Sunday, May 22, 2011

Another frustrating weekend...

My slut didn't do anything wrong, she was just sick all weekend from her meds. Now this week I am off on Monday and Friday for furloughs, and she will be stuck at the school all week for something at the school that she can't get out of. So hopefully the last two furloughs I will have to do, and we don't get to play. I am not very happy about it that is for sure. I need to really give her a good flogging without having to worry about making too much noise.

I also want to use the hot wax on her again, but that requires a lot of time. It has been months since we played with wax, and I for one miss it a lot. I also get to bind her breasts for that so they stand up nicely for it. When you have 46DDD tits, they don't stand up when you lay on your back, so I give them a little help with my rope.

Her friend was having major problems with her man this weekend, and after she told me some of the things he was doing, she said that she was starting to realize what an angel I am???? I told her I am definitely no angel, but I knew what she meant and appreciated the compliment...grins!!! An angel doesn't have such wicked thoughts and desires.

That's about all that's going on with us. No fun on the weekends, but maybe I can get her to play with some wax this week. It will have to be an after bedtime session though.

I hope you all have a wonderful and sexy week.



  1. Ugh, I know exactly what you mean. We played a little this weekend but my 14 year old son had a friend over and he was sleeping on the couch right outside our bedroom door. So while I am laying face down hands tied behind my back getting my ass smacked all I can think of is his friend saying " Hey, ***** I heard your mom getting her ass beat last night". Yuck!

    Oh and I totally know what your are talking about with the boobs. Our favorite time to play has started to be when the kids go to school but there is only less then a month of that left. I don't know what we are going to do for the summer.

  2. Said frustrations are the story of Master's life (and mine too). It's either one of us is sick, work kills him, school kills me, both of us gets sick, then one gets better but the other one catches the illness and.... oy.

    Life. What a pain in the ass, ne? :P


  3. Sorry You are feeling so frustrated so often William...

    Question: does Your lovely slut have a blog of her own? Starting my own blog really helps me express myself and learn via the opinions of others that are likeminded...i highly recommend her doing so.

    Also, Sir and i read to eacdh other during O/our training sessions and one book i highly recommend is called "Conquer me"
    ( )

    Sometimes progress can feel like two steps forward, one step back, but if You take a look at that statement, it is still moving forward *wink*

    warm wishes,

    kitten for Sir

  4. My slut does not have a blog of her own, and she doesn't know about mine either. I may tell her someday, but I'm afraid I might start censoring myself if I do.
    I do like the reading to each other part. I have bought her many books to read, but she isn't a big readed. Maybe I will have to just start reading to her. Thank you for the suggestion.


  5. William--keep an eye on all the great stuff she does for you. Many women would have a very negative reaction to the suggestion of pouring hot wax on them, including my lizard. Many women would not let you bind their breasts. Many would would never let you flog them. Anyway, I try to always keep my mind on the things my lizard does allow and not worry too much about the ones she doesn't.

  6. I wasn't actually complaining about My slut, just the weekend situation. She is doing amazingly good compared to just a year ago. Thank you for your concern and advice though.


  7. Sometimes life has a way of really getting in the way doesn't it William? I wrote about this very thing today on my blog. I hope you have a good week and get to do the wax play you're craving.