Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sadistic urges...

My last post referred to the fact that I am in withdrawal. I'm having a really strong desire to give My slut pain. I want to give her a hard caning. I want to leave heavy marks that are sure to stay for days. Not just the couple moderate stinging lashes she will only let me do now, not the stripes that last 5 minutes. I don't know if she is up to it, but that doesn't stop the desire. I am going to talk to her tonight and tell her about how I am feeling. I have no idea how she will react, but she knows I have these urges and I have to tell her that I am having a difficult time right now keeping them reined in without an outlet.

I hope she will be up to taking a heavier caning. I will just explain to her that, yes it will hurt, probably quite a bit, but it will not last and I will make it up to her. She may cry, but I will hold her and comfort her afterwards. It will also make me extremely happy and give me some release from this angst. Will it work? I haven't a clue. I hope so.

I have faith that if I am honest with her about how much I need this, and assure her that she will be paid back in spades in pleasure to offset the bit of pain she takes for me, she may agree. I am cautiously optimistic.

Wish me luck.



  1. She may find your sadistic side exciting, I was surprised a little to find that the girl does when I asked her outright. She fights it (passively) and pleads with Me, unsuccessfully but it still excites her. You yourself have tested her wetness so I can imagine that it is something she also finds exciting.

    I would personally avoid the bargaining part of "if you do this, I'll do that..." it could become a difficult habit to break later, and this is about the long term. Better, again in My opinion, to just be sure that she does get what she wants, not making it dependant upon a "favour" from her. She clearly loves you and has come along considerably from her starting point. Tell her that you want to hurt her because you love her. It's true for Me and the girl. I just wouldn't get 100th the pleasure if there wasn't that mutual connection.

    If she knows this it is a framework for whatever you do to sit upon.

    Our framework is simple, I own her. She does it because she has no choice, no decision to make over the outcome. This is liberating for her. I'm sure that many many, (all?) submissive women feel that and yours can be guided in that mindset too.

    As always, great work so far, and good luck

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  3. I talked a little more over this with the girl just now. She can't really explain why she likes my sadism nor why it excites her. She doesn't take it because she feels like a slave though. I'llmhave to leave some of the sub girls here to fill in that piece of the jigsaw.

    I will say though that the girl is no masochist. She just enjoys this part of our situation. I think quite a lot.

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