Friday, September 9, 2011

She finally read my story...

She told me tonight that she finally read my last story. She still isn't excited about the cumming in her mouth part, but she liked the story, and said it was one that could possibly happen. So I will keep going with this path, not pushing the oral part, but keeping it in her mind.

We got to fool around last night for a little bit, and I got to give her a quick flogging, then I used the vibe on her. Her orgasm hit so fast and hard that she forgot to ask permission to cum. It was a very intense orgasm that hsd her crying really hard. She apologized for forgetting to ask, but I told her it was OK, she was just going to get ten swats for it.

She asked me what I wanted, and I told her I wanted a blowjob. I made sure to keep complimenting her for how good she was doing. She was trying harder to please me, and it was good. When I was getting close to cumming, I told her so. She didn't let me cum in her mouth, but she stroked my cock faster as she rubbed it across her lips. It felt great, and I was soon shooting cum all over her mouth. It felt really good, and I told her so.

Hopefully this is a sign of her getting more comfortable with the thought of letting me cum while she is sucking me.

It was a quick, but fun night. We just need to have some more nights like that, but without having to rush so much. I'm ever hopeful that things will keep getting better.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.



  1. SO happy it's working for you William! It's great news :)

  2. from the little i have read so far, i would take this as a really positive sign that she is making progress - as another blogger says "patience grasshopper"....she is obviously open to what you need, she is trying hard, dont push to much and scare her off and it will all be good......happy for you hon...i know just how heartbreaking it can be not being able to get something you need.... :) x

  3. I'm glad she's slowly coming around, William. =)