Saturday, May 28, 2011

Our afternoon...

I wasn't holding out on all of you, just our play time didn't happen until this afternoon.

We started with her usual massage, this relaxes her to take what I have in store for her. Then the flogger comes out to play. I worked her pretty good. She told me it hurt, and I said of course it did, that's the point. She still just doesn't mark or turn very red from the flogging. I have to get the other flogger, hopefully that will leave more of an "impression" on her.

When she had enough fo the flogger, I put it away and reached for the cane. Her response was I hate the cane, and that she wanted to break it. I laughed and told her she better not. I caned her for about 5 minutes before telling her I was going to give her a hard one on each cheek. I gave her a pretty good one on each side, but on checking later, the marks didn't stay....Grrr!!!

Now it was her turn to get some pleasure. I got her vibrator out and of course I had to check to see if she was wet. She was. I said it was OK if she enjoyed the flogging. I then corrected myself and said it's OK if it turned her on even if she didn't enjoy it. She said OK it does. Then say it I told her.

"It turns me on to be flogged", she said....YES!!! Finally she admits it.

I said there now you've said it, no need to be embarrassed about it anymore. I told her that if she ever needs to be flogged she can just tell me. She said she couldn't say that, but I assured her she will someday.

I then put the nipple clamps on her before starting in with the vibe. She had a couple smaller orgasms, but said she couldn't seem to get over the hump and have a big one, so I put my fingers inside her and started pressing on her G-spot. That did it. She went over the edge and started cumming and crying. I just kept telling her to cum like the good slut she was while keeping the pressure on her happy spot.

When she was done cumming she asked me to take the clamps off, so I did and rubbed her tender nipples. She asked me to please fuck her and I did. It didn't last as long as I wanted it to though. I was too turned on and it had been too long since we last fucked. She wasn't disappointed, but I was.

All in all it was a good time. She finally admitted enjoying the flogger and I got to cane her ass and leave a couple marks, even if they didn't stay.

I hope you all enjoyed hearing about my scene as much as I enjoyed doing it.

Everyone have a great Memorial Day weekend, and remember what it means. Thank a soldier next time you see one. It makes a difference to them.



  1. You must have been pleased that she admitted she likes to be flogged. Her training seems to be going very well.


  2. Awesome! Glad she finally admitted it ^_^


  3. Yay, sounds like you had a very productive weekend. ;)

  4. Sounds special. Of course it's tough to hold out as long as you like when it's been a while. Next time:)

    Great reminder for thanking a soldier. Tow words can mean so much.