Sunday, November 14, 2010


A nice number to hit. Not much compared to most blogs I read, but a good start I think. I appreciate all the people who read or just look in on what I write. I hope in the very near future there will be much more exciting things to write about. I just need to remember to remain patient and let My slut come to me in her time, at her speed. It is agonizing some days though. We will get there someday, hopefully soon. Some days I feel as if I will explode into a million pieces with these feelings and desires building up inside of me. Then I try to just take a deep breath and calm down. I'll be much better when she gives me her submission...smiles!!!


  1. Make me 223. I'm sure I'll add a view or two in the near future. Keep writing. I'll keep viewing.

  2. Thank you B'Man. I will try to keep you amused and informed.