Saturday, November 5, 2011

Of service...

This is just a work of fiction. I will send it to my wife too, but it won't get me anywhere. It is as likely to happen as the other stories I have written her. Which means it won't happen. I hope at least all of you enjoy it. I know I will enjoy writing it.


I walk in the door, exhausted from a long week of work. You are waiting with a cold beer in your hand, dressed only in your underbust corset, collar and cuffs. You can see how worn out I am and smile as you hand me the beer and take my jacket to hang it in the closet. I take a long pull on the beer while you are putting it away.

"Bad day Sir?", you ask.

"Rough week.", I respond as I sit at my desk and begin to relax.

You kneel in front of me, smile and ask," Would it help if I sucked you off? Do you need your balls drained a little?"

"That would certainly be a good start.", I tell you as I stroke your hair and give you a tired grin. "If you do a good job, you can have dessert before dinner."

You reach up and undo my belt and open my jeans. My cock is already starting to stiffen at your attention and the thought of your hot, wet mouth wrapped around my throbbing member. You lower your head and slowly slip your wet lips over the head of my hard cock. You take me as deep as you can, then you hold me there and swirl your tongue around the pulsing head. You can feel my pulse in the throbbing of my cock.

This is just the appetizer, and I am hungry for dinner, so I soon grab your hair in my fists and start to move your head up and down on my cock. fucking it with your mouth. You moan in pleasure knowing what is coming. I push your head down as far as it will go onto my cock as my cum erupts. I shoot a big, hot load into your throat as you moan. I can feel your throat working as you swallow my seed, not wanting to spill a drop.

Once I'm done cumming, I let you up so you can catch your breath. You lick your lips to make sure you didn't miss anything. I give you a kiss, tasting my essence on your lips and tongue.

"I'm ready for dinner now.", I tell you. You smile as I help you to your feet, and you walk off to put dinner on the table. I sit down with my beer as you place the food in front of me. It looks and smells delicious, and before I start eating, I hook your cuffs together so you have to eat carefully to not spill any food.

We have a wonderful meal, and you manage to not drop a crumb. You stand and clear the table, still cuffed. You put the plates in the sink and quickly wash them. Even cuffed you make quick work of the dishes. While you are finishing, I walk up behind you and reach around to grasp one of your breasts. Pinching a nipple hard beween my fingers. You moan in pleasure and pain. I reach down with my other hand to stroke your cunt and find it drooling your juices down the inside of your thighs.

"You liked sucking me off, didn't you slut?", I ask you while stroking your slippery pussy lips.

"Yes Sir. I love the feeling of your cock in my mouth. I love to taste you.", you say in a husky voice. Trying to keep an even tone as I manipulate your tender parts.

I stop my ministrations as you complete your chore. I grab the front ring of your collar and lead you to the bedroom, hands still cuffed. Once in the room I light candles and have you kneel in the middle of the floor. I put pillows down to cushion your knees because you will be there for a little while.

While the candles burn, I select and arrange my implements of pain and pleasure. The clamps and Wartenberg wheel. The dildo and vibrator. A couple ropes, the flogger, the crop and my cane. You watch as I arrange each item. I lay them out for you to see. I want you to think about what I will be doing to you with each item.

I begin by binding your breasts with the rope. I wrap then tight to make them stand out for me. I want them to be a good target for my attentions. I give each nipple a hard pinch making you gasp. Next I attach the tweezer style nipple clamps. Sliding the ring up until they are quite tight on the large nubs of erect flesh. You inhale a sharp breath as each one is placed, but I stroke the tight flesh of your tits to soothe you and distract you from the pain.

I pick up the crop and begin to lightly slap the underside of your straining tits, the skin taut from their bindings. I slap the tops of them too, before tapping on your clamped nipples. This elicits a moan of pleasure and pain from your lips. It hurts a bit, but the endorphins are beginning to rush through your body and you feel your cunt growing even wetter, pulsing with need.

