Saturday, November 12, 2011

Starting over...

We talked some today about where we go from here. She still wants me to call her My slut. She said she loves it. She also said she wants to continue with the flogger and cane. She likes the flogger and can tolerate the cane. I'm sure she will also take the crop, she never minded that. The issue to be still discussed is if she will be interested in limited bondage. Primarily breast bondage. She isn't restrained at all when I just wrap the rope around her luscious tits, so that may work for her on an occasional basis. We still have to sit down and work out the details, a contract of sorts I guess.

The crazy thing that I don't quite understand is, she wants me to still write her stories. Even when she doesn't want to try the things in there, she still likes reading them. You women are a confusing lot...But I still love you!

We did have some very hot, yet mostly vanilla sex today. She gave me a good blowjob, until we were interupted by our son needing help with something. So I had to put on my robe and go help him. When I got back, she asked if she did a good job, and I told her I was about to stop her anyway because I was getting close to cumming.  She asked if I wanted to use the flogger and cane, but I thought maybe we would take a break from that this time. She asked for the vibe and I told her it really annoys me that she always asks for it right away. It makes me feel like it's turning her on and not me. I told her if she is just patient, I will give it to her. I started rubbing her pussy, feeling her growing wetter. I told her I love to feel her wet cunt, to feel her clit stiffening under my fingers. I stroked her hard little button and slid my fingers up and down her slippery sex. She wanted to know if she still had to ask to cum, and I told her not this time. That is something else that will have to be discussed later.

She asked me to rub her clit faster and I did. Her back beginning to arch up as her orgasm approached. She came with great force and she was soaking wet. After she came multiple times she said she wanted me to fuck her really bad. I told her no, I wanted her to fuck me. She thought for a second then said OK. I told her to get her wet cunt over here and ride me. She laughed and did so.

She climbed on top and slowly slide down my hard cock. I slid in quite easily due her extreme wetness. She started to really grind her cunt down on me, and I could tell by the look on her face that she was having those little tremors of orgasm she has when she is really turned on and riding me.

As she fucked me, her cunt was making squelching noises from her being so wet. That is not a common occurance since she is usually in too big of a hurry to really get that wet. She was giggling in embarrasment at the sound, but I told her not to be. It felt great and I could feel her juices running down over my balls. It felt wonderful.

Her arms started getting tired after awhile, so she laid down on top of me as I fucked up into her. We kissed a lot. Very passionately. Not like she usually kisses me. She has a tendency to hold back with her kisses, but not today.

After awhile I asked her if she wanted me to get on top, and she said she wanted me to cum in her in that position. So she lifted herself up again, having rested her arms, and she ground her cunt onto my cock as I pushed up into her until I groaned and filled her with the biggest load I had in quite awhile. Taking longer always results in me shooting a larger load. When I first started cumming, she said "Oh my."...laughs!!! Once I was done cumming, she commented that it was one of the best fucks we'd ever had...grins!!!

After she climbed off of me to go clean up, I saw that she had soaked my cock and balls with her juices. Very sexy...

So she went and took a shower and I cleaned myself up and got dressed. I came into the living room and sat down to relax. After her shower she came out with a big smile on her face, gave me a kiss and a hug, and leaning in close to my ear, she asked me if she earned her slut name again. I told her yes, but she has to keep working to keep it. She kissed me and said OK.

So in all it was a great day. It looks like we will have a somewhat kinky relationship involving not much submission. Maybe just asking to cum will be the extent of it, but who knows. She says she still wants to be what I need, but I'm not going to push it. If she offers something we'll try it, but I'm not going to push like before.

Hopefully this is a new beginning that will lead us to common, kinky ground.



  1. William you hit rock bottom, you guys said the things you needed to say. OK it wasn't pretty and it was looking quite grim, but the pair of you laid your cards on the table and were honest about your needs.

    BUT now you're back in the game. Positive moves all round - she's looking for your approval now and clearly getting more invoved in what you do.

