Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The sweetest kiss...

The story I just wrote for My slut. Hopefully she likes it...


I take you in my arms and give you a deep and passionate kiss. Our tongues intertwined as they twist around each other like two snakes in a mating dance. My hands wander over your body, pinching here, groping there. Squeezing your full breasts and tweaking your hard nipples with my fingers.
I undress you and stroke your sexy naked body. Enjoying every inch of your sexiness. I lay you down on the bed on your stomach and kiss my way from your feet up over your sweet round ass, and on to the back of your neck to nibble at your earlobes.
I put a pillow under your hips to lift your ass up for me. I want a nice target. I grab the crop and start to lightly slap your ass with it, watching it jiggle from the impacts. I slap all over, trying to get your skin warmed up and a nice shade of red. You wiggle your ass teasingly and look over your shoulder at me playfully as I smack your butt. I grin and give you a couple hard swats. You gasp, but smile back at me with a sassy grin of your own.
"I want the flogger now.", you say to me.
I ask you,"What do you say then?"
"Will you please flog me?", you ask sweetly, but with a hint of desire in your voice.
"My pleasure.", I answer with a big smile. I love when you ask to be flogged. Such a huge change in a short time.
I get the flogger and start whipping your ass firmly since you are already warmed up. I give you about ten medium lashes, then give you about twenty hard ones, before going back to the easier ones. Back and forth I alternate between hard and easy, getting your luscious ass to a nice reddish hue.
I stop for a few seconds and drag my fingernails across your ass. I can feel the heat coming off of the flogged flesh.
I return to the flogger and start to whip you pretty hard, letting you know that this is going to be the finish, and it is going to get a little intense, but I know you can handle it. I give you fifty hard lashes, alternating from cheek to cheek. You squirm around a bit, but hold your position until I am done.
On the fiftieth lash, I give you the hardest one of all, then gently drag the flogger across your hot, red flesh. I reach down and stroke your ass with my fingers, and bend and kiss the spanked skin. I can feel the heat radiating as my lips touch your tender ass.
I reach between your legs and find you very wet, and your cunt drooling your juices on the inside of your thighs. I start rubbing your swollen clit, causing you to moan out loud and you hips to buck back towards my hand. I slide a couple fingers inside you and start to fuck you with my hand. You cunt grips my fingers as you fuck back onto my fingers. I can tell you need to cum, but I'm waiting for you to ask.
You gasp out,"May I cum?"
I tell you to ask the right way, as you struggle to hold back.
"May I please cum?", you ask again with a quiver in your voice. You are hanging on the edge, just waiting for the push to send you over.
I look into your eyes, and tell you,"Cum for me, slut. Cum all over my hand like a good little slut. I want to feel your cunt grip my fingers."
Once given permission, you gasp and start cumming hard. I can feel your pussy spasming on my fingers, Squeezing and releasing my hand as your orgasm pulses through your sopping wet cunt. You juices run over my hand and down my wrist. You are a turned on, slutty little wife.
Once your orgasm subsides, I lay back on the bed and smile at you.
"Come here and suck my cock like my good little slut.", I tell you. You smile at me and settle between my thighs. You lick your lips and take me slowly into your warm. wet mouth. Your head begins to bob up and down on my hard shaft. You pump your hand in rhythm with your mouth, stroking me as you suck the head.
"Mmm, that feels so good, my slut. You are getting to be quite the great cock sucker.", I compliment you. You smile at me with a mouth full of my cock, and you look adorable doing so. You continue moving your lips up and down the length of my hard cock as you pump the shaft. Like you are giving me a hand job with the bonus of your hot mouth trying to suck the cum out as well.
"I'm starting to get close. You are going to make me cum.", I warn you, and you continue to stroke and suck my hardness into your mouth. I know you are going to let me cum in your mouth, and the thought makes my orgasm build even quicker. My breath quickens as I feel the pressure building in my balls as the skin tightens. I feel that intense pleasure growing in my groin when I am about to cum.
With a deep groan, I feel the first spasm of my orgasm pump the first warm gush of cum into your mouth. You moan and keep stroking me as My body arches towards you. My whole body tenses as my seed spills into your mouth. You draw forth my passion into you, making me pant and gasp in erotic ecstacy. The pleasure is so intense I can hardly breathe.
Once my orgasm stops, I look down at you, and with a smile, you let my cum dribble out of your mouth. It runs down over your chin to drip on my belly. You look so sexy with my cum on your lips and chin.
I pull you to me and give you a big, deep kiss. I'm so proud of my slutty wife. You have progressed so quickly, that you still amaze me. The kiss is a bit salty and tangy, but I love it. What a good girl you are.


  1. what happened to only doing what she liked huh? Nice story though :D

  2. She said she is willing to try letting me cum in her mouth so I put it in there and tried to make it sound sexy, and the rest of the things she likes. We'll see what she thinks of it later when she reads it.

  3. keeping fingers crossed for you William :)

  4. Who knows, maybe after reading this she will see what delight it COULD truly be for her and she will change her mind. In time time ;)