I step beside you and bring the crop down on the tender globes of your ass. The slapping sound rings through the room. The sharp crack echos from the walls. I slap your ass harder and harder until the skin begins to glow a light pink. It's a good start, but this toy will never get the proper color.

I retrieve the flogger, ready to really begin working you over. I land the first lash across your ass. It is a heavy, thudding lash that makes you jump a bit, but you stay in your place like a good slut. After a few lashes, I begin to whip up and down your back as well as your ass. I give your back and ass a nice red glow. Your skin has a few faint stripes from the falls of the flogger, but not the kind of stripes I want. I give your ass the last few hard strokes, putting all my strength into each one. Your ass shakes with the impact of the blows and you gasp with each one.

I remove the nipple clamps quickly, and as the blood rushes back into the tortured flesh, I suck one nipple while pinching the other. Pleasure on one side, and pain on the other. Confusing your senses so you can't tell one from the other.

I grab the hair at the back of your head and pull you back so your tits are pointing upward, and land a few lashes of the flogger on your swollen tits. The nipples are very hard and distended and I aim for them with the whip. You yelp at each stroke before I finish and release your hair.

I lean you forward and placing another pillow on the floor, I rest your head and chest on the floor, your ass up in the air. A perfect target for my cane. Your tits ache from the tight rope and the clamps, and the cool floor feels good on the swollen flesh.

Before I start with the cane, I run my fingers up and down your open cunt. The flesh is wide open like the petals of a flower. Inviting attention from a hand or a hard cock. For now you just get the hand. Your juices are flowing down your thighs as I stroke and pinch the engorged folds of you pussy. I lightly rub your erect clit. It is hard and swollen in need. You push back towards me trying to increase the pressure of my fingers to get the orgasm you so desperately need.

"Not yet, My little slut. No cumming for you until I say so.", I tell you as you whimper when I remove my hand.

I stand up and bring my arm back. The first lash of the cane lands across both cheeks, a line of fire drawn across the flesh. I give you a few minutes to process the pain before landing the next blow. The next one is only on the right cheek. Once again I wait for you to let it sink in. Over and over again the cane bites into your flesh and I let the pain sink into you.

"I want you to cry for me slut. Let it go. Don't hold back. Give me what I need.", I whisper into your ear.

I land a few more hard lashes and I see tears begin to roll down your cheeks. No sobs, just these beautiful tears running from your bright eyes. I smile at you with such desire and lust before I put the cane down.

You look back at me as I pick up the dildo, but you look at me quizzically as I smear lube on it. You know your are plenty wet enough to not need it. I take the dildo and press it against your tight little ass. You shake your head no with apprehension.

"It is OK slut. I won't hurt you. You are relaxed and turned on. I will go slow and if it gets to be too much, I will stop.", I assure you.

You think about it a long time, all the while I am lightly stroking your slippery pussy lips, until you look at me and just barely nod your head. I begin to slowly and gently press against your sphincter. The dildo is much smaller than my cock, so you shouldn't have too much trouble taking it in. As the tight hole begins to relax, the tip begins to slide in. I go in a little, then back out. In a little more, then back out. Each time going in a little deeper until the head of the dildo pops past the ring of muscle, making you gasp in surprise. You didn't realize it was that far in, and you relax as I leave it there while you get used to it.

Soon I start to slowly push it further inside you. A little at a time. letting your body accept it until it is soon buried completely in your ass. You sigh and relax as you realize it is all the way in.

By now I am steel hard. Between giving you my pain, and seeing the dildo deep in your ass, I am hotter than I have been in a long time. I pull my cock from my jeans and in one smooth stroke, I bury myself in your hungry cunt. As I hit bottom, my abdomen hits the base of the dildo and psuhes it in just a bit. On each thrust of my cock into your tight pussy, I bump the little cock in your ass, giving you sensations in both holes. You are tight from being so stuffed. You have never felt so full.

I grab the vibe and reach under you and press it to your clit. You gasp and look back at me. Between the feeling of being completely filled and the vibrations on your clit, I know you won't last long.

