Friday, June 3, 2011

A good caning...

Well we finally had a chance to play yesterday. Wednesday didn't go well for a few reasons I won't go into. she said she wanted to start with the cane to,"get it over with". I was fine with that, so I got the cane and started lightly as I usually did. Just warming her up. This time though I started tapping harder than I usually do. Then giving her harder lashes.

I gave her quite a few hard ones, then I would stop and stroke her hair and tell her she was doing good. By this time her ass was getting quite a few more significant stripes on her ass. There were probably 10-12 criss cross stripes. I didn't get to check this morning if they were still there, but I will tonight. I whipped her more times than that, but those were the harder ones intended to leave marks. she told me she was getting to her limit so I told her I would give her two more on each cheek. I gave her the hardest ones of the session to finish up.

I gave her kisses on the neck and ears and stroked her hair as I told her what a good girl she was and how proud I was of her for doing so good. I told her that was the most she ever took. Her response was that I still wanted to go harder. I agreed, but that we are working up to that. She wasn't sure if she could take the flogger, but after a few minutes she told me she was ready for it.

Using the flogger I started out pretty hard and kept going at a strength that she usually tells me I am whipping her too hard. She never said a word about it hurting and I did it for at least five minutes. I actually got a bit of a glow going on her ass before she asked me if I was getting tired yet. I told her I could go on all night. After a few more strokes I told her I would give her two more lashes on each side before stopping like before. I gave her two more hard ones on each side before stopping and giving her more care.

I told her again how proud I was of her fro taking more than she had before.

We finished as usual with me making her cum multiple times, then fucking her. I lasted much longer this time since I went very slow at first until I got into a rhythm so I could relax and hold on as long as I wanted to. I went until she started getting sore then pulled out and came across her belly like she loves to watch me do.

It went pretty much how I hoped it would. I even pinched her nipples pretty hard while she was cumming without her asking me to back off on it. It was another big step in the direction I want, and I believe she will continue to get more submissive and give me more of her body to use.

She told me after words that she was really close to asking for the dildo. She has never let me, and says she doesn't like them because the way her ex used them on her. Another big step and a sign of her letting go.

A good night for sure. To be followed by many more good nights.



  1. Mmmmm I need a flogging. My stripes are almost faded.

  2. Good going. Shes accepting things better now it seems. you've crossed a threshold it seems where she is receptive to pain. I would remind her to keep feeling her bottom today. It will be sore in places which she should feel good about.

    best wishes N

  3. Sounds like she is doing really well, and that it was good for you both.

  4. sounds like good progress :)

  5. Mindset, I would love to help you out with that.
    Thank you Nick, I will be definitely checking her marks tonight to see if they are still there.
    Yes it was a very good day and very good progress. Thanks to all of you for your comments.

  6. Yay for both of you!!! I agree with Nick, as her periodically through the day how her ass is doing. That will make her think about it, and how it got that way.