Sunday, June 19, 2011

A happy Saturday...

Although it started slow, today turned out to be a pretty good day.

I told her I wanted her to suck me off first. She hadn't done that in a long time, and I wanted to last longer when we fucked. It has been a few days since we last did it, so I had a good load built up. I made sure I told her what a good job she was doing. She sucked me good and I loved everything about it except the fact that she didn't swallow...sigh...Maybe someday.

After I had a good orgasm we both cleaned up and I gave her a massage for doing such a good job. After the massage I got the cane. She still claims to hate it, but... I started out light as usual of course to warm her up. I was determined to give her a harder caning this time. I tapped around one cheek, then I'd give her a good whack. Switch to the other side and repeat. This time though, each hard lash was a bit harder than before. I made sure to take a few short breaks to kiss and nibble on her ears, making her giggle and keep the mood light.

I kept on giving her harder lashes and making such lovely stripes on her ass. She was squirming around pretty good and finally asked me if I was almost done. I tols her a couple more and I would give her the flogging she wanted. I gave her two more hard ones on each cheek, making her gasp just a bit.

I then gave her more kisses and nibbles on her neck and ears to keep her calm and happy. I then grabbed the flogger. Since she was already warmed up, I started in pretty hard right away. Giving the flogger a flick of my wrist to make it kind of snap on her ass. She says she hates it when I do it that way, but she doesn't try to move away or stop me. I gave her ass a nice glow and the stripes from the cane were still showing pretty good.  'll have to check tomorrow to see if they are still there. She started getting sore from the flogger so I told her a few more and I would stop. I gave her five hard ones on one cheek, and as she started squirming, I switched and gave her five on the other cheek.

Putting down the flogger I kissed and stroked her telling her what a good girl she was for taking my pain so well. She asked for her vibrator and I showed her that I already had it in my hand. We changed positions so she was laying back comfortably as I got between her legs. She had a very strong orgasm, after asking permission first of course. After a couple more smaller ones, she asked me to please fuck her.

I found her to be extremely wet. More than just the orgasm could explain. I smiled and told her I knew the caning turned her on too, of which she denied. I just told her it made me happy to know that, and she said she isn't ready to admit that yet. We both know the truth though, so that's OK.

Since I had already cum once I lasted for a long time, in fact she asked me to cum because she was starting to get sore from the pounding. I almost forgot. I started fucking her really fast and shallow, I can't usually do this very long without cumming, but my previous orgasm gave me the ability to do it this time. This really feels good to her. I did it for quite awhile and could tell by her face that she was going to cum. I kept going until I felt her cunt spasm around my cock as she bit her lip. She smiled and asked me if I had felt it. I smiled back and told her of course.

Since she was getting sore I let my orgasm build until I filled her with a hot load. We both sighed in contentment and smiled at each other.

Later we went out for an early Father's Day dinner. As we got in the car she told me her cunt was still sore with a grin on her face. A great fuck followed by a nice dinner. What more could I ask for on Father's Day.

I hope all you Father's out there have a good day on Sunday.