Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Slow going...

My slut has been drifting farther and farther away from where she needs to be. I think she is falling back into her old ways. I need to get back to being firm again. She keeps hemming and hawing about giving me her submission. She is also not giving me much attention, and that is going to change. She has been slacking off on some of her rules. She only has a few so far, but what has really upset me is that one of her rules is that she always check her e-mails when she logs on to see if I have sent her anything. I sent her one on Saturday night and she still hasn't read it. We are going to have to have a refresher talk tonight to remind her of her rules. I'm very patient. I let her go her own way for a decade before I'd had enough, but enough is enough. There has been almost no training in weeks. She has told me that there is no reason for her not to give me her submission other than just fear of losing control. She told me there is nothing more I need to do to prove my trust worthiness. So it is time for her to make the leap or not. I can see if there were things she needed reassurance on, but this is just her dragging her feet. She says she wants to try, so we are going to try. If she backs out, well then she does and I will have to deal with it. I don't know what I will do. I won't force her, but a big part of me will wither and die, taking a large part of my heart and soul with it. I will let you know what comes of it in my next update. I hope to have a wonderful story to tell of submission and hard training. Filled with many orgasms and squeals of joy and pain. Wish me luck, and as always, I appreciate all my followers and their comments.

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  1. William,

    I wish you luck! Surrendering control is very difficult at times and take lots of practice. It's the very opposite of how we girls have been trained our whole life. It's a good thing you are patient because it will most likely take some time to really develop.