Friday, January 14, 2011

Flash fiction Friday...

She had known for awhile that her Caddy needed a good tuneup, but she had been putting it off until she had the time. Now it was going to cost her dearly, and not just monetarily. She had left home without asking Master's permission, and now she was going to be found out.

She saw Master driving down the road and pulling over behind her car. He was smiling but she knew she was in for a serious punishment. He quickly got her car running and she followed him back home.

As soon as they got home, Master told her to strip and go to the basement. That was where the dark things happened. When Master got there, he bound her facing the wall. He pulled out the cane, there was to be no warm up, this was going to hurt.

"Are you sorry, slave?", He asked. "Yes Master.", she responded.

"You will be. You will take my pain and thank me for correcting your behavior.", He said with menace in his voice.

"Yes Sir.", she answered, and braced for the caning.

He drew back, and as he swung mightily, she could hear the cane cutting the air before the white hot pain cut across her ass, beginning a long night of pain.

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