Thursday, November 17, 2011

I got a VBA...

My wonderful readers maui girl and sweet kitty sub who nominated me for a Versatile Blogger Award. I am touched and honored.

So seven things you might not know about me.

1. I was a virgin until I was 23. I was horribly shy and had little self confidence.
2. I started going bald at a young age. Probably didn't help with #1.
3. I'm 6' and 175lbs. No matter what I eat or do I stay about the same. Fast metabolism.
4. I am the only male sibling. I have three sisters.
5. My oldest sister is a Domme.
6. My nephews wife is a sub who's blog I follow.
7. I never knew I could love to write so much, or that I had a penchant for it.

Now the hard part. Nominating just 15 blogs that I follow. There are so many good ones, but I will do my best.

1. Vesta's Submission , the very first blog I ever started following, and she was my first follower. Smart and sexy lady.

2. Knotty little monkey , She is a funny, sexy lady who like all of us, have daily struggles. She is thinking of quitting her blog, so go say hi and try to convince her she should stay with us. She's a very dear friend.

3. maui girl , A fairly new friend, but a very special one. I would have nominated her even if she hadn't nominated me.

4. Neo Dom Tom , Me and Tom have had a very similar path in our dominant lives. Weirdly similar sometimes. Great guy and blog.

5. cuddly kitten , I've read her blog for quite some time. A very full life for such a young lady. Quite a varied blog.

6. An Owned Life , Very insightful and instructional for any Dom or Domme out there.

7. Finding my submission , sin is a sexy lady who writes wonderfully and I love hearing about her adventures.

8. A Dauntless journey , A fellow dominant, though much more experienced than me. Plus FAF is hot!!!

9. The definition , Her blog ranges from the mundane day to day things in lief, to smoking hot descriptions of her submission.

10. Dangerous lilly , I lovely lass who isn't shy about sharing photos of her luscious body, and glimpses of her sexy mind.

11. Mrs Discontented , An English lady who finds ways to get the kinkiness she needs, even though her husband is completely vanilla.

12. Spanked army wife , This lady struggles with trying to get pregnant, multiple miscarriages, yet stays positive and submissive to her soldier hubby. Loves being spanked of course!

13. baby girl , she writes some of the hottest stories I have read in the blogosphere. She usually leaves me at attention...Grins!!!

14. Unapologetically kinky , although we butted heads awhile back, DY has a very fun and sexy blog, even though she doesn't write graphically about her sex life.

15. The submissive butterfly , Still looking for her Dom, but she has been one of my most consistent commenters. Long before I ever followed her blog. I try to make sure I read her's every day.

There is my list, in no particular order. Now to let everyone know I nominated them...Laughs!!!
I hope you all enjoy some blogs you may not have known about.



  1. Can you nominate someone back who nominated you? I guess you can do anything you want, William! And it is very nice to see a few blogs I haven't read. Thanks, you are so sweet. :)

  2. CONGRATULATIONS, William! You deserve it! I enjoy both your blogs :)

    Thank you for the kind comment you left on mine.

    I think there was only one blog on your list that I don't follow - thanks for sharing with us!

    Take care. Sky

  3. Dear William. Thank you so much for the nomination. The great thing about this VBA is that it's directed me to yet more great thanks for that too!

    You're the second person (I'm sure it was Cuddly Kitten who was the other!) who has noted the lack of graphic detail about my sex life. I have actually never noticed this before(?). Strange but true!

    Thanks again, happy blogging,

    DY x

  4. Congrats!

    I spent a lot of time reading over your blog the last few days. I don't know if it helps or hurts, but I thought it was important to let you know your writing, along with some others' was a huge catalyst for what I think will be a big turning point for my husband and I.

    At first, I felt such empathy for you, I wanted to be judgmental of your wife. 'What kind of submissive won't ____'. But the more I thought about it, I realized I was not any better...I just had different triggers. For example, my husband lovingly crafted a spreader, which I steadfastly refused to use.
    Tonight, I gave myself over to him more, physically and then verbally asked him to push me more. I am not sure where it will lead us, but I do feel it is a marked difference in my attitude and he ready to take me at my word and push.
    Thank you, so much.

  5. So where do people go to make nominations?

  6. You more than deserve a nomination William!! <3

    You might get a laugh out of this. I saw the name "sweet kitty sub" and wondered, "Hmm, who's that?" LOL That should tell you how often I use that email account!!

    @DY Yes, t'was I!

  7. Thank you William - I didn't really play fair in my response, now that I've finally posted one. I'm looking forward to the other recommendations in the list though.

  8. I'm honored to be mentioned in your first seven things!

  9. I also just realized that I'm at the top of your Blog List. Neat! You are still my only follower, William.

  10. Thank you so much William, such an honour.