Saturday, May 21, 2011

She still won't admit it...

Tonight I flogged My slut again. I caned her ass too, which she still doesn't like, but I do so she takes it. What a good slut. I gave her a good flogging, but damn it's loud. I keep expecting my son to knock on the door asking what that noise is.

After I warmed her ass good she was ready for me to use her vibrator on her. The bad thing is her ass still doesn't mark very easily...I really hate that...She refused to let me feel the inside of her cunt. She didn't want me to know how wet she was, but we both knew she was. She came really hard and fast, which she didn't without the flogging last time. A point I brought up with her. I asked her again if the flogger turned her on, and she just covered her face in embarrasment. She still can't admit it to me, even though we both know the truth.

I laughed and told her that her cunt ratted her out by being so wet. Her response?
"Stupid cunt!"

I just had to laugh. Of course I didn't stop fucking her the whole time I was talking to her. Soon I will get her to admit that she needs my pain.

I fucked her for a long time until she asked me to finish because she was getting sore. Being the gentleman that I am, I kindly shot a big load across her tits. I'm just a giver, what can I say.

I will get her to admit her love of my pain soon. I can't wait to hear her ask me to flog her ass. For her to tell me she needs it. That will be a good day, and you will all hear about it as soon as I can post it.

Everyone have a wonderful and wicked weekend.



  1. It sounds like you guys are making progress. I think her response was so cute. Oh and I know exactly what you mean about the noise factor. We are always afraid one of the kids is going to hear us.

  2. It is hard to admit, sometimes harder to him than to this anonymous public. It sometimes makes me self conscious, giggly, and acutely embarressed. It doesn't really make sense to me, but i have a strong feeling that if i could be open, blunt, matter of fact, or blatent about it, i wouldn't feel at all submissive - it would be something else entirely. Does that make any sense?

  3. i agree with greengirl. It is hard to admit things, even for someone like me who has no trouble telling the world i'm a painslut. One on one, face to face its hard to admit to the things you know are so true.

    Have a great weekend :)

  4. I also agree with greengirl. It would feel terribly unsubmissive to have to say exactly what I like. But my Husband does make me admit it sometimes. It's so embarrassing.


  5. If her health permits it, try having her take some low dose asprin daily if you really want her to bruise and carry your marks.

  6. I've only this year been able to admit how much pain turns me on. I was truly horrified at myself.
    Oh I knew I liked other D/s things ...ropes and spanking and clamps. But the actual hurt..the pain.. I didn't really know until recently just how much it is needed.
    So be gentle on your wife's mind as you force her to admit this to you. Somehow I think she'll admit it -- you've gone a long way quite fast.