Thursday, February 10, 2011


My slut has been causing me much frustration. She has not been interested in anything sexual for awhile. I have already told her that she will be getting fucked hard tonight. It is time for us to have a sit down and go over a few things. She has drifted back to her old habits again, and I am not going back to that situation. She is going to start getting flogged at least once a week from here on out. She can absolutely refuse, but there will be consequences to her choices. I've been very nice and patient and understanding, and I think she has gotten the impression that she can just take her own sweet time in doing what needs to be done to get this realationship where it needs to be. My friend Vesta posted last night about her doing a lot of work on herself, but her husband not doing any work on himself. Boy does that sound familiar. That describes me and My slut's situation. Whenever I ask her what she thinks about certain aspects of the lifestyle, she tells me she hasn't been thinking about it at all. Too busy she says, but she can spend hours on facebook no problem. This situation is going to change right now.
She better get her head on straight in a big hurry, or we are going to have some serious issues. I gave her the opportunity to back out, and she said no, that she wanted to keep going, so I am going to step things up and get them moving down the right path. Tonight should be quite interesting.



  1. Be Yourself. Drive Her.
    If you do not Dominate her she will loose what Y/you already gain. Stop saying what you will do : do it.
    Being a Master with a novice is being a novice master. So, stop complaining : act as You deserve with constancy, listen to her, feel her and stop talking thinking about what you should what she should have done or not. Do it.
    Being a Master is being able to mastering oneself.
    she is your sub, use her whenever you want. Do not threat her, punish her when she's not as You want and need and that's all. Give yourself discipline and it will be ok.

  2. Just to add... Do not worry, W/we are many went this way at the beginnings, You will see both that it is good for both... Enjoy who Y/you truly are with commiitment and discipline...

  3. Like W has started saying, "Don't be the nice guy, be the Boss". Good for you William.

  4. Good luck getting things back on track!

  5. Thank you all for your words of encouragement. I have definitely realized she needs to be taken in hand or she will continue to flounder about, and be unable to make a decision or get anything done. Tonight will definitely be interesting. I'll let you all know how it goes.

  6. Not to compare her to a child, but if she can control the situation, and you don't stay firm on what you're saying, she will take it and run with it. I wish you the best in this and stay strong. It's going to work out.

  7. Good luck... aisha