Saturday, February 5, 2011

Slow and steady...

Things are still moving along.  A little slower than I want, but at least we're still moving forward. She said she is willing to continue with the floggings and even take the intensity up a bit. She is still squeamish about being tied up, but we'll see how that plays out. I think if I had to choose between tying her up, and giving her erotic pain, I would choose the pain by a small margin. I know she can take a pretty fair amount of pain from past experiences with her. I would love to leave her pretty ass covered with nice welts from my floggers and cane. I would be nice and soothe them with my tongue of course, then give her a good hard fucking to say thanks.

Speaking of saying thanks, thank you to all my readers. I just passed 10,000 views today. I never imagined that many people would read what I had to say, but I'm very glad you all do.
Have a good and sexy weekend!


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