Sunday, May 1, 2011

What's on my mind...

I have her red corset laid out on the bed as I strip her naked. She knows what is coming and her body fairly trembles in anticipation of the events to come.

Once she is nude, I take the loose corset and wrap it around her waist, hooking it closed in front. Even before I begin to tighten the laces her figure is already beginning to be transformed. Her ample breasts are pushed up and her waist is pulled in. I walk behind her and start pulling the laces taut from the middle up. I pull one at a time until it is as tight as I can get it. I then work from the middle down towards her hips. Once it is fully tightened I stand back to admire her new figure. She now has the classic hourglass figure. Her breasts look to be about to burst out the top of the corset, and her ass looks deliciously spankable.

Being unable to bend over now with the constriction of the corset, I tie her arms over her head to support her. I grab the flogger and begin to warm up her ass and thighs. I walk around her, striking the front and back of her thighs, flogging her tender ass, even lashing at the top of her cleavage. I make sure her whole body gets a nice red glow about it. This is just the warm-up and I want her to be ready for the serious play.

Now that the blood is really flowing I grab the cane. She will be wearing My marks tonight. I will write my passion into her flesh. Tell her a story of My hunger. She will be my papyrus of Pain.

I begin with light taps all over her body. Up and down her thighs, across her ass and the tender globes of her breasts as they try to spill out of the top of the corset. She moans and writhes around, unable to stand still as I carress her body with My pain. I continually walk around her, striking up and down her body, not giving her a chance to anticipate where the next lash will fall.

I take a momentary break to feel between her legs. Her wetness confirms what I already knew. My slut is becoming My pain slut. I slide two fingers into her soaked cunt and quickly pump them in and out as she arches her back in pleasure. She is about to cum when I pull my hand away and resume her caning.

"Who are you?", I ask.

"Your slut.", is her reply.

"Who does this body belong to?"

"You Sir. It is yours to use for your pleasure.", she says.

I smile, she is learning fast.

I begin to really give her a stout caning. The welts begin to appear across her ass and thighs. The crossed pattern is beautiful and I feel my cock harden as it always does when I get to use my favorite implement. The wicked kiss it leaves on her pale flesh satisfies the Sadist in me. My blood pounds in my ears as my body heats up in anticipation.

Her ass is now covered in wicked stripes and I stop and run my tongue over them, sooting her pain with the wet heat of my mouth. I can taste her pain. Looking up I see tears rolling down her cheeks. I kiss them away, savoring the salty flavor.

My cock is so hard now it aches. It feels like it will burst through my pants. I once again reach between her thighs to feel her juices running from her nether lips, trickling down her thighs. I once again enter her with my fingers. Her cunt is burning hot and she arches her hips towards my, trying to engulf my fingers and take them deeper. I rub her clit with my thumb and watch her hips buck in response.

"May I please cum?", she asks.

"How do you ask, My slut?", I say with a slight smile.

"May I please cum for you, Sir?", is her breathless response.

She is so close and trying to not cum without my permission. She struggles to hold it back as I continue my minstrations on her hungry cunt. When I see she can no longer hold out, I whisper in her ear,"Cum for me, My slut. Give it to me. I need your pleasure"

Her back arches as her orgasm rips through her body. Every muscle spasming and locking up as wave after wave of pleasure is torn from her body. I continue rubbing her clit with my thumb as her cunt sucks at my fingers, the muscles contracting around my fingers, clenching tightly as she moans out her pleasure and agony.

I finally remove my dripping fingers from her sex and wipe some of her juices across her lips. The rest I savor myself. I lick her essence from my hand. Sweet.

I lower her to her knees after untying her hands. I use the rope to bind her hands behind her back before I release my throbbing cock. It is so hard it hurts and a stream of pre-cum leaks from the swollen head and drips onto her cleavage.

I slowly push past her moist lips with my cock. Her mouth is hot and wet as she begins to suckle me. I slowly fuck into her mouth as her tongue caresses the underside of my member. I take my time savoring her sweet kiss as she worships my cock. I can feel the blood pulsing through it.The cum is beginning to boil in my balls. Her sucking lips urging my load to come forth.

I take long slow strokes in and out of her mouth as I feel my orgasm about to erupt. With a groan I pull back and shoot the first hot jet across her tongue and lips. I rub my pulsing member across her cheeks as I paint her face with my liquid passion. The cum pumps from me until I am spent and her face is coated in my hot seed. It drips from her chin onto her ample cleavage, slipping down between her glorious globes. She looks beautiful wearing the sign of my lust.

I help her to her feet and inspect her body. Her ass and thighs bear the marks of My pain, and her face bears the mark of my pleasure. She has the marks of my ownership and knows I own her body and soul.

She will wear my marks tonight. She will not be allowed to clean up before bed. I remove her corset and lay her in bed. I curl up behind her and press my cock into the crack of her ass. I can feel the heat radiating from the welts as she flinches a bit from the contact. I pull her close to me as I close my eyes and drift off into satisfied sleep.



  1. What a love story of give and take.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Deliciously beautiful,

    Velvet <3

  3. mmmmm....i love when Master makes me tell him who and what i am to him...Delcious reading William. ty for sharing....mmm

  4. Sounds like a great way to spend an evening. You've hit on some good hot topics. Inspired me for tonight!

  5. That was amazing. I love that you call her your slut. When Dom calls me that it gets me off almost instantly.

    As always, thank you for sharing that with us. xoxo

  6. @ND Tom.
    Let us know what happens.
    She gigles whenever I call her that. Very new to her, especially that she enjoys it.

  7. William--my lizard giggles sometimes too. After she gets used to it though, she will stop giggling and be more comfortable with it.

  8. Oh she is comfortable with it, it just still makes her giggle.

  9. William,

    I highly enjoyed this story, the writing style and the vocabulary used, William. Looking forward to reading more of these delicious adventures...

    --kitten for Sir