Monday, May 30, 2011


I'm having a little Sadist's withdrawal right now...

Not much to say about it. It does suck though...


  1. I never experienced any "drop" feeling until today. But as with every meeting, and we met yesterday, it was very intense. Then I found that some spiteful things were written in My blog by a complete stranger. They had also been stalking the girl.
    I need to hold her, for her but also for Me. A new feeling and a painful one.

  2. I've seen a little of a "drop" with my Master. What helped for both of us was talking and lots and lots of snuggels. :) I'm saying it helped both of us, because yes it was he who were having the bad feelings, but I could sense them, and at first he wouldn't talk, which led me to make it a little bit worse... by thinking I had done or not done something :p And it is possible to get some snuggels done, even if you have to do it long distance. Skype is great. Download a movie on both ends, and count down and start it at the same time and curl up under a blanket in some pillows.

  3. Here's to hoping it passes quickly!