Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My sadism...

sweet kk asked if I had always known I was a sadist. Actually it is a pretty new realization. I've known I wanted to explore BDSM for about 12 years. Kind of late in life. A chance rental of a bondage video woke the desires in me. My wife refused to explore with me, even though she knew about it before we married. She just lightly dabbled with me before we got married, then once we were married, she completely shut me down. I begged for years to get her to try and only stayed for our son. Finally last August we had a complete blowup where she threatened to leave, and I told her go ahead, I'm done. That woke her up, and we started finally travelling down that road.

About a year or so ago, I really started to explore different aspects of BDSM and I found myself drawn more to the sadistic side the more I read. I began to check out BDSM porn on a couple of the sites, and found I was extremely turned on by both the videos and stories. The thought of a woman taking a hard flogging and caning gets my heart pounding and my cock throbbing. Like I posted yesterday, the harder I flog My slut, the harder I get. I can't wait to use the cane and leave some welts on her ass. I'm really a very sweet guy, very gentle and caring, but I love causing hard, erotic pain. I want to make her cry, then give her loving care afterwards.

In response to Naida, She may start to enjoy it. She already loves to have her nipples pinched hard while she is cumming, and she also enjoys hot wax on her breasts and the wartenberg wheel on her tits and nipples as well.

I hope that answers your questions. Any more feel free to write me.



  1. I think it's lovely that your wife chose to stay, you must be pretty wonderful.
    Does she ever read your blog?

  2. How funny, W & I had the same "we're done" blow-up right before we started this journey.

    I admire your courage, William, and that of your slut, to open up to each other like that.

  3. she does not know of my blog. I keep debating on telling her about it. I think I may censor myself if I knew she were reading. Ir's amazing how a woman can change her outlook when she realizes she may be alone. I'm glad she changed her outlook.

  4. New reader here.

    I just wanted to say that I've always been interested in the "Dominant perspective". My own Master isn't particularly talkative about this sort of thing.

    So, in short, nice to meet you and glad to have found you.


  5. Well welcome aboard zelda. I would be more than happy to answer any questions you have to the best of my ability and from my point of view. Just remember that I am still learning too, but I will answer any question I can.
    Thanks for joining my little corner of the blogosphere.