Saturday, December 3, 2011

In my grip...

I come home and you walk up to give me a hug. I surprise you by taking your throat in my hand. I place my other hand on the back of your neck and pull your lips to mine. I hungrily kiss you, sucking your breath away as I inhale you. My tongue snakes around yours and invades your mouth, fucking it.

You are left stunned and breathless. I keep you held there in my grip as my other hand trails down to fondle your breast. I find a nipple poking hard through your shirt and give it a hard pinch. You gasp in pain as I pull you closer by the nipple. I grab the other and pinch it as well, making you rise up on your toes.

"Come with me.", I tell you, but I pull you along, not really giving you a choice. We get to the room and I spin you around, quickly stripping you naked. I'm tearing at your clothing to get to the tender flesh I want underneath.

Once stripped, I throw you on the bed and push your legs up with my shoulders as I bury my face in your cunt. It is already wet from the handling you got when I arrived. I dig my tongue into your molten wetness and lick up your sweet nectar. Your hips begin to move and your back arches in pleasure. Your breath is coming rapidly and I can tell you are quickly approaching your first orgasm, and I haven't even touched your clit yet.

"May I cum?", you ask me, barely able to get the words out.

"Not yet.", I say from between your thighs as I run my tongue up and down your silken folds. Lapping at your juices, tasting your honey.

I am watching your face as you bite your lip trying not to cum. Your back is arched fully off the bed now, and you are shaking with lust.

"Cum My slut.", I tell you and I begin sucking on your hard little clit. You gasp and explode in orgasm. your thighs trying to squeeze together as your muscles tense in ecstacy. I keep my shoulders wedged between your legs and continue licking and sucking your swollen clit, driving you mad with the sensations. I don't stop even after the tears spring from your eyes. You cry from the overwhelming sensations of your multiple orgasms.

I eventually stop tormenting your clit when you can take no more. I lick up the juices streaming from your swollen pussy, enjoying your flavor.

"Fuck me.", you say.

"What was that?", I ask you.

"Please fuck me. I want you inside me.", you ask this time.

I climb up between your thighs, pushing them up with my arms, lifting your ass up off the bed to give me good access to your open cunt. I plunge deep in one stroke. My balls slap against your ass with the quickness of my entrance. You gasp and shudder in another small orgasm as I begin to slowly fuck you in long deep strokes.

I begin to bite at your tits, grabbing them in both hands. I bite the tender, but hard nipples. They stand out long and erect just waiting for my mouth. I alternate between biting, licking and sucking them. I also sink my teeth into the soft flesh of your breasts. Biting hard as I devour you. I am marking you as mine, slut. I want you to wear my bruises to remember who you belong to. I bite deeply into each breast so you have my mark on both sides. You hiss in your breath from the pain, but you know not to ask me to stop. That I need this.

I continue fucking you all the while I am marking you. Your cunt is so wet it is making sloshing sounds on each stroke. I reach down and rub my thumb against your swollen little button. You shake your head no, but I smile and tell you yes.

"Cum on my cock, My slut.", and I rub your clit harder until you begin to arch up again, squeezing your legs around my waist as your orgasm takes you. You grip me tight preventing me from moving as you soak my cock in your juices.

Once your orgasm subsides, I pull out eliciting a whimper from you. I climb up and straddle your chest, my balls cradled in your cleavage. I look down at you as I stroke my cock, wet with your juices. You watch as I stroke myself. You love to see me do this don't you. I reach down and pull at your hard nipples as I pump my cock with my fist. I rub my hardness across each nipple, loving the feeling of the hard little tips on the underside of my cock.

I can feel my orgasm building slowly as I make long, slow strokes up the shaft. When you see that I am about to cum, you close your eyes knowing what is about to happen. With a grunt, my cum erupts from the head of my cock, spraying across your lips. I shoot it over your cheeks and into your hair. I am so turned on with taking you, that I shoot a bigger than normal load on your beautiful face. My warm seed slides down your chin to drip on your chest as my orgasm subsides. Again you wear my mark.

I help you up to go clean off your face. You look in the mirror and see my passion painted across your face.



  1. Very exciting. Having your man come all over your face feels very "grounding". It helps remind you of your place. Thank you.

  2. She is so very lucky to have you.
    Love the biting and marking (of course! ;))


  3. The best part is the beginning, when you walk in the door and immediately assert your desires. That arouses not only because you dominate, but also because you want her so quickly. Who doesn't want a partner who walks in the door and wants to fuck you?

  4. I love this one.. Seemed a little Vanilla but it turned me on as well because i know it could so go the other way in a minute... Makes the panties wet....

  5. Very nice, William. But ... shouldn't there be some punishment for the demand to "fuck me"? ;)