Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day...

My sexy slut gave me a card and some candy today. She even signed the card, "your slut". That makes me very happy. She is beginning to really transition to being my submissive. She has gotten back to not wearing underwear to bed like I told her. She had gotten away from that until last week when I again insisted. She apologized again for letting herself get lazy about my rules.

She has another cold. Spending all that time at the school keeps exposing her to all those kid germs. I'm not happy, and neither is she. She says she hates it getting in the way of our fun. I'm not going to let her use a cold as an excuse to not have sex anymore though. You can fuck with a stuffy head. She is still getting her punishment spanking this week regardless of whether she has a cold or not. I'm not going to let a simple cold put off what needs to be done to get past all the past issues. She will definitely have a hard time sitting when I am done. I told her she will cry, but I will comfort her and give her a lot of love and attention afterwards.


  1. Yes, you can fuck with a head cold, you can't suck cock if you can't breathe. Just sayin'...


  2. and some kleenez

    and ditto for Kelly Red

    fuck yes -- suck - -not so much

    perhaps she can issue rain checks?


  3. She has given me rain checks for sure...