Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sorry it's been so long...

I haven't posted in awhile because there hasn't been anything to really post. It has been really slow on the sex side. I sent her a story Sunday titled "It's been too long". She told me she read the title and agreed on monday, but she hadn't read it yet. She hasn't said yet if she ever read it. Saying that, she told me she was too tired on monday to do anything. I guess it hasn't been too long for after all.

Today I texted her to see if she was up to doing anything tonight, and she said yes. I told her she was overdue for a hard flogging and fucking. Her response?

"Yeah, I am."

Good sign I hope. I really need to whip her ass good. It's been over two weeks I think. She is definitely going to get pushed a bit tonight. I want to see what her limit is. I'm going to tell her I want her to take as much as she can so we know where her limit is. Hopefully she agrees to give it a try

I have a huge load of cum built up as well. I feel like I'm about to explode! Maybe she will let me explode on her face. I would rather in her mouth of course, even if she doesn't swallow, but I don't know if she is ready yet. I think I will ask her. Either way, I am going to bust a big nut tonight.

I hope this reconnects us sexually and gets us back on track.

I'll post the last letter I wrote her in my next post.



  1. I hope she comes through for you William, I really do.

  2. Thank you both...But she didn't really...