Saturday, May 7, 2011

A better day...

Yesterday was better. We had some private time to play. I gave her a good flogging, but I am disappointed that her skin doesn't get red very easily. I flogged her for quite awhile until I was ready to get the cane. I told her I was going to mark her as this time.

I spent a long time tapping all around and give her semi-hard lashes. Nothing to leave a mark yet, but to acclimate her to it. After I did that for a few minutes I told her I was going to give her a hard one on each cheek.

I tapped firmly and gave her a pretty hard swat. Not as hard as I have on my own arm, but a pretty good one. She lifted her leg up at that one. She says it hurt, and I told her she could handle it. I then did the same on the other cheek. She now had a decent stripe on each side and I continued to give her lighter swats to warm her down.

We then finished with a good fuck. I looked later and one stripe was still there. Tonight she showed me her ass to check, and not a sign of anything. I asked her last night if it still hurt and she said no. I think I need to really step it up. I want the marks to last at least 3-4 days and for her to feel it all night.

She at least knows now that though it stings a lot when I do it, the pain doesn't last long. This is hopefully the start of some real caning going on around here. It's getting hard to hold back.

I forgot to mention that after her caning I checked her cunt to see if she was wet, she tried to stop me because she knew she was wet. She was quite wet, so it will get harder for her deny she enjoys it.


  1. I dis write quite a long comment earlier but it crashed when I posted so it was lost. So the bottom half of this post has the comment ( well similar) added.


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  3. Contact me through my blog and tell Me how to get in touch please.

  4. I just made a post a few days ago about me not being able to get my marks to stay for more then an hour or so and no matter what Dom does my ass does not get anything more then a few pink stripes.

    We have not tried a cane yet. I am a little scared, I think we need to work our way up to that.

    I am really glad things are going better for you guys. It sounds like you are taking another step in the right direction. We are taking a few days off this week. My insides are sore and Dom is taking FOREVER! We had been going everyday for a few weeks now. It's hard but I need a rest.

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  6. The flogger barely makes her ass a little pink. I wish I had gotten the leather one now instead of the suede. The cane is definitely the way to go to leave marks. She is just afraid of it. Like I said, the sting is intense but doesn't last. I used it on the inside of my forearm pretty hard and the sting only lasted about 3-5 minutes, then it itched for about 5 minutes. The marks lasted about 4-5 days though. You should try it. Canes aren't very expensive. I'm using a 3/8" wooden dowel that I happened to already have, but I'm sure I will be getting a proper cane as soon as I can. She can't really deny she enjoys it now. Her cunt betrays her. She never got that wet from the flogger.