    Running with the restraint thing could be a most excellent idea. Perhaps by making it a little sensual it will be less intimidating for her. Silk scarves might be useful in this scenario - tease her, play with her and she may even ask to take it a little further!! Woot woot! How cool would it be for you to deny her that pleasure and keep her hanging on til she's pleading and begging??

    The last couple of weeks have clearly been really difficult for you but she's showing an interest now and I love that you're going to run with her, at her pace. If she can see you're prepared to encourage and not push her beyonds her limits at any one time she's undoubtedly going to be more relaxed.

    I sure will be checking in to see how it goes. More than a glimmer of hope is eminating from the 'trainwreck'! lol

    DY x ;-)

  2. William,
    I have been following you journey. Life is a journey, people make mistakes, sometimes the people we love the most just aren't who we want them to be, and vice versa. It seems like you have a wife who loves you. You are luckier than many. It appears that you are going to have fun, some play, and hopefully over time that will evolve. I know this is what you need to be happy, and you seem like a very focused man, but what about just having fun, what are your wives fantasies? Whipped cream? Having sex in different places, or even just boring old candles and rose petal :) Maybe if you indulge her and trade off. I wish I could meet your wife she sounds lovely and nice and I think you are lucky to have such a wonderful woman. Enjoy her. On a totally different not may I ask a question? Have you ever thought of a domestic discipline relationship? Do you think that she would go for it? Nothing turns me on more than a strong HOH, I hate the punishment but love the man that he becomes when he leads me. Good luck and I will always read and follow and cheer for you!

  3. I'm so glad things are working out! Even if you don't have a Dom/sub relationship, maybe you'll still be able to get the kink you need, and that's exciting! I'm so excited that you seem to be making progress, and I hope things continue to work out!


  4. Thank you all for your words of encouragement.
    @Shafers girl, no she wouldn't be interested in a DD situation. That was one of her biggest problems, any domination outside of the bedroom felt like she was being controlled like her ex did to her. I would love it, but sadly it won't happen.


  5. I have to wonder if she hasn't rekindled a bit of interest because she realized you were serious about backing off. Whatever the impetus for change, it sounds like a good thing.

    And who knows? Maybe she will start to slowly give you more of what you crave over time.

  6. Wow, this just made my weekend. I hope it keeps up and gets better. Denial is more than a river in Egypt. ;)

  7. At. Fucking. Last. The vibe was asked for and denied! :P Better late than never I guess, well done.

    Been a while, glad to see things that were damaged have finally broken, now ymy only question is, will you grow something out of the remains? I look forward to seeing how this develops, prove my sense of deja vu wrong.

    Who knows? maybe the subject topics will change from the same old complaints to updates on new progress. But I hope you noticed some important things in your own post William, don't slip and be sure to remember the things that she responds to giving you what you want.

    Harden that spine William and remember, you can say no to :P

  8. William--I'm truly glad for you. We are still in very close paths, both of us having had "the talk" with our wives still interested in at least some form of kink. I love to hear how we'll things went! It sounds like there's room there for some kind of contract.

  9. Thank you Tom,
    Yes our paths seem to be more similar everyday. Here's to it working out for both of us.


  10. I am both happy and frustrated at you for this!

    Obviously happy because she is starting to come to you for it... but frustrated because you are starting to give into her again! You said "No BDSM" but then your starting to initiate using a sub name again?

    Its just not consistent. Why say no BDSM if you didnt REALLY mean it?

    I know I'm coming across in a bitchy way, and I dont mean to be, but it just seems like she's playing to get her own way again.

    Let me ask you this - when you start using your sub name for her again... what is going to be her "motivation" to "do a good job"?

    I dont mean to piss on the party thats going on here, you've obviously been getting through to her in many ways as she's seeking out your stories and floggers and sub name - which should be a huge ego boost to you! But I'm just trying to point out something that maybe being overlooked.

    Hope things continue to look up for you!