Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Back on track...

Well my trip was a blast. Much needed relaxation and fun with buddies. They don't know about my "tastes", so I can't talk to any of them about that part of my life, but that's OK. My batteries are now re-charged for another year.

Me and My slut finally got to play again tonight. She asked me if we had to use the cane again, and of course we did. I caned her pretty good. Not as hard as the last time, but it's been well over a week since she was last caned. Her tolerance may have waned a bit. I gave her some decent marks that I'm sure won't stay though. I did give her a harder flogging though. I made her ass redder than I have ever before, and she was squirming quite a bit by the time I finished.

She once again tried to hide her arousal. Why I have no idea. I told her I know she's a slut, so why bother hiding it. That made us both laugh. She got to cum quite a few times, including once after she didn't want to any more. I then fucked her for quite awhile, holding off longer than I thought I would considering it's been almost a week, before I shot quite a large load across her belly.

It felt good to get back on track and I'm sure her training will start getting more advanced now that the pressure of finances is a bit lessened. Although her period is due to start soon. So a slight delay will come, but then look out!

On another note, when I got home Sunday, My slut literally bounced out into the garage to give me a big hug and many kisses. She said she really missed me. More than she ever had before. I told her she needs to greet me like that every night..grins!!!

Good to be back.



  1. Re-charged, and in charge, doesn't get much better! I love the desciption of her bouncing out to kiss you. Sounds so delightful. I'm happy for you.

  2. Yay! Glad things have begun afresh.