"May I please cum sir?", you ask. Biting your lip in an effort to delay your orgasm.

"Not until you convince me you really need it.", I tell you, the whole time working the vibe on your hard little clit while slowly fucking your hungry cunt.

"Please Sir, I beg you. Please let me cum on your hard cock. Let me cum for you.", you plead.

I look at you as I continue to torture you with pleasure, watching you struggle to hold back your impending orgasm until I give you permission.

Finally, when I think you can no longer hold out, I say, "Cum for me slut. Cum all over my hard cock. I want to hear you."

With my words, the flood gates open and your let out a guttural groan as I feel your cunt grip my cock as the first spasm rips through your pussy. I can feel the muscles squeezing my cock as each wave rolls through you. I keep the vibe pressed hard to your clit, making you cum again and again. I stay still, my cock buried deep inside you as orgasm after orgasm is pulled from you. You tell me you've had enough, but I tell you no you haven't. I will tell you when you have cum enough for me. I keep the vibe pressed to your clit and reach down and move the dildo in and out of your ass a little to add to the sensations in your cunt.

You cum a few more times before I decide you've had enough and I begin to pound into your abused little pussy. I fuck you fast and hard, and soon I pump my hot load into your wet hole. You feel the heat of my cream splashing against the walls of your pussy and you sigh in contentment. I push into you in long deep thrusts until my orgasm subsides.

I stay there inside you until I feel myself beginning to soften. I then pull out and standing, I pull you once again to you knees and offer you my wet prick. You open your mouth and suck me in, tasting our mixed juices coating me. You suck the last remaining drops of cum from my cock and lick our juices from the shaft and balls. Bathing me with your tongue. Once you have cleaned me to my satisfaction, I lean down and kiss you deeply, enjoying our mixed essence on your tongue. I reach behind you and slowly remove the dildo from your tight ass. I toss it in the bathroom sink to be cleaned later.

I reach down and give your rock hard nipples ome last pinch as they stand out farther than I have ever seen them. Your breasts swollen and hard from the constriction of the ropes. I start untying them, allowing the blood to drain back into your body and they once again soften to the touch. There are lovely rope marks encircling them that I trace with my fingers, then my tongue. You moan with pleasure at the touch of my warm mouth.

Once the rope is removed, I un-cuff you and remove the cuffs and corset. I lead you into the bathroom and run a hot shower to soothe your sore body. I climb in with you and soap you down from head to toe. Gently washing your tits, stroking your tortured nipples. I reach down and wash your poor abused cunt, and then your ass. I clean you up really good. This is your reward for being such a good little slut, and giving me what I need.



  1. That sounds nice to me; I think she might surprise you and say 'Hell yes, give me some of that!!'

    Good luck William x

  2. How could she possibly not want this, especially the way you describe how much it would turn you on? Hugs to you, William. If I could turn your wife submissive, I would.

  3. Damn!

    This is freaking hot as Hell!

  4. Oh boy ~~ hot hot hot!
    I wish this would be the post to turn your wife into the submissive of your dreams.

  5. Very hot! I agree with everyone else, I'm so sorry your wife doesn't "get it"...Fingers crossed that this will be the post that changes her mind somehow!

  6. i'm sorry that all i can do is add to the chorus, Sir. This sounds like a wonderful time to me....i wish your wife could see it that way.

  7. I think this is the best you've written yet William! I love it! Btw, are you sure you haven't peeped on me and Brutus at all?? :P Some of it sounds oddly familiar *lol* Love love love the thing with the cuffs! Oh and beer and blowjob should be mandatory! (Well,it is for me anyways *lol*)

  8. eeeh word verification: demis -i'm doomed!! =P

  9. Congrats on writing such a hot story. Keep them coming.


  10. (just started reading your posts and i loved them so much i'm reading from your first to your most recent).

    I WISH I could get this kind of pain and pleasure! This is exactly what I love and you do it so well! Great story, can't wait to ready more! xxx P.S The guy i'm with hates anything like this, so I understand your frustrations!*hugs*