Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Backing off a bit...

I'm going to take it easy on the things I brought up in my letter to My slut. I think I am going to really concentrate on what she already enjoys. So it will be lot's of floggings, and still some caning. She is handling it better each time. A lot more of the crop, hot wax, and the Wartenberg wheel. We used the dildo some the other day, and I will be using it a lot more often. She will be doing a lot more oral on me, but without the pressure of letting me cum in her mouth. Maybe if I back off on it, it will just happen like she said it almost did before. I will ask her to do it so I can see her. She is doing a different position so I can't see her face, but I love to watch her suck me, so I want that to change.

Pretty much I am going to let things progress as they will for a bit and see what happens. If she starts back sliding again, I will bring it up again.

Thank you to everyone who offered suggestions throughout this time.



  1. good luck William. You are doing everything you can to make things work and you deserve a lot of credit for that. She sounds like she is trying also and I truly hope that what you both want comes closer together in a way that offers you encouragement to keep trying. Hugs

  2. i think it's great that You're allowing things to slow down a little bit. It seemed like things were going faster than what she was thinking, which may have been part of why she became so defensive after reading the letter.

    Good luck in the journey! i hope she comes around soon. While i'm not a fan of swallowing anymore, i love seeing His face when He spills in my mouth. i don't mind it because i know the pleasure it gives Him.

  3. I think it is very wise decision Sir william, and will result in future with her appreciation. If she does not feel the pressure, she will most likely relax and try new things by her own just to please you.

    So...good luck and all the best Sir!

  4. She will have lots of respect for you and quite possibly feel more relaxed and less pressurised about the whole thing. Strangely, this could have a very positive effect and you may find she's more willing to go with flow and 'inadvertently' try new things!

    Very best of luck!