Sunday, February 6, 2011

The beauty of pain...

I slowly undress her. Stripping her bare of her clothes and her protection from me. I am going to make her mine and she knows it. There are small ripples of fear, but just small ones. She knows I will not harm her, hurt her a bit, but never harm her. She is quickly learning what a sadist is, and what I need from her.

Once naked, I kiss her deeply. Tasting her fear and desire. She cannot hide the heat building inside her. Her passion and desire. I reach down and stroke her already damp pussy. The moisture in her cunt betrays her. She cannot pretend to be a good little girl who is only doing this for me. I know she is starting to enjoy this against her own will.

I have her bend over and place her forearms on the foot of the bed. I spread her legs slightly so I can have access to her tender parts. I gently drag the small flogger up and across her ass cheeks. Letting her feel their presence before they give her their biting kiss. I give her the first lash across her ass, and she jumps just a bit, but doesn't flinch away from it. I give her more lashes. First one cheek then the next. I want to mark My slut. Make her always know who owns her body. I whip her harder and harder until her sweet ass begins to get a nice shade of pink. The small flogger has narrow falls and is quite stingy. Small thin welts begin to show up on her pretty ass. I stop and caress her warm cheeks with my hands. I run my tongue over the welts, illiciting moans of pleasure in contrast to the gasps of pain I was previously bringing from her.

The large flogger is next. It is heavier, and gives a nice thuddy impact. It spreads the pain out more so I can swing a little harder. I start flogging her ass harder than I started before. Her ass is already warmed up, so I can let go a little more than before. I love the way her ass jiggles from the impact of this flogger. It doesn't leave welts, just gives her ass a nice overall red color. I work it all over her ass and up and down the backs of her thighs as well. She is having a hard time standing still, so I stop for a moment and stroke between her legs to distract her from the pain. Her cunt is soaking wet and her juices are beginning the trickle down the inside of her thighs. I sink two fingers into her hungry cunt, and vigorously fuck her with my hand for a few seconds. I stop just before she cums. She whimpers a little, disappointed that she didn't get to cum yet.

Now that she is really warmed up, I grab the cane and start to mark my slut with such beautiful stripes. I make a crossing pattern all over her ass and down the backs of her thighs. I want her to feel this when she sits down for the next few days. A reminder of my love. She can hardly stand still now as she makes little yelps of pain at each assault on her tender ass flesh. She has about reached her pain threshold and I am rock hard. It is time to give her the release she needs.

I put down the cane, undo my pants, and quickly slide into her dripping cunt from behind. She is still bent over the bed, and I grab her hips and drive deep into her. She moans with each thrust and pushes her ass back into me. She is so wet I slide in and out of her with ease. I grab a handful of her hair. She has grown it out for me. I pull her head back towards me. Using it to help me drive into her. I feel my balls slap against her clit as I fuck her as hard as I can. I spank her ass with the other hand as I continue to fuck her for all I'm worth. She feels no pain from the spanking, just pleasure from the hard cock stretching her hungry, aching pussy. She has needed this for awhile, and I'm going to make sure she doesn't forget this night.

She begs me to let her cum. I make her wait a bit as I slow down and give her some long slow strokes. When she can't wait any longer, I tell her to cum for me. I tell her to cum all over my cock, to give me her pleasure. I feel her cunt spasm on my cock as she moans out her first powerful orgasm. I don't stop, but I reach under and begin to rub her clit and tell her to cum again for me. She explodes again and again as I rub her swollen clit. She asks me to stop, but I tell her I want three more before I will. She cums again as her moans get deeper and deeper. The next hits her and her knees get wobbly. As I sense her final orgasm approaching, I let mine build. Just as she starts to cum I let go with the first blast of cum into her juicy cunt. Feeling my hot seed shooting into her, her last orgasm is the most powerful one of the night. I have to grab her by the hips to keep her from collapsing, and I gently let her slide down on the bed with me laying on top of her. My cock still spasming out the last drops of my cum into her clenching cunt.

I cover her back and shoulders with kisses as we lay there panting together. Spent from the hard fucking I just gave her. I roll her over and kiss her deeply, thanking her for taking her flogging like a good slut. I pinch her hard nipples as I kiss her. Just a last little bit of pain to go with the pleasure I just gave her. Her face is glowing as she smiles and winces just a bit from the pain.

This scene soon to take place in our bedroom. Probably this week some time. She is feeling much better, and has said she needs some hard cock to make her feel better. It will come with a price of course.



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  2. WOW What an incredibly HOT post!! You had me panting and begging Master to mark me today!! Absolutely incredible!!