Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A bit annoyed...

My slut has made me a bit angry. She thinks she is coming down with another cold. Whenever she gets a cold, it means no play time. The reason it makes me mad is that she has a weak immune system and she knows it, and yet she spends all day almost everyday at our son's school, exposing herself to a plethora of children's germs. She seems to get sick once a month and I'm really tired of it.

Sorry it wasn't a very upbeat post today, but that is about all that's going on. Hopefully things will improve soon.



  1. Hi William,

    I'm sorry she is sick again. I don't know your wife so I don't want to say something that is going to sound rude or insensitive but is she really sick or is she saying she is sick to get out of playing? I will admit I have pulled the "cramps" card when I have just been tired or cranky. I am craving a good ass beating right now so I am having trouble understanding why anyone wouldn't want to play. lol

    Anyway, I hope she gets better soon so that you guys can play again.

  2. Hi William - yes being with young kids can have that effect, but if it's something that she enjoys then it might be giving her a boost in other ways. Has she tried Echinacea? Here's hoping that it's a false alarm, the sniffles disappear quickly and she feels like giving you some full-on attention very soon.

  3. I was going to say the same as Alice...try echinacea...it works wonders.
    Hopefully being exposed to all those germs will help build up a huge immunity.

  4. While it can be frustrating for her to be sick so often her desire to spend time with your child is understandable. It's a much better thing than if she refused to spend time with your child, and didnt take part in his life. A short time with no play balanced against a child's smile when mom visits him at school.

  5. I am with you on this William. Because I rarely get sick and even my kids are rarely sick I deal with the sickness and move on....
    Now Master and His kids are another story, they seem like they are always sick and it really makes me angry. At first I was all, "there, there, it will be okay. Let me take care of you" now it is so often that it's like, "not again, can't you quit being so weak and suck it up?"
    No that is not a nice thing to say to a Master or kids that are sick, and I don't say it out loud but I sure feel like saying it. I feel like they want to be sick or just blow it out of proportion for the attention that they get from it.
    Unfortunately I have run out of sympathy and attention and now have switched to resentment and anger.

    And because I feel so strongly about it, when I am sick like I have been for the last two weeks, no one hears about it and life continues as normal because it's not so bad to have a cold.

    Sorry for leaving all of this on your wall, I just really wanted to say.. I know what ya mean!

  6. Thank you all for your comments.
    @Tom, yes she gets catches colds all the time due to a weak immune system due to medication she takes. She doesn't spend time with my son at school. She is on the PTA and spends the time with her friend who is also on the PTA. I'm sorry but it doesn't take all day, 5 days a week to run the PTA. She won't build up an immunity because the meds cause her problem and she will probably be on them for life.
    She says she wants to play, but she does play it up when she is sick. Milks it as much as possible, whereas me and my son just keep going when we're sick. like he is now too. She is sick, but yet she is at the school today. GRRR!!!
    I appreciate all the good wishes you have all sent my way. To top it all off I found out today that our furloughs at work will continue which means I will be short on bills this month. Anybody looking for a gigolo?

  7. If she has a weak immune system due to meds, then it is hardly her fault that she is suseptible to every passing bug. And whilst you think that going to school every day and immersing herself in kid germs is the reason for her constant colds, then don't you, as her Dom, have the authority to tell her to cut back the time and give her other things to do to fill her days?

    Do you really believe that she milks her colds in order to get out of play? If so, why would she do that if she truly wants to be your submissive and gets a kick out of playing?

  8. While I am a Dom, she is still learning to be sub. She is my wife of almost ten years and just started to to learn so we don't have that dynamic yet. She milks her cold to get out of doing everything not just sex. As far as wanting to be my submissive, she isn't at that point yet. She'll do the physical things, but the mental aspect is very hard for her.