Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A missed connection...

Yesterday we butted heads a bit after I got home for work. Things smoothed out, but afterwards My slut asked me why I hadn't come in to play while our son was playing on the computer like usual. I told her I figured she didn't want to have anything to do with me. She responded that she wasn't mad anymore, and had wanted to play. If she had only told me so earlier...Geez...

She will get her caning and flogging either tonight or tomorrow. I think she is looking forward to the caning as well as the flogging, even though she denies it. She makes no bad comments about it other than saying she doesn't like it, but there is no attempt to get out of it. I think she will eventually admit to getting turned on by it.

In a side note, I will be gone from Thurs. through Sunday, so no posts. Going on my yearly motorcycle get away with friends. I will think of some good things to post when I get back. I know my posting has been spotty lately and I am going to change that. If I don't post before then, everyone have a great weekend. I will hopefully have something to say before then.



  1. I have to giggle. I can do those things, if there been a dissagreement of some sort, or where I have seemed mad or in any other mood that would tell my Master I don't really want to do anything. I can get over it, and then wait for him... For me, it is related to shame. I feel shame for acting out or for had been over emotional about something, and feel ashamed to talk to him, so I end up waiting for him to do the next move. :p

  2. I'm with ponderouspet! I do the same! Hope your weekend away is full of fun!

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