Sunday, January 9, 2011

She's learning...

The in-laws were over for dinner last night. I enjoy their company quite a lot. My parents are no where near us. An odd thing happened though. For some reason, when her mother was around, My slut seemed to forget her manners. She repeatedly talked back to me, and was just generally sassy. I was not pleased and gave her a look a few times. She was aparently distracted and didn't catch on. I of course didn't say anything in front of her parents. They know about me, but not details, and I wasn't about to draw them into our dynamic, so I just held my tongue until this morning.

This morning when I woke up, My slut said good morning all cheerful, so I asked her if she was going to be nicer today than last night. She didn't know what I was referring to, so I pointed out a couple things she had said, and she apolgized profusely, and said it wouldn't happen again.  I told her it better not. We're not going to play that game anymore. She wasn't sure what made her act that way. Maybe she was trying to be tough in front of her mom. Her mom kind of  runs things at home, even though her father stands up for himself when necessary.

So everything is straightened back out again, mentally. Physically she is still fighting her infection. It is frustrating both of us to no end. Hopefully the medication knocks it out soon. We both need some hard fucking, and I have some pain I want to give her. William is growing very hungry!!!

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  1. William--I sometimes have the same issue with my lizard where she will be less respectful when others are around, usually in a playful way. For example, the other day we went to lunch with one of her friends. As I was driving, she told her friend I was going to suck my wife's toes later when we got home. That was an odd one, I thought, that came out of nowhere. I don't suck her toes anyway, but she was obviously trying to show off in some weird way. I responded in the car that it wasn't true, but I wasn't sure if I should have had a talk with lizard later, if I was being too sensitive about a joke, or if she was out of line, so I didn't talk to her about it. She does know, though, that she needs to be respectful in front of others generally, and she will often ask if something she said was ok.