Monday, May 9, 2011

A little clarification...

I wrote the other day, maybe yesterday that My slut was starting to enjoy the canings against her better judgement and won't admit it. I think it isn't exactly that she enjoys it, but that it turns her on. There is a big difference there. I have read a couple blogs written by sub women that they hated when their Dom found such evidence even though they professed to still hate it, or at least dislike it.

I am going to have to work on this aspect with her. Allow her to say that she doesn't enjoy it, but admit that is does still turn her on. I think that would be a big step for her to make. It will be very difficult for her to admit this, bu tI need her to do it. I think that will open the door for her mentally to accepting her inner pain slut.

Just wanted to put out a little observation I made.



  1. I don't enjoy it but I want it because it does turn me on and the more I get it the more I want it. Vicious circle.

  2. Thank you sharing that insight with me. I thought I might be on to something.

  3. From the very first time, i always hated it when Master made me cum on command.
    It's a completely different orgasm, and for me, the pleasure is in the build up to orgasm, so when i cum on command, there's none of that build up and therefore none of the pleasure. i hate it.

    What i love however, is giving Him that control. i love the look on His face when He sees me obey even when i don't want to. It's the way He exercises His control over me that makes the whole exercise hot for me.