Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A good girl...

Me and My slut had a conversation about her brattiness yesterday. She agreed that she was bratty and will have to pay for it, but she asked me if she wasn't doing good though...
I stopped for a moment and realized that yes, she was in fact doing quite well considering where she was coming from. I guess I sometimes lose sight of the progress she is making. She has made good progress in learning to submit and take the erotic pain I want to give her.  I made a point of telling her that last night. That I was impressed that she can handle hot wax and floggings. There are a lot of women out there who wouldn't try to make this transition for their husband no matter how much they love them.

I need to make sure I compliment her when she does good as well as correcting her when she makes mistakes. I guess it's easy for us Doms to lose sight of that sometimes. I will endeavor to not let that happen again.


  1. I know it might sound a little silly coming from a fifty year old woman, but a genuinely pleased "good girl" from him just makes me feel like glowing.

  2. I agree with KellyRed, there's nothing like hearing "good girl".

  3. I could not agree more. Hearing those two words from my Master makes me feel amazing, and more importantly, makes me want to be able to hear them more often. :)