Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Getting back on track...

Her period is finally over, but last night didn't happen. She stayed up too late the night before and was too tired. She told me she owes me. Boy does she. More than she knows yet. She is really going to start paying for backing out when she promises sex. I'm tired of being all ready to go and having her say she's too tired.

I'm going to have to implement some punishments when she does this. I will let her know before hand that I am starting this. I will tell her tonight that from now on when she does this, she will get 10 hard swats with my bare hand. That is something she doesn't like. She needs to learn that I am tired of her making promises that she doesn't keep.

She is getting fucked tonight, I don't care what she says. And she's going to suck my cock before she gets fucked. It's been too long since she wrapped her lips around my cock. She needs to start showing me again why she deserves to be called My slut. I'm also going to finger fuck her until she cums on my fingers. I love rubbing her G-spot until she cums.

I'm not sure if she will get any pain tonight. Maybe just some nipple pinching while she is cumming. She loves that, and so do I. The clamps would be nice, maybe I will get them out too. I might even use the dildo on her for the first time. I want to totally overload her senses tonight.

I'll let you all know what happened tomorrow.


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