giggles. When i first started reading it i thought, how did Sir William know our story? giggles... I do so enjoy your stories both here and on your other site. humbly Shi.

  3. *fans off*

    Very hot! I'm with littleOne. Where do I sign up?? ;)

    Can't wait to read more of your stories!!

  4. Awesome story, Sir... You're a fantastic write, Sir. It's what every submissive wants, Sir.... You are very wise to know exactly what a submissive wants, Sir.