Friday, February 25, 2011

Another pink ass...

Today was a really good day. I started out by putting the cuffs I made on My slut. Her hands were bound in front of her, and I put the clamps on her nipples. I just love clamping her nipples. They are nice and big and just made to be clamped.

For doing that I rewarded her by using the vibrator on her clit. It didn't take long for her to quickly reach her first orgasm. Before we started, she asked me if she had to ask for permission to cum. I told not at all, I would just tell her when she could...grins!

I made her wait until I could tell she was about to lose control, then I told her to cum for me. She came really hard and her cunt was instantly slippery with her juices. I gave her a couple orgasms, then took the cuffs off of her as they were starting to hurt her wrists. I then gave her another one. This one was the most intense. She cried with deep racking sobs and many tears. It was a huge release and I kissed away her tears as she calmed down.

I then took off the clamps after she calmed down. She told me OWW!!!, that really hurt. I licked each nipple gently, and told her I know it does.

Before I could say anything else, she told me I could flog her for awhile. That was my plan of course, but I hadn't mentioned it yet. It looks like she is really starting to move in the direction I want her to.

I rolled her over and began to lightly flog her tender ass. This time though I ramped it up quicker than usual, and I was whipping her a little harder than before. I asked her if she was ready, and she said I could do it however I wanted.

I began whipping her pretty good, beginning to get a nice pink glow to her ass. I would whip her hard for about 30 seconds, then go back to lighter strokes. I alternated like this for awhile. Interupted by soft caresses of her ass. A little pleasure and soothing mixed in with the pain. I finally finished with about ten hard lashes in a row before kisses and stroking her tender bottom.

I told her how proud I was of her, and thanked her for being such a good girl. I was very impressed how far she has come in our last two sessions. We sat there talking, and she told me she had to process what just happened a bit. I gave her kisses and just let her think a bit while we relaxed.

Out of the blue she told me I could give her one hard spank. She said she knows I want to spank her, so I could give one as hard as I wanted to. I gave her a one hard swat, and was amused to see a perfect handprint on her cheek. You could even see the lines on my palm in red on her ass. It even stung my hand a bit...laughs!

We laughed about that one for quite awhile. I told her she better be careful or she might start liking getting spanked and flogged. She just smiled at me and said nothing.

We finished up with me giving her another big orgasm with her vibrator and me shooting a big load all over her tits. It had been a few days, so I had a lot saved up.

She then bought me lunch after she took her shower. My slut is becoming a good girl, and I told her that.
As she left to get our son from school, I said I love you...slut.

Her response was "that's me."

Life just keeps getting better, at least in this area of our lives.