Friday, September 16, 2011

Date night...

Well it wasn't exactly a date, our son went with us, but we went out tonight to see his teacher play music at a local restaurant/pub. It was just him on guitar and keyboard, and a lady singing with him, but they were pretty good.

Anyway, we had a good dinner and listened to the music for about an hour and a half, then came home. When we were walking in the house, she was being sassy while I opened the door. I told her to go ahead, she didn't want to, she thought I was going to spank her. I told her I wasn't and let her walk by. She asked me why I didn't, and I told her I wasn't going to anymore. When she asked me why, I told her I thought the BDSM stuff was causing issues with our relationship, and that she had been pulling back from me.

She told me that absolutely wasn't the case, and she just hadn't been feeling well. She doesn't want to stop what we have been doing. I told her I missed playing with her cunt with my fingers, and then having her ride me. She smiled and agreed. I told her I wanted to get back to the things she was doing that earned her her "My slut" title.

She smiled big time at that one. It looks like we might be OK. We are going to start spending much more time together as a family to augment our closeness. This will hopefully open her up to more play in the kinky realm as well.

I told her we could back off on the kinky side if she wanted to, but she told me she definitely didn't want to. I am very relieved and happy to hear her say that.

Maybe things will keep getting better from here. Hopefully it was just a little rough patch there. I'm always optimistic.



  1. That sounds good, perhaps you should take her on a real date.

  2. hugs you happily. This sounds wonderful and yes I'd take it as a HUGE positive sign that she said she didn't want to stop the kinky part or the things you've done so far. Awesome, awesome news. :)

  3. I'm happy for you! :)

    Take care, Sky

  4. That sounds great. All of you spending more time together is an awesome idea. Perhaps you could plan out things to do together on certain nights?

  5. Oh William that's great!! So happy for you! And yes I second Sir, take her for a "real" date :)
    (So full of wise words that Elder =D)
    Make her feel like a princess -princesses makes for great sluts *grins*

  6. That's fantastic William!
    I'm very happy for both of you.
    Awesome, AWESOME news indeed.


  7. way to go :) well done - im very happy for you - let us know how it keeps going.