Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My last letter to her...

I want you. I need you. I want to flog your ass until it's bright red, and leave it striped with the cane. I want to watch you jump from the sting of it on your ass. I want you to take it for me. To accept my pain as a gift. I want to leave marks on your ass that will last a few days, not a few minutes. I want you to lay there with your ass propped up on pillows so I can stroke your ass and play with your cunt. To feel it growing wet while I flog you. To make you cum as I cane your ass, giving you pain and pleasure at the same time.
I want to fuck you with my fingers then lick your juices from them, to taste your sex. I want to feed you my hard cock as you are on your hands and knees. To hold your head still while I fuck into your warm. wet mouth, feeling your tongue stroking the underside of my shaft. I flog your ass as I fuck your mouth. My sexy little slut.
I hand you the vibe and tell you to use it on your clit while I fuck you from behind. I want to feel your cunt spasm around my cock when you cum. I will spank your ass as you cum over and over. When you have cum enough, I will cum hard into your cunt as you have your last orgasm. Pumping my hot cum into your cunt as I grip your nicely beaten ass.
It's been too long and I need to take you My slut.
I still don't know if she read this. I have to ask her about it


  1. Wow, that is incredibly hot!

    Just a suggestion, have you ever asked her to at least acknowledge whether your notes have been received and/or read? At least then you wouldn't have the added stress of wondering if she is still thinking about it, ignoring it, trying to think of a good way to say no, looking forward to it too...

    Just my $.02


  2. How can she not read it and immediately present before you naked and ready? I'm suddenly very...ummm..."anxious" Here's hoping she's caught up, well-read, and ready to please!! :)

  3. Its a good idea to ask her if she has read it, out of courtesy to you she should really acknowledge that she has read it so that you at least know she knows what you are needing. Ask her to do that for the very least.

    I hope she has read it, i hope she is willing to at least try for you. I know how frustrating it can be and I feel for you.
    Let us know what happens :)
    love and hugs
    kiwi xx

  4. I don't know why she wouldn't have read it. Takes, what, 2 minutes at most?

    I hope she responds the way you need her to.

  5. Ask her to read it outloud to you William!

    One day I hope (and soon) she realizes how lucky she is....


  6. I agree with faithful, i too hope one day she realizes just how luck she really is let us know how it goes...