Monday, June 27, 2011

Last nights story...

Here is the story I wrote to My slut last night. She is under the weather, so she hasn't read it yet. I hope she likes it, and you too.


I take the rope and tie it around your chest. Binding your lovely tits tightly, making them stand out. Your nipples are hard and standing out, just begging to be pinched. I suck them a little then put the clamps on them, causing you to gasp a little. I drag my fingernails across the tight flesh bringing moans from your lips.
I take the leather cuffs and bind your hands behind your back. you are nervous but you know you can trust me to take care of you. I put a pillow on the floor and help you go to your knees. Kneeling in front of me, you look beautiful. I pull out the riding crop and begin to lightly slap all over your breasts. You are squirming and yelping a bit as I slap the tops and the undersides of your lovely tits. I even tap your clamped nipples making you moan. I then take to your ass with the crop. Slapping it loudly and making it start to turn red.
Next it is time for a good spanking. I've wanted to give you a real spanking for quite awhile. I want to make your tender ass bright red under my hand. I start with just light swats and gradually increase the strength of the slaps. Soon I am swatting you quite hard making your ass jiggle and you are moving around trying to avoid my hand.
Once your ass is nice and red I pull out my cock and move to in front of you. I press my hardness against your lips until they part and welcome it into the warm wetness of your mouth. I rub my cock across your tongue, enjoying the slight roughness. I slowly and gently fuck your mouth while holding your hair in my fists. Taking your mouth like I would your cunt. When I begin to get close I stop, but not before letting a little pre-cum  dribble onto your tongue. Just a taste for you.
I help you to your feet as I know you can't remain on your knees for too long. I lay you down on your chest on the foot of the bed so your ass is exposed to me. I then take the flogger to give you a nice flogging like you need. I give you heavy full lashes with the flogger, letting it hit you with thudding strikes. Not the flicking lashes you hates, but the heavy thuds you like. your ass is nice and red now and ready for the cane. Now that you've had your favorite, time for mine.
I give you a little warm up, but not much as your ass is already glowing. I cover your tender ass with stripes. Crossing lines cover your sweet cheeks. I stop and kiss all over your ass and I can feel the heat radiating from it. I tell you I am going to give you ten hard lashes on each cheek, then we will be done with the spankings. I give you the first hard lash and you feel a fiery line across your ass cheek. I go from one cheek to the other, leaving welts and bringing tears to your eyes. I want you to cry for me, My slut. Give me your pain. Soon enough I am done and your ass is a beautiful artwork of lines.
I help you to your feet and remove the cuffs from your wrists and the clamps from your nipples. I hold you close to my chest as your tears subside and your breathing slows. You are such a good slut, taking my pain and giving me your tears in return. Although you cry, I reach down and feel the wetness of your cunt. You are turned on much to your embarrassment. The wetness is dripping down your thighs as I begin to finger your cunt. Sliding two fingers inside you as I stroke your clit with my thumb.
You ask me if you may cum, and I tell you only if you ask me properly. I want you to say,"May I please cum, Sir?" Yuo look at me and say what I want to hear. I tell you yes, My slut. Cum for me. You have given me your pain, now give me your pleasure. I told you tight and support you as you cum. Your knees threatening to give way as the pleasure pulses through you.
I help you lay back on the bed as your first orgasm subsides. I grab the vibrator and dildo and go to work on your sopping wet cunt. The dildo slides easily into you. Deep inside your wetness. As soon as the vibrator hits your clit, you explode. Your cunt spasms around the dildo, squeezing it and trying to push it out. I force it in and out of you, fucking you fast and hard with it as you cum and cum, moaning aloud, unable to control yourself. You cum so many times I lose count. You beg me to stop, but I say not until you have one more orgasm. You do and I slowly remove the dildo from your spasming cunt and take the vibrator from your clit. 
You are breathing hard from the exertion of cumming so much. I spread your legs and slide between them. Placing the head of my swollen cock at the entrance of your open cunt, I push into you in one quick thrust. You are so wet, I slide all the way in with no resistance. I start with long slow strokes, pulling almost all the way out before pushing in as deep as I can go. Feeling my balls up against your ass. I begin a slow rhythm of fucking you, then I will give you a few quick strokes making you gasp. Fast then slow, back and forth not letting you get used to it. Giving you different sensations to excite you.
As I feel my self begin to get close to cumming, I grab your tits and squeeze them tight as I plow into your wet cunt as hard as I can. My balls are slapping your ass as I feel the cum begin to boil in my balls. Just as I am about to cum, I pull out and shoot my hot cum all over your open cunt. Rubbing the head of my cock on your clit as my juices gush from the swollen head of my cock. Covering your cunt in my hot juice. The feeling of my cum and the rubbing of my cock on your clit makes you orgasm one last time.
I collapse on you as we both lie there breathing hard, covered in sweat and love juices. I mash my lips to yours, kissing you hard and deep. Probing your mouth with my tongue. You suck my tongue in passion as I wrap your hair in one fist with my other hand on your throat. Holding but not choking, letting you feel that you are mine and mine alone.
Once we are calm, I unbind your breasts and cover them with wet kisses. Tracing the rope marks with my tongue, and enjoying the way they look with my marks. I run my hands over your ass and feel the raised welts from my earlier ministrations. I love when you wear my marks. I want you to feel me for days after and know how much I love you with every stripe. I take you to the shower and gently bathe you, washing your hair and body as the warm water cascades over your well used body. The body I love so much. Just touching you makes my cock begin to stir again.
"Ready for round two?", I ask...

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  1. Very nicely written. I am sure she will eventually grow to love such acts and that you are growing together makes it that much more desirable. I wish you both a very happy long life of D and S. There is nothing better than the bond of heart, mind, and soul.